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  1. 1. Purdue University Student Chapter Association for Women in Communications 1, 2010Upcoming Events 9/7 Call Out #2/ First Chapter Meeting 6:30- Letter form the President 7:30pm Fellow AWC members, 9/8 Intern Queen Lauren I hope you all had a fabulous summer and I am glad to see you all Berger 6:30pm CL50 back this semester for AWC. This is a very exciting year for AWC and I want you all to be a part of it. We have so many exciting events and wonderful guest speakers planned for the coming year. 9/21 Chapter Meeting 6:30- 7:30pm My main goal for this year is to reach out to professionals outside of Purdue and have them speak at our meetings. This is something I noticed as a trend with the communication organizations that I wanted to change. I believe it’s essential to bring in professionals 10/5 Chapter Meeting 6:30- that can teach you valuable skills to land a job or internship and 7:30pm be able to network with them personally. This year we are honored to co-sponsor the event Intern Queen, Lauren Berger. She will be at Purdue September 8th. Lauren is a huge success in the communications industry and is an entrepreneur beyond her years, which we all can learn something from. Additionally, we are welcoming Kelly Olin a professional career coach. Continued on page 3 Mission Statement The Association for Women in Communications is a professional organization that champions the advancement of women across all communications disciplines by recognizing excellence, promoting leadership and positioning its members at the forefront of the evolving communications era.
  2. 2. lorem ipsum dolor issue, date Meet the Executive BoardPresident: Sarah Wartman Special Event Coordinator: Myriah DeBoerYear: Senior Year: JuniorMajor: Public Relations & Rhetorical Advocacy Major: CommunicationsVice President: Valerie Petrey Multi-Media Director: Taylor AdamsYear: Senior Year: SophomoreMajor: Public Relations & Rhetorical Advocacy Major Public Relations & Rhetorical AdvocacyTreasurer: Nicole Kowalczyk Newsletter Editor: Lauren HausermannYear: Junior Year: SophomoreMajor: Public Relations & Rhetorical Advocacy Major: Mass CommunicationsMarketing Director: Julie Smith Secretary: Irene WangYear: Junior Year: SophomoreMajor: Public Relations & Rhetorical Advocacy Major: Mass Communications 2
  3. 3. lorem ipsum dolor issue, date Intern Queen Lauren Berger We have some very exciting events planned for AWC this year! Our first event is Intern Queen Lauren Berger. Berger is CEO of and works with over 500 employers located throughout the U.S. and Canada and reaches over 40,000 different students, parents and employers each month. She has connected hundreds of students with their dream internship by allowing them to sign up for free internship listings on her website. On September 8th Berger will speak to Purdue students about the importance of securing and completing their dream internship during college. She will also share her remarkable story about how she earned the title Intern Queen. Berger attended the University of Central Florida, where she interned for 15 different top-notch companies across the country including FOX, MTV, NBC and BWR Public Relations. She earned her degree in Organizational Business Communications and upon graduation moved to California. Berger has been voted number five on Business Week Magazine’s Young Entrepreneurs 25 under 25, writes a weekly advice column for The Washington Post and has been featured in multiple news outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, E! News and AWC is co-sponsoring this event with Liberal Arts Career Development, Liberal Arts Student Council, CCO, Krannert School of Management, Health and Human Sciences Student Council and Consumer Sciences and Retail Professional Development Council.Letter from the President continued…I met Kelly this summer while working for a website in Chicago. Kelly gave me such great advice on how tomarket myself and stand out in interviews. I wanted her to pass along her great knowledge to all of ourmembers. Kelly is planning to join us on November 2nd. Another goal of mine this year is to have interactive presentations at meetings and get each of you involved so we can all get to know each other better. We do not have guest speakers planned for every meeting. We have a couple meetings set up where we will discuss our internship experiences, give helpful tips and hints and share internship and job postings as they come. A couple things I want to mention; I cannot stress enough the importance of staying involved in our club and attend meetings and events. It’s more beneficial to you when searching for jobs in the future to be able to explain what you have done for an organization, rather than just paying the dues, placing it on your resume and never attending a meeting. I have found much success by becoming more involved and taking on many roles in AWC. I want you all to have the same success and be able to stand out with all your experience and involvement. Ourexec has worked very hard to plan meetings that will be beneficial to you and your careers.One last thing, please check out our new website at A lot of work was putin designing it. We will be posting lots of information to keep you updated with the latest news from AWC.I look forward to meeting everyone and having a great year!Sincerely,Sarah WartmanAWC President 3
  4. 4. President Special Events Coordinator Sarah Wartmann Myriah DeBoer Vice President Multi-Media Director Valerie Petrey Taylor Adams Treasurer Newsletter Editor Nicole Kowalczyk Lauren Hausermann Marketing Director Secretary Julie Smith Irene WangPurdue AWC, Beering, COM Office 2114100 N. University StreetWest Lafayette, IN 47907 Like us: Association for Women in Communications Tweet us: purdueAWCInterested in writing or taking photos for the newsletter? Email Lauren Hausermann at