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Chemistry, Energy & Climate Change


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Presentation by Dr. Richard Pike, CEO of the Royal Society of Chemistry, given in Lerwick, Shetland, UK, 3rd June 2008

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Chemistry, Energy & Climate Change

  1. 1. Chemistry, Energy and Climate Change Richard Pike Royal Society of Chemistry Tuesday 3 June, 2008 Lerwick
  2. 2. Some key energy facts UK energy consumption statistics show that around 30% of the energy available at sourceis lost before it reaches end-user end user 42% of non-transport energy consumption is p gy p used to heat buildings, and in turn, a third of this energy is lost through windows Transportation represents 74% of UK oil usage and 25% of UK carbon emissions To achieve the 2010 EU 5.75% bio-fuels target would require 19% of arable land to be converted from food to bio-fuel crops t df f d t bi f l
  3. 3. Chemical science can provide p energy that is……….. Secure Addressing Affordable climate change Sustainable