Medaka project


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  • Medaka project

    1. 1. The Journey - My Medaka Project By Brett Wolfe
    2. 2. Day 1 - Stage 5 (2 Hours)My name is Fish and I havefinally made it from Japaninto this new country ofAmerica. I am just an eggand other people have toldme that I have no featuresyet. I hope that I am ableget some characteristicsbefore my journey goes tofar down the road.
    3. 3. Day 2 - Stage 18 (26 Hours)When I woke up from a long sleep, Irealized that I have grown an OilGlobule. With all of the otherfeatures that I need to grow, itmight take forever for me to befully grown and developed. My life isgoing well, but my colleagues still donot know me very, well and stillhave not call me by the name of Fishyet, just the Medaka egg.Oil Globule - One small spheres ofoil in the yolk sac of the fish larvae.
    4. 4. Day 3 - Stage 23 (46 Hours)My eyes are fully developed and Ican finally see what this new landlooks like. My colleagues areawesome, even thought they havegotten my stuck in transportationa couple of times. They have calledmy Fish for the first time todayand my heart is fully pumping andmy blood is easily seen as a pinkcolor. With my heart fully pumping,I can actually do things and enjoymy trip for once.
    5. 5. Day 4 - Stage 24 (52 Hours)I have been moving around alot lately and I have had thisweird feeling all around mybody. I have never had thisfeeling before, but I think it isjust that I am excited that Iam going to hatch. I hope it issoon because it is very small inhere and I am claustrophobic.
    6. 6. Day 5 - Stage 30 (102 Hours)Another exciting night has gone byand I noticed that my yolk sac isalmost completely developed. I havealso noticed that I have developedchorion and cytoplasm. I have toremember to ask somebody what achorion is later. If this happensmore often, I will have greatexcitement when I finally hatch.Chorion - The outermost of theextraembryonic membranes.
    7. 7. Day 6 - Stage 32 (128 Hours)During the day, I noticed astrange feel behind me. Whena checked it out, I noticed atail growing. My colleaguesand I were so happy that Iwas this far and my hatchingwas not that far away. Here Icome hatching, I will be readyfor anytime now.
    8. 8. Day 7 - Stage 33 (144 Hours)Today I felt weird in my chestarea, so I went and got itchecked out. I found out thatmy heart was beating at 128Beats/Minute. I was told thatthis was around the normalstandards for fishes my age.From the beginning, I alwaysthought that I would bebehind everyone else indevelopment.
    9. 9. Day 8 - Stage 34 (168 Hours)I could easily see what was mynewest feature. I can now clearlysee the filaments on my body. Mycolleagues could always see themfrom the time that I was born,but today was different. Theclearness of filaments shows thatI am very close to hatching.Filaments - a long slender cell orseries of attached cells.
    10. 10. Day 9 - Stage 35 (200 Hours)I am so close to hatching, Ican not keep still. My head isfinally done developing and allof my internal organs are upand working. I am as ready tohatch as I will ever be, sohopefully I will come soon. Ijust hope my colleagues areable to see my hatch.
    11. 11. Day 10 - Stage 36 (264 Hours)I have finally hatched and got outof the that confined space. All ofmy characteristics can easily beseen and I can finally move morethan a couple inches everyday.After this great experience, I amgoing to go back to my homecountry and ask other fishes tocome here and take part in this.Sometimes, I just wish that myexperience would not have endedthis quickly.
    12. 12. Survival NeedsYou need to change the water daily or it can build up causingthe Medaka fish to start dying.The Medaka fish needs excellent water quality, such as springwater or it can start to die.Put many live plants in the tank for the fish as shade and as apartial food source.You never put only one small fish into a large tank becausethe fish would not be able to filter the water if the tank is tolarge.The fish tank should be between the temperature of 70 - 77degrees Fahrenheit. Not much more or less or your fish will notsurvive much longer.