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Crucifed (The Final Countdown)


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‘Pasion’ (a reading of the betrayal, trial and death of Jesus)
Wherepeople who usually allow themselves to be crucified are devotees..they do it because of faith.

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Crucifed (The Final Countdown)

  1. 1. WARNING! Very Graphic Content: The crucifixions ***Some pictures in this gallery are likely to offend those sensitive to images of pain and blood.***
  2. 2. I used to laugh at those old movie scenes where a blood thirsty mob would gather outside the town hall, draped in those heshen sacks that used to pass for robes back then, waiting for a criminal to be sentenced, and then yell out, “ Crucify him !” once the verdict was finally handed down. The crime was inconsequential; it didn’t matter if it was an adulterer or a petty thief ,
  3. 3. T he town f olk si mpl y demanded t o be entertained. It is almost impo ssible f or ma n y of us to fat h om or even pic tu re a bar bari c society lik e that actually ex iste d on the very g roun d we wal k on today. Un til you enter the little farming vill age of San Pedro Cutud, Pamapanga . narrated by (James Deakin)
  4. 5. the town folk simply demanded to be entertained. It is almost impossible for many of us to fathom or even picture a barbaric society like that actually existed on the very ground we walk on today. Until you enter the little farming village of San Pedro Cutud, Pamapanga, that is .
  5. 6. Went on to be crucified
  6. 8. Only nin e men w il l ha ve tak e n t o th e Cr oss
  7. 9. Others stripped to the waist, cut their bare backs with broken bottles attached to a piece of wood then beat their wounds
  8. 10. They cut their backs with broken bottles, tortured theirself Extreme Brutal way
  9. 11. emotions are completely captured. pain is felt in every shot !?
  10. 13. It was a bit surprised to see that there wasn't any blood , but as soon as thethe nails were taken out, it started to ooze .
  11. 14. The brutal sun starts taking its toll.
  12. 15. Crucified
  13. 17. People really get themselves nailed to crosses here
  14. 18. Ambulance are ready outside the field
  15. 19. People visitors tourists enjoying it as a reality Show. After all it happens once in a year only. Television channels never miss that opportunity. made the event more Commercial package than spiritual .
  16. 20. Believe it or Not
  17. 21. Somebody thinks : This is not just for show . people who usually allow themselves to be crucified are devotees . they do it because of Faith .
  18. 22. . And somebody criticized it’s a barbarian act religious madness . blood-thirsty mob’s enthusiasm not to happen anymore .
  19. 23. Now What you think ?
  20. 24. As with all images, please respect the copyright laws. Pls. contact me for any commercial use Photo source -James Deakin  pure nut Save the World My sincere gratitude to James Deakin