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Pure Matters puts your health and wellness first and foremost, insisting on supplements and vitamins crafted from the most wholesome, natural ingredients. Each formulation is perfectly balanced and tested to the standards of our company's century of pharmaceutical heritage.

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Pure Matters - Media Book

  3. 3. purityepicIt began over a hundred years ago in 1885in Paris, when our founder, Abel Besins,created an internationally successfultonic and instituted a heritage of purity.Five generations later and Pure Matters hastaken up Abel’s mantle, applying the researchand innovation into creating flawlessly pure,100% natural healthcare products. CIRCA
  4. 4. HISTORY OF TONICSThe essential wisdom of tonics is as blood, and counteracting the negativedown-to-earth as the roots, herbs, seeds, effects of mental or physical strain,vegetables, fruits, and berries inadequate diet and rest, andused in their preparation. Preventive environmental toxins....medicine is still the best cure. Tonics help – Courtesy, Bonnie Trust Dahn of Ecosalonkeep us in a state of health by magazine “The History of Tonics”strengthening the immune system,stimulating circulation, restoring energy,aiding digestion, nourishing the
  5. 5. Our bodies and our livesare the product of whatwe put into them. PureMatters insists on onlypure, natural ingredientsproven to enhance yourquality of life so you canstay healthy, amazingand full of joy!
  6. 6. Drawing on our heritage of research and innovation, our mission is to provide pure and balanced solutions using wholesome, natural ingredients, proven to enhance the quality of your life.promise ourreliable | trustworthy | simple | responsive | informative
  8. 8. Amy Fitzpatrick, RDDr. Shyam Parikh Amy Fitzpatrick MS, RD is a Dr. Shyam Parikh is a licensedDr. Marc Meyers registered dietitian with more pharmacist with over a decadeDr. Alan Cutler than a decade of experience of experience recommending as a nutrition expert, media pharmaceutical and consultant, published author, nutraceutical treatments for his and speaker. She’s passionate patients. He loves educating about helping people patients on the range of understand the link between nutrition and therapy options available, as well as helping disease prevention. Amy is a member of the them find solutions that improve the quality American Dietetic Association. Read Full Bio of their lives. Read Full BioSCIENTIFIC Amy Fitzpatrick MS, RD Dr. Shyam Parikh Registered Dietician Lic. Pharmacist, Ascend Therapeutics ADVISORY BOARD Dr. Marc Meyers has over Dr. Alan Cutler, Ph.D. is 20 years of experience a published author and developing and launching Principal of his own innovative products in the pharmaceutical development dietary supplement industry. consulting company. Dr. Meyers is credited with Previously, Dr. Cutler was having over 35 patents Vice President of R&D and in new ingredients, new technology, and CSO at Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals. Prior finished product applications and lectures to that, he was Senior Director of R&D at on nutraceuticals, functional foods, and Ascend Therapeutics. Dr. Cutler also spent dietary supplements. Read Full Bio many years at 3M. Read Full Bio Dr. Marc Meyers Dr. Alan Cutler Educator, Supplement Innovator Consultant, Scientist, Author, Educator
  9. 9. There is only pure Purity is not relative; something is either pure or not pure. Our commitment to purity drives us to deliver the most rigorous quality control procedures, unwavering adherence to accuracy, and the best ingredients possible … always.
  10. 10. Our products contain Certified Hoodia Sustainable Krill Oil,whole, natural ingredients Gordonii from Southern Africa’s Potent green derived from krill found in the depths of thefrom high quality sources. Kalahari Desert tea leaves Antarctic Ocean. To ensure quality and efficacy, we use pure Lactowise® sources Carnipure™ patented, researched ingredients OptiMSM® AHCC® wherever possible. BioCell Collagen II ® ChromeMate® Forslean® BioPerine® FloraGLO® Neuromins® Carnishield®
  11. 11. pure GOODNESSWe promise each product is exactly whatwe say it is. What’s on the label is what’sin the bottle. Free from fillers, additionalflavors, scents, preservatives, artificialsweeteners and colors. Other companiesmay add these as blending agents todilute their active ingredients.We don’t. We’re pure.You have a variety of nutritional needs.So, many of our products are vegetarian,vegan and gluten free. We are workingon kosher and organic certifications. Ourproducts are formulated to avoid commonallergens, sugar and preservatives. Werefrain from using magnesium stearateand use only natural colors, sweeteners,flavors and coatings.
  12. 12. WE ARE TRANSPARENT,EVEN IF OUR BOTTLES AREN’T THE CLEAR TRUTH We want to be the most transparent provide everyone the tools they and holistic source for wellness and need to unlock their unique potential. performance products available And yes, we use amber glass to you. Our standards are higher bottles with UV protectant to reduce than any imposed by third party harm from outside contaminants regulation. And our research and and air, extending the shelf life and testing are credible, extensive and freshness of our products. Plus, rigorous. We believe, when natural they’re recyclable. Kind of makes you science is supported by easily wonder why everyone isn’t doing it. accessible information, we can
  13. 13. pure, YOU’RE PURE CHOICES The products we carry were selected to have the greatest impact on your individual, overall health and wellness needs. Men and women have different nutritional needs. And children have their own unique requirements as well. Whether you’re dieting or training; seeking a better night’s sleep or lowering your blood pressure, Pure Matters has a nutritional supplement for your lifestyle.Allergies Joint and TissueAnti-Aging Hormone BalanceAnxiety Mental HealthBeauty and Skin Care Multi-VitaminsBlood Sugar Support Pain ManagementBone Health Senior HealthEnergy and Endurance Sleep AidsEssential Fatty Acids StressHeart Health Vitamins A-ZImmunity Weight Loss
  14. 14. Sarah Ruth James Audrina-- 38-Year old family -- 62-year old, history of -- 41-year old personal -- 52 and single, manager, “yoga mom” cancer, but healthy trainer and athlete -- Beauty concerns-- Mother of 3 -- Achy joints have slowed -- Healthy eater; eats -- Clothing buyer with-- Part time graphic her down every three hours great interests in designer -- Mostly Vegan -- Advises clients and outward appearances-- Likes Natural and -- Concerned about issues friends on health and -- Interested in diet Organic Foods brought on by age and fitness supplements and-- Supplements for kids mildly depressed -- Interested in anti-aging products who don’t eat fruits and -- Looking for solutions as performance -- Some concern about vegetables well as connection with enhancement and joint menopause and bone others who share her strength health concerns
  15. 15. GlucoChon MSM Krill Oil Complete Biotic A joint support product that Sustainably sourced omega-3 Shelf-stable pre and probiotic works as hard as you do powerhouse from the Arctic blend for ultimate digestive and immune support Rest Easy Kids Sugar-Free Multi- Kids DHA Omega Gummies An herbal alternative to Vitamin Gummie Great-tasting fish oil gummies prescription sleep aids, fall Yummy foundational to support little mindsasleep fast, awake refreshed formula for the kiddos Enliven with 5-HTP Herbal blend to boost mood
  16. 16. Sample and See the DifferenceFree samples make sense. Nothing communicatesthe efficacy and quality ofour products as effectivelyas a sample. We offerfreesamples ofa variety ofproducts. Distributed online and off,we are currently expandingour sampling program andare always looking for newdistribution partners.
  17. 17. We hold ourselves to a higher standardAt Pure Matters, we’ve always understood the importance of testing,dosing and control processes, because you shouldn’t have to worryabout the quality of your nutritional supplements. We guarantee everyformula has met strict requirements for both potency and purity.With a heightened understanding of standards, testing, dosing andcontrol processes, we maintain the highest quality control procedures.From raw ingredients to finished product, we test for identity, purity,strength, and composition.Our facilities are NSF Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified,meaning we adhere to specific guidelines for production.Our standards extend beyond our products to our packaging. Weare concerned about our ecological impact on the Earth and striveto maintain eco-friendly standards. Where possible, we use recycledmaterials, as seen in our bottle caps and packing paper. Plus, 100% ofthe materials in our shipments are recyclable.Our commitment doesn’t end with our packaging. We’re a certifiedGreen Shipper with greenshipping.com, meaning we purchase carbonoffsets for our domestic shipments, essentially making our customershipments carbon-neutral.
  19. 19. Our Products- Our supplements Our Promise- What we say is in the Certifications- We’ve takenare the highest quality with no bottle, is in the bottle. the time to earn a Betterhidden ingredients or fillers. We Business Bureau A+ Ratingavoid common allergens, sugar Our People- We’re just like you – and our facilities areand preservatives and refrain moms, dads, brothers, sisters, friends NSF GMP certified.from using magnesium stearate. who want to be as healthy and activeWe use only natural colors, as possible for as long as possible. Security- We aresweeteners, flavors and coatings. committed to keeping your Pure Guarantee- We accept all transaction secure byOur History- We hold ourselves returns up to one year after using VeriSign and Paypal.to a higher standard. Our purchase. No questions asked.products are backed by over100 years of commitment toresearch and innovation. lves e pride ourse CO ME FIRST – W CUSTOMERS tomer service . At on providing excellent cus ents anticipate 9, our friendly ag 800-326-829 olution is their ht. your needs and quick res delig surprise and #1 prio rity. We aim to
  20. 20. pure BUZZ TO BE SELECTED AMONG THE BEST IS AN ACHIEVEMENT WORTHY OF PRAISE AND PERHAPS A LITTLE BRAGGING. IT FEELS GOOD TO WIN.Winner2010 Webby Awards Official Honoree Winner 2011 Brand New Award Winner 2012 Addy Award for our logoOur website was named a 2010 webby Our Brand Style Guide won a 2011 We received a 2012 Addy Award forawards official honoree. This honor Brand New Award, a competition our Pure Matters logo. The Americansignifies an outstanding caliber of design, organized by UnderConsideration, Advertising Federation ADDY® is theusability, functionality and quality. Over celebrating the best identity work advertising industry’s largest competition8000 entries were submitted! produced around the world. attracting over 50,000 entries every year and honors creativity in advertising. Press Outreach: Expanding our press efforts in 2012, with press releases and media tours
  21. 21. purely THE FACTS There are more products, information, and services devoted to health, wellness and longevity today than ever. As a consumer, to make the best decisions, you need relevant and timely information you can really use. No fluff, no filler. And while we know our products are the best you can buy, we want to inform you as objectively and holistically as we can. That’s why we’re constantly blogging, publishing, posting and providing all the information you need to live, feel and be better.FACEBOOK BLOG NEWSLETTER PROMOTIONSThey like us! They like us! Our Our dynamic and fabulous Our “What Matters” section Be sure to check out our “Try itFacebook community is its own bloggers keep our audience features weekly top tips & advice Tuesdays!” Every Tuesday, Purecenter of gravity and provides engaged and entertained on everything from treating your Matters invites our facebooksome of the most useful and through frequent individual posts child’s cold or flu symptoms to friends to try one of ourtimely health and wellness and “Ask the Bloggers,” a weekly healthy and delicious recipes for products … absolutely free!information found anywhere feature where they weigh in on your soul.online. everything from fitness trends to their healthy habits.
  22. 22. purely ORIGINALA fresh, personalized and unique perspective on keeping it pure!
  23. 23. SPREAD THE WORDP for Pure MattersWe love our abstract Pure Matters “P” and loveputting it out there on everything from t-shirtsto gift cards. We especially like associatingour “P” with useful, top-end equipment likeCamelBak® water bottles or high-tech runninggloves.The “P” means quality.
  24. 24. purePARTNERSIt’s one thing to sell a better life; it’sanother to give people wanting a betterlife the tools they need to be successfulat it. That’s why we created our PurePartners program. If Pure Matterspartners with your business or nonprofiton an organizational level, we’ll happilycustom fit an employee wellnessprogram to your staff based on ourextensive knowledge of nutritionalsupplements and your needs.Working together, we’ll listen to yourrequirements and design a solution tohelp your team reach their goals.We really are serious about helpingEVERYONE feel better.
  25. 25. pure UBIQUITYWe are so excited about our incredibleproducts and super helpful resourcesthat we want to shout it from therooftops. We’ve chosen to partner withkey, influential publications and mediaoutlets to get the word out.
  26. 26. psst...pura vidaAt Pure Matters we know there’smore to a healthy lifestyle than justtaking nutritional supplements;there are the deeds to go alongwith it. That’s why the Pure Mattersteam lives the “pura vida”insideour offices and out.Whether we’re bloggingabout wellness, running races,participating in farmer’s markets,speaking at health expos, doingyoga or even meditating; we’recommitted to a pure lifestyle andrealize the pure life is way moreimportant than just selling pills.
  27. 27. FAN FEEDBACK: Many thanks...Just wanted to write to tell you how I recently ordered 3 items from the website I just got my first order from your companyhappy I am with your products. I came and received a free water bottle with it. I was yesterday and I am beyond impressed. Notacross your website by accident and so pleased at how quickly the package came to sound like a smart as_, but I’m not easilyI love it ! I initially ordered because it from my order date. Even more so I was impressed! The packaging was awesome,was a free offer to try the product and pleasantly surprised at the care and attention the attention to detail was amazing, andI loved it so I recently re-ordered. You to detail put in the packaging of my items. I felt like I was getting a gift from Pradahave a great website, easy ordering, I was so happy, it was like I was receiving a versus a vitamin company. Bravo. I will bethe packaging is great too! People are gift. Your customer service and quality check back, with a vengeance and you will seeso quick to complain when they are representatives really took the time to make me as a steady customer. Thank you forunhappy, that I thought I would write a sure everything was in its place properly. As a being different and terrific! Wonderfulgood email and tell you how pleased I new customer I thank you for making my first business model. Thank you for makingam. Thanks again. ordering experience wonderful. Thank you! my first ordering experience wonderful.– Maria Anderson – Shanda Whitaker Thank you! – Lori Mendelsohn Thomas
  28. 28. We have offices in Herndon, Virginia and New York City.For Press & Marketing inquiries, contact Koren Barwis For Business Development inquiries, contact Tony Pinakbarwis@purematters.com tpina@purematters.com