Cell cake project


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Cell cake project

  1. 1. By: Lexi Zanaglio, Alexis Vite, Laken Poole, and Breanna Knox
  2. 2. We chose the twizzlers because they are sturdy and tough and will protect the cell like the cell wall does. The plants cell wall is rigid and protects it from injury. Also it is what maintains the plant cell’s shape.
  3. 3. We used pieces of liquorish to represent the cell membrane because they are thin just like the actual membrane. This is the outer lining of a cell and controls what goes in and out of the cell
  4. 4. We chose to use a lemon to represent the nucleus because the lemon has different sections like the compartments in real cell nuclei. Directs much of the activity in a cell. It contains the Nucleolus, which stores the DNA.
  5. 5. We chose to use green Mike & Ike candy to represent the mitochondria because they are almost the same shape. Mitochondria produce an energy-rich molecule called ATP that fuels most of the action in the cell.
  6. 6. We used a jelly bean to represent the chloroplast because it is a jelly gooey substance inside the jelly bean like the actual chloroplast. Chloroplast converts the sun’s rays into energy so the cell can use it. Produce ATP.
  7. 7. We used a Fruit Roll-up to represent the Golgi body because it represents the stack like structure of the Golgi body. The Golgi Apparatus groups items and packages them in vesicles. They also ship the vesicles to different places. Some of the packages leave the cell while others go to other organelles in the cell.
  8. 8. We used ripped up twizzlers because the actual Rough ER is a eukaryotic organelle made up of a system of membranous tubes that is studded with ribosomes on its surface giving it a rough appearance. The rough endoplasmic reticulum is important for packing proteins.
  9. 9. We used red Mike & Ike candies to represent the smooth ER because they are smooth and do not contain any ribosomes. The smooth endoplasmic reticulum is the storage unit for steroids.
  10. 10. We chose the nerds to represent the ribosomes because you can lay the nerds in little clusters to look like how real ribosomes look. Ribosomes that are free-floating create proteins that stay within the cell. Ribosomes on the endoplasmic reticulum make proteins that can either leave or stay inside the cell
  11. 11. We chose milk duds to represent the vacuole because the vacuoles are a membranebound vesicle found in the cytoplasm whose functions include storage and digestion and it is the similar shape. Vacuoles store water and nutrients that the cell needs to survive. It also stores wastes so that the cell doesn’t become contaminated.
  12. 12. We chose the extreme air heads to represent the nuclear membrane because the nuclear membrane is in layers the same as the extreme air heads. Regulates the in and out movement of substances in a cell especially between the nucleus and the cytoplasm. It is double layered and surrounds the nucleus.
  13. 13. We used cake icing to represent the cytoplasm because it was able to hold all the other candy in place like the real cytoplasm of cells. Cytoplasm is the fluid that fills a cell. It contains all the organelles that are in the cell. It ensures that the cell doesn’t shrink.
  14. 14. We chose to use the red gob stopper because the nucleolus is a small round organelle within the nucleus. Contains the entire DNA in a cell. Controls what goes on. Used for cellular reproduction
  15. 15. We used gum to represent the Chromatin because we could twist the gum into the same shape as DNA. *Note: Chromatin is located in the cell nucleus of the cell but due to size and a misunderstanding out chromatin was free floating. Chromatin is DNA or RNA and proteins that condense to form chromosomes. Chromosomes are the structures in the cell that holds genetic material