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DevOps In The World of Serverless - PureSec @ Fullstack Radar Day

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DevOps In The World of Serverless - PureSec @ Fullstack Radar Day

  1. 1. DevOps In The World Of Serverless
  2. 2. About Us ● 15 years of experience in cyber security in software development and management positions ● Leads PureSec’s engineering to build a brand new product in the brand new Serverless world ● Works In PureSec since early days ● Develops intensively in Serverless architecture for the last 2 years ● AWS certified and B.Sc in Computer Science
  3. 3. PureSec is 100% Serverless
  4. 4. Serverless Is The Future
  5. 5. 6 Serverless Architectures Adoption • By far, the fastest growing cloud segment • 21-46% of AWS clients utilize serverless. and growing* * 1. Cloud Foundry Foundation 2018 report (46%) 2. RightScale 2018 state of the cloud report (21%) 3. SumoLogic State of Modern Applications and DevSecOps in the Cloud 2018 (29%).
  6. 6. Serverless != FaaS
  7. 7. ‫״‬Serverless Is a State of Mind‫״‬ Ben Kehoe
  8. 8. HowTo DevOps in the Serverless World?
  9. 9. PureSec - Security for Serverless • Established in 2016 • Serverless security category designer • First to market with SSP - Serverless Security Platform SERVERLESS SECURITY PIONEER RECOGNIZED THOUGHT LEADER Cybersecurity veterans and thought leaders SUPERSTAR TEAM
  10. 10. Controls the perimeter of each function in order to prevent malicious input from entering Controls function behavior in order to ensure it works as intended Code & configuration analysis to detect & mitigate misconfigurations and known vulnerabilities During CI/CD When Invoked Deep Visibility During Execution Static Analysis Serverless App Firewall Behavioral Protection Security Posture Management
  11. 11. 100% SERVERLESS
  12. 12. Limited list of AWS serverless managed services Not Only Functions ● Serverless ≠ FaaS (Function as a Service) ● Servicefull applications that stitch together additional resources AWS FargateAWS Lambda DynamoDB Amazon Aurora Serverless API Gateway Simple Queue Service Step FunctionsAppSync
  13. 13. A Serverless Application
  14. 14. A New Approach to DevOps
  15. 15. IaC is part of the application
  16. 16. Infrastructure As Code ● Manage technology stack through software ● Saved in version control system ● Developers become more involved in defining configuration ● Ops teams get involved earlier in the development process AWS CloudFormation
  17. 17. Infrastructure As Code
  18. 18. IaC Frameworks For Serverless
  19. 19. PureSec Pure IaC ● We use services which are not managed by the cloud provider ● For example, Auth0 as a User Identity service
  20. 20. Pure IaC
  21. 21. Fully automated deployments ● Testing environment = production environment ● Every developer can work on his own environment ● Disaster recovery
  22. 22. Going Beyond Cloud Provider Resources ● AWS CloudFormation Custom resources ● Custom provisioning logic ● You are responsible for the resource lifecycle
  23. 23. Lambda-backed Custom Resource DEPLOY INTERACTIONS CODE CODE REPOSITORY Lambda-backed Custom Resources More about custom resources
  24. 24. Summary ● Serverless is here to stay ● DevOps world is going to be changed ● You need to be prepared
  25. 25. We are hiring! ● Are you living and breathing cloud computing & cyber security? ● Do you share our belief that Serverless is the future of cloud computing? ●