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Proyecto en ingles


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Proyecto en ingles

  1. 1. The sweeper electricName : Juan David Arias Ríosdegree: 9/dteacher: alba Inés GiraldoYear : 2012 Duke Antioquia Marinilla
  2. 2. NACIONA SERVICE OF LEARNINGEducacional institución : Institución EducativeTécnico Industrial Simona Duquename of the Project: the creatorsTraining program that responds to: strengthen myprofile for the world of work
  3. 3. Estimated time of execution of the project (months): three monthsKey words of search:•Dialogue•Quality•Benefit•Innovate•DazzlingApproaching the problem:¿ how important it is for the housewives as thebroom and sweep could without making the sligtesteffort ?
  4. 4. Justificación of the project:This project sought to achieve since our team to raiseawareness to everyone about the real benefit thatbrings our project the sweeper for the benefit of alhousewives. general objetive:Build an electricb Brown with a motor on the back forease of movement and wing time wear new brooms specific objetive: check the theorical basis for building the artifact.Build a good research projectBetter expose the funcionality of the sweeper.
  5. 5. phase 3 diagnostic:Activities of the project: innóvate people to fit more in tecnology and yourimagination can créate Result of learning: throughout the process we haved lerabed to define theresearch as basic concept. Associate competitioncompetition is creativity that helps us improve the waywe trought. Evidenceswe can show the creativity that has taken wing groupwhen making a model of the sweeper.
  6. 6. creativity says The concept tells us That is an invention an original thought tells us how important this constructive imagination concept might be thinking of the person Which brings From this us We could conclude that creativity is the basisAla obtaining new ideas and of thought in a good thoughts about what persons own evolutionary imaginable conclusión imaginations
  7. 7. methodologyTeamwork-Conduct research questions-Choose from queen question questionsPerform encrusts in which people about our projectTHINK-Carry out consultations on the problem. -Build the project in the shortest possible time-Submit the completed project
  8. 8. theoretical framework sweeperTo make your work easier, an electrically rotating brushautomatically enters the dust and dirt in the dust of the broom. Turnthe sweeper and effortlessly pick up dirt, crumbs, hair and otherdebris. It is safe and effective on any floor in your home, either hardor carpeted. As this could facilitate their work as housewives wingsthe housewives would only have to turn a knob and handle broomand the broom sweeping undertake the work
  9. 9. schedule have the bring the project to brainstorming expose list Choose achoose 40 words question which and perform will be the with these project questions perform the assessment chart Choose 5scores due to their questions
  10. 10. pollmade to parents and mothers:1. How would you improve the performance and simplicity of a broom?2. How do you think the sweeper to help the industry in the number ofhome offices?3. Considering? Benefits this project brings forward do you think thisproject would develop and grow in the country and the world?4. What would discredit both the construction of new electric brooms in theindustry since that would require many employees?5. How could a clear pattern of benefit not only to work if not economicalfor buyers like this?6. If could affect this new invention to the factories that create normalbroom?7. Is this is a new project which brings new technological opportunities tolearn? Do you think a parent that their children would benefit in learningnew "technological"?8 What if the project is developed as d think this would bring new jobs andmarketing them?9 Do you think this project will bring industry desmejoraciones wing saythree of them?10 Do you think a sweeper to help all people in their everyday workimagines a broom in their common work?