Urban agriculture


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Final Year Project 1

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Urban agriculture

  1. 1. Nuruljannah Mohamad 1092700304 MMD3213
  2. 2.  Urban agriculture• agriculture landscape involving food growing and keeping animal in urban or built-up areas• contributes to local economic development• greening of the city• productive reuse of urban wastes
  3. 3.  Importance of urban agriculture• Food security and nutrition• Economic impacts• Contributions to urban ecology• Social impacts Potential problems with urban agriculture.• Polluted or contaminated soils• Toxic chemicals• Use of water• Theft of produce and breaking laws to plant on some vacant lots
  4. 4.  Analysis• Respondent believe we can do urban agriculture in urban area.• Lot of benefit to our self and community.• Agriculture can be boring and tiring but also feel satisfaction and exciting.• Lot of unused thing can be reused for this urban agriculture (ex: bottle, broken cup, etc.) Criticality• What can we make urban agriculture more interesting?• Do they aware the benefit of urban agriculture to their life?• What can we get from urban agriculture?• What material that we can use as a base to do urban agriculture?• Will it be worth doing urban agriculture?
  5. 5.  An example of planting a tree using recyclable material
  6. 6.  The plant can be used as a decoration in home or office
  7. 7.  Any space can be use to plant the tree. It doesn’t have to be in the large area
  8. 8.  Interactive installation Webcam will be used for audience interact with installation Concept = space Virtually create an agriculture
  9. 9.  Idea 1
  10. 10.  Idea 2
  11. 11.  Idea 3(chose this idea for final installation)
  12. 12.  Geographical• Agriculture usually been practice in rural area only because of land area.• In city have limited land area. Full with building and road.
  13. 13.  Flowchart
  14. 14.  Storyboard• Space is one of the problem from my topic, urban agriculture. My project is basically an interactive installation art. The installation is to create a virtual urban agriculture.• A white prop represent an urban city. The prop will be a few boxes(buildings). In upper of the prop there will be a projector and a webcam. Projector will be projecting a video/animation from the object detected through webcam. The object will be small stone with different color. From the different stone color, a different video/animation will appear. The video/animation will be based on a few kinds of vegetables and fruit. The small stone is used to represent a seed
  15. 15.  A projector and webcam is  Place the stone with different place above the prop so color on top of the prop. webcam can detect the stone and play the video/animation
  16. 16.  Webcam will detect the stone.  A projector will project the video/animation as the stone is detected.
  17. 17.  Floor Plan  Side view
  18. 18.  Floor view
  19. 19.  Software & Tools• Processing• Adobe Flash• Webcam• Projectoro The software & tools might have some changes in the future
  20. 20.  Urban agriculture is involving food growing and keeping animal in urban or built-up areas. The major factor why urban agriculture are rarely seen because of space. Agro space is an installation art that stimulates the space, where the audience can create their own space for the plant growing. The concept of the installation is to create a virtual urban agriculture. The audience can place the seed (small stone) in to the city (prop) where the plant can growth. The seed (small stone) will growth into the tree (video/animation). Through this the audience can experience in creating a virtual urban agriculture. As they can create their own space for agriculture.