What drugs, other than Metformin/Glucophage, are used to treat Insulin Resistance?


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What drugs, other than Metformin/Glucophage, are used to treat Insulin Resistance?

  1. 1. Question by mavenofmusic: What drugs, other than Metfor are used to treat Insulin Resistance?
  2. 2. I am slightly insulin resistant with normal blood sugars and did not tolerate Metformin and my endocrinologist toldimmediately. What other drugs are used to treat this conditiaware diet and exercise are important components of treatin have already incorporated that part of it into my li
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  4. 4. Answer by Tin SIts a shame you cant tolerate Metformin. around for insulin resistance. Your other choices are Act
  5. 5. The "glitazone" diabetes drugs Actos and Avandia may doub of broken bones after a year or two of use
  6. 6. The finding comes from Swiss researchers who analyzed 12U.K. diabetes patients. They compared the 1,020 patients w kind of fracture to 3,728 matched patients who did not br
  7. 7. Related to diabetes diabetes symptoms, hypoglycemdiabetes, gestational diabetes, diabetes diet, type 1 diabete , glucose, insulin resistance, diabetic neuropathy, A1c, exerc
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  9. 9. Over the course of the study, most of the patients took severBut those who refilled their Actos or Avandia prescriptions ei - about 12 to 18 months of use -- had nearly twice the fract patients.
  10. 10. And those who refilled their Actos or Avandia prescriptions 1 two or more years of treatment -- nearly tripled their risk o Christophe R. Meier, PhD, head of pharmacoepidemiolo University Hospital Basel, Switzerland, and colle
  11. 11. "We found a very strong signal here for higher risk of fractureglitazones," Meier tells WebMD. "Our evidence fits together models and clinical reports suggesting that these drugs ha effect on bone. And we did not find any increased risk for drugs, so all together, it looks like something really is go
  12. 12. (What does your doctor have to say about these risks? Talk WebMDs Type 2 Diabetes Support Group message
  13. 13. Animal studies reported late last year strongly suggest that Apromote bone loss. Signs that women taking Avandia might b of upper arm and hand fracture last year led the manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, to voluntarily issue a letter that Avandia might increase fracture risk.
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