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Record peeking


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Part of a course assignment for a graduate level capstone course.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Record peeking

  1. 1. Record Peeking Don’t Do It
  2. 2. What is it? It is a breech of medical privacy And is potentially Illegal
  3. 3. Real World Examples Turns out a lot more people than George Clooney and his girlfriend were hurt by the Hollywood hunk’s motorcycle accident last month. As many as 40 doctors and otheremployees at the Palisades Medical Center inNorth Bergen, N.J., gotsuspensions for allegedly leaking confidential medical information about the couple.
  4. 4. Joe the Plumber The 2008 presidential campaign focused unprecedented attention on ―employee snooping or peeking into personal files, from the candidates’ passports, to Future President Obama’s cell phone records, to Joe the Plumber’s child support payments.
  5. 5. Oops I did it againU.C.L.A.FIRED 13 employees and suspended six others for snooping through Britney Spears’s medical files.
  6. 6. It’s just for my own curiosity What difference does it make?
  7. 7. Walk a mile in my shoes How would it feel to know someone is snooping through your personal information and potentially turning it over to someone else? Would you like it?
  8. 8. And theLoser is?
  9. 9. What does this mean to the company? UCLA hospitals to pay $865,500 for breaches of celebrities privacy Settlement with U.S. regulators also calls for UCLA to retrain staff and take steps to prevent future breaches. Some staff have already been fired for viewing the records of Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and othersWhat happened to my raise this year?
  10. 10. Anyone who peeks in medicalrecords when they have no business being in them.A former UCLA School ofMedicine researcher will spendfour months in federal prison forillegally peaking at confidentialprivate records of celebrities,high-profile patients and co-workers.
  11. 11. Whatdid you say?
  12. 12. Jail, Prison, Slammer, BigHouse
  13. 13. A new Californialaw that imposesmonetarysanctions forunauthorizedlook-ing into aperson’s medicalfiles
  14. 14. Bottom Line Lost of job, money,freedom, reputation, respect, career,professional license
  15. 15. Is it sinking in? Ultimately the choice is up to you. Be warned that we are on thelookout and serious consequencescan happen. This is a real problemand it will not be tolerated. We nowhave a 0 tolerance rule. Get caught = lose your job minimum. No exceptions
  16. 16. What if I see someone else doing it? Notify your supervisor immediately Don’t go down for notsaying anything. You can be guilty by association
  17. 17. Not a common sight these days
  18. 18. Program EffectivenessThis is a real problem with realhurt to individuals andconsequences that could ruinyour life. Effectiveness of thisprogram is in the fact that itoutlines the real story andpossibilities. If you ignore thisrule then your playing with fire.
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