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Why Social Media Matters | Politicopia SLC 2011


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Monica Danna & Amber Roussel discuss Why Social Media Matters and the important of Leading the Conversation. From Politicopia 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Why Social Media Matters | Politicopia SLC 2011

  1. 1. Lead The ConversationWhy Social Media Matters | Politicopia Salt Lake City 2011 Monica Danna + Amber Roussel @cosmopilitician @pureamber
  2. 2. Socialnomics
  3. 3. Lead The Conversation✤ In the past the Internet was a one-way information medium, but today the audience talks back.✤ People react to what they see and read, and share information on a grass-roots level, en-masse.✤ No longer is it enough to have a facebook fan page, a twitter account, a blog.✤ You MUST learn to engage and lead the conversation.
  4. 4. We went from using this to communicate....
  5. 5. To adapting to navigate all of this....
  6. 6. But don’tworry...It’s not aboutthe tools!
  7. 7. Cycle of Engagement✤ Greater outreach and more interactions with marketing campaigns✤ Work and consistency of commitment✤ Requires backing at the very top of an organization for success
  8. 8. “Who Are You”
  9. 9. Who Are YOU?•Tell YOUR story•Don’t let someone else tell it....•Takecontrol of your Brand & Message•Turn Defense into Offense•Combat biased Media•Create an information Home Base
  10. 10. Your Social Salesforce✤ Empower your supporters to spread your message✤ Content Management Systems✤ RSS Feeds & Shareable Content✤ Beef up your SEO✤ Viral Potential✤ Make it EASY for your supporters to share your message
  11. 11. The conversation has begun. {don’t just join it...} LEAD IT.