Technologically Equipped Apartments On Ghodbhunder Road


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Visit: | The Puranik's newest project, Hometown, is the talk of the town. Demand for flats in Thane were never this high. The reason behind the high amount of interest is that Hometown is equipped with technology. The home has a unique feature that has been conceptualized by the Puraniks. Each and every feature in the home has been designed to give control of the home to its residents across their tablet and smartphone. This distinctive feature of home-automation gives its residents complete technological autonomy and peace of mind. It is a home that can think for itself while the dwellers think for themselves.

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Technologically Equipped Apartments On Ghodbhunder Road

  1. 1. Technologically Equipped Apartments on Ghodbhunder Road Apartments  on  Ghodbunder  Road  have   gone  through  a  class  elevation  after  Puranik Builders  stepped  into  the  locality.  The  Puraniks  are  one  of  the  most  reputed  and  leading real estate  developers in  Maharashtra,  India.  The  underlying theme behind this prestigious Visit: | For more Flats in Thane by Puranik Builders
  2. 2. group is their value for customer trust and satisfaction. The Puranik's newest project,  Hometown,  is  the talk of the town. Demand for flats in Thane were  never  this  high.  The  reason  behind  the  high  amount  of  interest  is  that Hometown  is equipped with  technology.  The home has a unique feature that has been conceptualized by the  Puraniks.  Each  and  every  feature  in  the home has been designed to give control of the home  to  its  residents  across  their  tablet  and  smartphone.  This  distinctive  feature  of home­automation  gives its residents complete technological autonomy and peace of mind. It is a home that can think for itself while the dwellers think for themselves. Besides this feature, the location of this project too adds as an advantageous factor. Thane is one  of the fastest  developing  cities in India. The vast urbanization  and the emergence of top  IT  companies,  has  made  the  city  of  Thane,   a  sought  after  destination to  settle  down. Also  the  city's  green  and  serene  ambiance  in  spite of  its  close  proximity  to Mumbai,  has been instrumental in the rise of flats in Thane. Moreover,  Puraniks  is  a  brand  that  adds  to  your   class  statement.  Since,  its  inception  in 1968,  the  trustworthy  conglomerate  has  been  influential  in  changing  the  skyline  of Maharashtra.  They  have  won  over  4000  families,  happily  residing  in  their  proud   homes. The  group  builds  the  homes  with  quality,  trust,  loyalty  and  conviction.  Delivering  timely possession and earning client's praise is the company's forte. Their  new venture  apartments  on  Ghodbunder  Road  which fuse real estate and technology has excited property buyers and investors alike. It seems everyone desires a space of their own in the Hometown. Visit: | For more Flats in Thane by Puranik Builders
  3. 3. Amenities INTERIOR ● Visitors Management ● Complete CCTV Surveillance ● Motion Sensor Lighting ● Home Automation ● Digital Door Lock ● Panic Alarm ● Gas Leak Detector ● Smoke Detector ● Intruder Alarm EXTERIOR ● Clubhouse ● Swimming pool ● Podium garden ● Senior Citizen's area ● Reflexology path ● Lawn for yoga ● Exercise area ● Jogging track ● Party lawn ● Multipurpose hall ● Kids play area Visit: | For more Flats in Thane by Puranik Builders
  4. 4. Location Visit: | For more Flats in Thane by Puranik Builders
  5. 5. Floor Plans Odd Floor Plan Visit: | For more Flats in Thane by Puranik Builders
  6. 6. Even Floor Plan Visit: | For more Flats in Thane by Puranik Builders