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Mobile Presentation

  1. 1. WHY MOBILE/TABLET DESIGN? CollinsCateringFla.comMonday, March 26, 12A well designed site that is optimzed to drive action is great for those who are using desktopand laptop computers, but what about the users who use mobile devises?Lets take a look at why optimizing your site for mobile use is a must!
  2. 2. MOBILE USAGE IS HIGHER THEN DESKTOP USAGEMonday, March 26, 12This graph clearly shows that mobile is becoming the preferred method to access contentonline. Mobile allows for consumers to access content wherever they are at or whatever theyare doing on demand.
  3. 3. $31 BILLION BY 2016Monday, March 26, 12Even though these projections show a 1% increase in mobile ecommerce it shows the powerof mobile. These estimated projections show that more and more consumers are going toadapt to using mobile technology to access all types of content.
  4. 4. WEB DESIGN WILL NEVER BE THE SAMEMonday, March 26, 12This means that consumers view content on these mobile devices differently then they wouldon regular desktop/laptops. Web designers now have to compensate for the use of thisinnovative technology. Instead of your site being optimized for desktop/laptop it now has tobe designed for mobile in order to maximize your traffic.
  5. 5. ESPN DESKTOP/LAPTOP DESIGNMonday, March 26, 12Here is an example of regular web design for a desktop/laptop. The screen on a mobiledevice has a much smaller screen therefore is a little to congested for easy use.
  6. 6. ESPN DESIGN ON THE ANDROIDMonday, March 26, 12Now we have a web design for the android. As you can see the design is a lotcleaner then on a desktop/laptop design. Its easy to navigate and does not confuse theconsumer. It gives them exactly what they want in a neatly condensed manner.
  7. 7. ESPN ON THE IPADMonday, March 26, 12The ipad version looks sort of like a conventional website but is a little more sophisticated.The overall structure is clean, easy to understand and straight to the point. Accessibility andusability on the ipad and tablets increase engagement, that the previous facts proved.
  8. 8. SITE NOT OPTIMIZED FOR MOBILE DEVICESMonday, March 26, 12unfortunately your website is missing out on the power of mobile web design. This is whatyou site looks like on a android mobile devices. Consumers see this and find it to small toread and from past experiences that it is going to be to difficult to navigate the site, whichwill cause them to click the back button.
  9. 9. MAKE IT SIMPLEMonday, March 26, 12Leave the the original design for the desktop/laptop and focus creating a unique experiencefor the consumer through delivering engaging action taking content. I neatly designed mobileweb design increase the chance for business.
  10. 10. rethink navigation automatically detect mobile devices resizes images content prioritizationMonday, March 26, 12I like to look of it as spring cleaning. Your clearing out cluttered space and giving theconsumer a nice fresh relaxed look.
  11. 11. CREATE A MOBILE WEB DESIGN FOR YOUR WEBSITEMonday, March 26, 12Its obvious, either adapt to mobile web design keep losing potential business. We need tomake your website mobile friendly. We have to make it accessible and as easy as possible.Your design is going to have to be useable in all mobile devices. The site will be as easy astouching one button to view a page and take the proper action. For the picture page, theconsumer will be able to flick through them like a magazine. You now have a well optimizedsite for the mobile world.
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