Employee motivation


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How important motivation in achieving the goals. Just financial motivation will not work.

Employee motivation

  2. 2. WHAT IS MOTIVATION? Motivation is generally defined as the force that compels us to action. It drives us to work hard and pushes us to succeed. Motivation influences our behaviour and our ability to accomplish goals.
  3. 3. TYPES OF MOTIVATION Financial and non financial motivation A form of motivation that involves rewards, both monetary and nonmonetary is often called incentive motivation. Many people are driven by the knowledge that they will be rewarded in some manner for achieving a certain target or goal. Bonuses and promotions are good examples of the type of incentives that are used for motivation.
  4. 4. This is a practical case study of a company have operations in African continent. It is a very good learning why the incentive scheme did not work in one country to achieve the goals and why it worked very well in other country.
  5. 5. COUNTRY : C MANAGER NAME: FF. NAGGING. EXPERIENCE: 30 Years. TOTAL TEAM : 50. TARGET BASED INCENTIVE PLAN 90% Target achievement- incentive: $ 1000 95% Target achievement- Incentive: $ 3000. 100% Target achievement-incentive :$ 5000. 100% & above- inventive :$ 7000. COUNTRY : A MANAGER NAME: L.M EXPERIENCE: 20 Years. TOTAL TEAM : 70. TARGET BASED INCENTIVE PLAN 90% Target achievement- incentive: $ 1000 95% Target achievement- Incentive: $ 3000. 100% Target achievement-incentive :$ 5000. 100% & above- inventive :$ 7000.
  6. 6. COUNTRY : C Country C divided into 3 region. 1. K region 2. G region 3. L region The manager FF.Nagging is in charge for K region Only K region achieved 95% and other 2 regions achieved only 85% Employees disappointed with other countries results and mainly did not get bonus COUNTRY : A Country A divided into 3 region. 1. A region 2. A south region 3. A north region. The manager L.M is in charge for A region All the regions achieved more than 105%. Employees really motivated with the leadership of manager L.M and enjoyed bonus and charged to achieve 2nd quarter bonus also. It is quarterly incentive starting from April to June
  8. 8. VERY IMPORTANT Just financial motivation will work to achieve the goals? Or employee need their boss motivation also? From survey results, it is very clear non financial motivation like appreciation, praise, support from boss etc. also very important. So what went wrong in case of country C. FF. Nagging got more experience, less reporting compared to country A. Let us examine same incidents in different countries.
  9. 9. Head office send mails to all regional managers copy to country managers about that week & cumulative achievement. No copy to CEO or COO etc. The below are the reports. 1. Weekly achievement report product wise + or – 2. Monthly sales forecast. 3. Monthly variance report. 4. Monthly report. 5. Daily activity report. And other reports etc.
  10. 10. Country: C Have you seen the figures. Pathetic performance. Out of 100 products, you achieved only 60 products. Who will achieve the balance. This type of performance is unacceptable. Already half month is over. You are sleeping. Your boys are not working and you are just silent. Country : A Dear X: Congratulations on achieving 60 products target. We are behind 40 products. Let me know if is there any specific reason for these 40 products for not achieving target. Take my help if you need. Achieving 40 products is not difficult thing. You have already achieved 60. Give your boys daily target and monitor. Please check about stock availability. I am sure you can achieve . We are working as team and all team members must achieve the target. Best of luck. Weekly achievement variance report received from head office to regional manager copy to only country manager. The below are the replies from country manager to regional managers.
  11. 11. We can see which reply motivates the employee. Country: C Completely demotivating. Fault finding. Discouraging mail. Not even mentioned the regional manager name at the beginning of the mail. Just started with demotivating words and ended also. There is no single word which motivates regional manager to encourage to work hard. Used through out the mail “ you”. There is no word “ we”. completely pointing out at regional manager. Country : A Excellent. Motivating mail from boss. Country manager motivated to achieve balance 40 products by using the word “ we”. Country manager really motivated the regional manager by starting the mail with his name and by ending best of luck. Even country manager told regional manager to take his help to achieve target. We can see the difference about his boys working.
  12. 12. COUNTRY : C Country manager’s reply on daily activity report copy to ALL. You are behind sales forecast. I do not know the reason. Are you serious or not?. Your stock planning is pathetic. You did not learn after working many years. how can I answer to HO on review day. Ask me if you do not know. COUNTRY : A Country manager's on daily activity report copy to stock planning department and COO. Dear X. I have seen your daily activity report. There are some important issues we need to take care of. Please check sales forecast and see are you receiving the stock as per plan. If not correct. I am marking copy to stock planning department also to check from their side. To -Stock planning department. Please send stock as per forecast. Otherwise it is difficult to achieve without stocks. Mr X is facing stock problem. Best wishes Example -2 Daily activity report will go from regions to country manager and copy various departments like accounts & finance, sales, CEO, COO etc.
  13. 13. We can see which reply motivates the employee. Country: C This country manager marked copy to all including accounts & finance, production , CEO etc. This country manager wanted to show all that he is controlling and checking all mails. Accounts & finance department surprised why this country manager marked copy to them. Regional manager demotivated with this mail for insulting him and marking copy to ALL. Country : A This country manager’s mail is really motivating. This country manager asked the regional manager to check. He even asked stock planning to send stocks as per plan. If not, it is difficult to achieve the target. This country manager supported Mr.X indirectly and this will motivate the regional manager. This country manager did not mark copy to all but to necessary department in HO. He marked copy to COO as he is also responsible for stock planning. This mail started with name and ended with best wishes.
  14. 14. No employee refuse incentive. What happened in case of country manager FF. Nagging. • Never encouraged his regional managers. • Always on the mission of “FAULT FINDING”. • Failed to appreciate on 60 products achievement. Just wrote about non achievement. • Insulted regional manager by marking copy to all. • Country manager tried to show all that he is only working , not others. • He gave the impression with his replies that regional managers job is at stake.
  15. 15. What employee need along with incentive. • Support and encouragement from boss. • Guidance from boss. • Not insulting by marking mail copy to all. • Not finding faults but praise for the achievement. • Using word like “we” to create team sprit.
  16. 16. Like FF. Nagging bosses will achieve targets for the short time. But the damage they make to organisation by destroying the teams will take very long to correct.
  17. 17. Please forward this presentation to as many as contacts to make to realise the bosses the importance of motivation in achieving the goals. Thank you very much Abdul Gafoor