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Awc newsletter october 2009

  1. 1. OCT. 20, 2009 AWC members brave the cold weather to celebrate Homecoming on the AWC float!AWC Letter from the are looking to be filled. AWC • Help you build your is searching for two dedicated resume/portfolio President members that are willing to • Learn interview and PURDUE Hi AWC members, as you give a lot of time to this other important skills to help STUDENT may have noticed our organization. You must be at you land a job in the future. CHAPTER President Tana Beaver has not least a sophomore to apply. • Network with a variety been present at our meetings We w i l l b e c o n d u c t i n g of professionals. Exec Applications the last couple weeks. interviews in the next couple • Help you get an Unfortunately, due to personal weeks to choose our new exec internship reasons Tana has resigned as members. • Help you decide on a We are looking for a new Special Events President of AWC. All the I am very excited to be career.Coordinator and a Secretary/Assistant Treasurer. AWC members wish Tana the taking over as President for • Most importantly, makeApplications are due by Monday, October 26th in best. Tana still plans to be the rest of this year. I have the friends and HAVE FUN! member of AWC and attend same expectations for this club AWC has a lot of fun stuffthe Com Office, BRNG 2114, by 5pm. Applicants meetings. I have now moved t h a t Ta n a e x p l a i n e d t o planned this year and I ammust be at least of Sophomore standing and up from Vice President to everyone during callouts. I hoping you guys can continue President and our special want all of our members to get to be a part of it. I am alwayshave a GPA of 2.7. Exec Interviews will be held events coordinator Valerie a lot out of this organization. I open to helping any membersTuesday, October 27th in the early evening at the Petrey is taking the position of am hoping by the end of this with questions or concerns that Vice President. We are year AWC has helped you: they may have. Please feelUnion. currently in the process of • Learn more about the free to email me anytime at looking for two new Exec Communication Department . I look A look inside: Board members. The a t P u rd u e a n d a l l t h e forward to meeting / getting positions of Special Events different concentrations of to know all of you at our Homecoming Recap 2 Coordinator and Secretary Com offered. meetings. Boiler up! T-shirt Design Contest 2 Sarah Wartman Member of the month for September: Upcoming Events 3 Myriah DeBoer, for her contributions to President Useful Opportunities 3 Homecoming and the Puccinis fundraiser. Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk About!
  2. 2. ecoming! ay for Hom te’s 51st birthd Purdue PeAW C celebrates Purdue Pete’s 51st birthday. Many girls For the first time in recent history, showed up to help before the parade AWC joined the celebration in Purdue’s to build the float and brainstorm ideas Homecoming festivities! AWC was on how to make AWC stand out in the represented with pride on the festivities. University Bookstore window on State While the weather was cold and Street and in the Boilermaker Night rainy, AWC was a bright spot in the Train homecoming parade. The theme 2009 Boilermaker Night Train Parade. this year was “Just Celebrate!” and Thanks to all the members who showed AWC showed up to celebrate in style up to help before, during, and after the with a giant birthday cake float for parade and window painting. Calling All Fashionistas! Whether you have a flair for fashion, love to draw, or just have great ideas, AWC needs your help in creating a design for this year’s t-shirts! Here’s your chance to let your artistic juices flow. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your ideas and mix it up with inspiring quotes, unique colors, and catchy designs. When it comes to many jobs in the communication field creativity is a key component, so here’s an opportunity to get some valuable practice for the future. Please help us make AWC the most fashionable club on campus! Here’s an example to give you some ideas: *All T-shirt design forms are due in the COM office on October 26 by 5pm! Molly Longest, Member Making a Resume: The Basics 3. Education: Education comes the third. Write 5. Additional Sections: This part is optional. You In one of our recent meetings we the University name, graduation year and can put the clubs and the student discussed making your resume impressive to your degree. You can also attach some organizations you are in or the foreign employers, but for those of you who don’t have classes you take which are related to the language you speak. You can also put your a resume yet, we wanted to give you a few key job you are applying to show your volunteer experiences. But after all, make pointers to help you get started. background. all the events you listed relate to the job Five elements of your Resume: 4. Experience: Indicate your work experience you are applying. This is very IMPORTANT. 1. Heading/Contact Information: Write your and professional work experience with Additional Tips: campus address, permanent address, your dates, positions and company names. Use 1. Try to make your resume one-page long. e-mail address and your cell phone verbs to state what role you took in the 2. Make your resume tailored for the job you number. It doesn’t matter which style looks activities. Think about what skills the are applying. prettier, just make it clear. companies looks for and imply them in the 3. Don’t use the words smaller than 10 font. 2. Objective: In this section, write what verbs you use. These transferable skills may 4. Improve your objective. position you want and what skill you are include: Communicate , Cooperate , 5. There are three types of resume: going to use in your job. Try to make it Interact, etc. It’s a good idea to combine Chronological, Functional, Combination. specific but concise. This part sometimes the skills you are good at with these Find the one most fits you. catches the interviewer’s eye. transferable skills. Irene Wang, Member
  3. 3. Upcoming Events October November December Hello fellow AWC members! Just a reminder that we have our philanthropy, Boo at the Zoo at Columbian Park on October 28th. Our shift is from 5-8pm 20 3 1 and we will be meeting in Ross Chapter Meeting -Chapter Meeting Chapter Meeting Ade Parking lot in front of Local 7pm, BRNG 2280 7pm, BRNG 2280 7pm, BRNG 2280 Mountain Cafe at 4:20pm. We will have 3-4 drivers, so a -College of Liberal Arts carpool will be available! If you Professional Forum, please cannot meet at that time and still visit want to come, please see me for for more info. directions to Columbian Park. Also, see me for a volunteer application if you do not have one yet. Be looking out for emails about an upcoming 28 17 fundraiser and company visit! Boo at the Zoo philanthropy Chapter Meeting Lastly, if you are interested in at Columbia Park 7pm, BRNG 2280 becoming the new Special Events 5-8pm Coordinator and would like any information, please send me an email at or talk to me after the meeting. Valerie Petrey Vice President asset to their company regardless of whatNestlé speaker shares about your résumé says your major is. “Convince HR opportunities them to look at your skills and abilities,” AJ said , if that is a job that you really feel is Aaron J. Wessler, HR Generalist for right for you.Nestlé, in charge of Stouffers and Lean AJ Wessler told the groupCuisine, and a 2002 Purdue graduate, came about a very valuable opportunity forand spoke to the AWC group this past Communication majors. It is called theWednesday. AJ shared with us many key Human Relations Development Program whichpoints that got him to where he is today and you get the chance to work at the Nestlehow we, as current college students, can factory and even work in Glendale, CA. Youimplement these suggestions and get the most can find more information and apply for thisout of our college career. A big contributor awesome program online at his current success, “started here at Taylor Adams, MemberPurdue,” he said. Most of AJ’s time at Purduewas spent “outside of the classroom”; he wasVice-President and President of Harrison Hall, Purdue Marketing andBGR Team Leader, and many other Media seeks help withorganizations around campus. He went on toexplain to us in great length that our résumé social networking WEBSITE!is what gets your “foot in the door” when it The department of Purdue Marketingcomes to the working world. He also and Media has an opportunity for you! They Creating and maintaining a website isreminded us all that our first opportunities are looking for Purdue students with a lot of work. We’re looking forcoming out of college is what will set your facebook, twitter, myspace and other social talented and creative members with awhole career in motion. If you are interested networking accounts to help promote “Boiler desire to help build and maintain thein a job that does not accept résumés from Bytes” to the student community. “Boiler website and keep it updatedyou specific major, DO NOT give up. Now, Bytes” is a series of short Purdue-focused t hroughout t he year. For morethis doesn’t mean be annoying to your programs that are played on the Big 10 information please contact Kristinapotential employer this just means be Network. To receive more information about Nuzzo at; talk to the managers and sell how to get involved with this, please contactyourself to them on why you would be an Valerie Petrey at
  4. 4. President Multimedia Coordinator SecretaryAssociation for Sarah Wartman Kristina Nuzzo TBDWomen in Vice President PR Director Staff Advisor Valerie Petrey Kerry Montgomery Stacey ConnaughtonCommunications VP of Membership Special Events Coordinator Veronica Appleton TBDPurdue Student Chapter Treasurer Newsletter Editor Kelly McGinness Jessi Green With a new issue every two weeks, Join the Newsletter AWC is looking for a dedicated committee Committee! that is willing to put in a little bit of their time, effort, and creativity to make the We are always looking for fun new newsletter new and exciting every time. If members who are interested in a position on you’re interested in learning more, or want the newsletter staff for the Association for to get started right away, please contact our Women in Communications. If you’ve got an Newsletter Editor, Jessi Green at: interest in journalism, want to take pictures of events and meetings, or just want a way to get involved, the newsletter is waiting for you!AWC PURDUE AWC, ROOM 2114 100 N. UNIVERSITY ST. WEST LAFAYETTE, IN 47907