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Flip 10 henrice


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Flip 10 henrice

  1. 1. Flip Book By: Cliff
  2. 2. Cell NucleusThe cell receives a message tomake a certain amount of aprotein.
  3. 3. RNA Polymerase• RNA Polymerase is the enzyme that makes all of the RNA and Transcribes genes. The RNA polymerase uses a strand of DNA as a template which guides everything else so that it makes a new strand of nucleic acid
  4. 4. A little bit ofthe DNAunwinds andshows thegeneresponsiblefor thatprotein RNA polymerase eventually comes in and zips everything up.
  5. 5. The mRNA leaves the nucleus and entersthe cytoplasm through the nuclear pores.
  6. 6. MitochondriaNucleus Ribosome Cytoplasm
  7. 7. Chromosomes
  8. 8. This is a diagram of the unzipped DNA inside of thechromosome. In the next step, RNA polymeraseshould come in, which closes up the DNA strands.
  9. 9. RNA polymerase eventuallycomes in and zips everythingup.
  10. 10. This is whatthe DNA lookslike when it iszipped up
  11. 11. Transcription• The mRNA is Transcribed by using one of the strands of a DNA molecule. The RNA carries genetic info to the ribosome from the DNA. This information is then used to make proteins. After this, DNA and RNA use coding to match up all of the base pairs to form a double helix. One of the three differences between DNA and RNA is that DNA uses Thymine while RNA is Uracil.
  12. 12. These are the three main steps of Transcription. The promoter region signals the beginning of the gene, The operator region acts as an on/off switch, and last but not least, the Terminator region marks the end of the gene.Promoter Region RNA Coding Region Terminator Region
  13. 13. Adenine CytosineThymine Guanine
  14. 14. Translation
  15. 15. Cell NucleusCell Cytoplasm
  16. 16. Ribosome
  17. 17. Ribosome
  18. 18. Ribosome
  19. 19. Ribosome
  20. 20. Ribosome
  21. 21. Ribosome
  22. 22. Ribosome
  23. 23. Ribosome
  24. 24. Developing polypeptide chainRibosome
  25. 25. Developing polypeptide chainRibosome
  26. 26. tRNA Developing polypeptide chainRibosome
  27. 27. Binding SiteU A C Anti Codon
  28. 28. G G C
  29. 29. C C G G G C mRNA Strand
  30. 30. Amino Acid Anti CodonC C G G G C mRNA Codon AUG is the start Codon and UAA is the stop codon