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Rocks of estonia


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Rocks of estonia

  1. 1.  Estonia is poor for its mineral resources.  We do not have gemstones in Estonia.  Only sedimentary rocks outcrop in Estonia.  Diorites have come here from the north with glacial drifts.
  2. 2. Limestone  Our national rock  Use: in construction monuments souvenirs  There is a special form in Saaremaa: dolomite Kaali museum(Saaremaa) Different colours in limestone Panga cliff (North coast of Saaremaa)
  3. 3. Oil shale  Remains of algae and bacteria  Use: electricity chemistry Oil shale mine Oil shale
  4. 4. Phosphorite  Phosphatic remains of animals  Use: production of fertilizers  Today it is not mined anymore Phosphorite Phosphorite mine
  5. 5. Granite  Composition: quartz, feldspar and biotite  Does not outcrop naturally in Estonia  Different colours  Use: splinters sculptures Different colours in granite Glacial drift
  6. 6. Red sandstone  Composition: red sand  Pink, greyish, brown, white, and red Tartu red sandstone outcrop Red sandstone outcrop
  7. 7. Blue clay  Composition: clay  Greenish grey, in some places with violet or auburn patches  Use: ceramics cement industry Blue clay
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