Presentació "El Telecentre del Futur"


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Presentació feta durant el Congrés Mundial de Telecentres - Spark. Es presenta la designació de Barcelona com a seu del laboratori mundial de telecentres.

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Presentació "El Telecentre del Futur"

  2. 2. The traditional image of a Telecentre as and Internet café,where people play games and surf the web or places withonly few dusty old computers is outdatedToday telecenters serve ashubs for local innovationand entrepreneurship.A powerful channel for thedistribution of services withpositive social impact.Telecentros del Futuro
  3. 3. Times have changed, new opportunities have emergedTelecentros del Futuro
  4. 4. The Telecentre Futuro initiative• Access• Training• Knowledge• Services• ExchangeFrom • Knowledge and community innovation hubs• Research, development and pilot activities• Product and service channels• Training, accreditation and exam locations• Local advocacy and influencers ToTelecentros del Futuro
  5. 5. The Telecentre Futuro initiativeKey concepts and added valueTelecentros del Futuro
  6. 6. Telecentre Futuro – Pilot Phase• The pilot phase of the project will be carried out in LatinAmerica and the Caribbean (LAC), as well as Spain, andwill focus on adults, youth and rural women withoutexcluding other demographic groups• A global call for proposal to enrich and strengthen theTelecentre Futuro initiative will be added during theexpansion phaseTelecentros del Futuro
  7. 7. Telecentros Futuro : Call for global proposals• Proposal must follow criteria included in the global call.However, new approaches are welcome as long as theyfollow framework.• New concepts on how to enhance training, employmentand innovation within telecentres will have special value.• When submitting a proposal it is important to take inconsideration gender equality, a wide range of targetgroups and geographical diversity. Telecentre Futuro seeksto reach cultural diversity and multiple socio-economicsrealities.Telecentros del Futuro
  8. 8. • Each proposal must include a multi-year economic andsocial sustainability plan.• Development of new content, projects, online tools, andstrategic partnership. All best practices will be sharedthroughout Telecentre Futuro’s global network.• Promotion and communications: each proposal musthave its own and unique plan, in order to secure andexpand the impacts of each project.Key components
  9. 9. • Telecentre Futuro’s Budget might vary from projectto project, or country to country. There is no limit tothe amount of investment for one or more TelecentreFuturo hubs. However, each project must include along-term sustainability plan.• Branding and co-branding. Each Telecentre Futurowill follow a unique set of guidelines regardingbranding in co-branding for all collaterals, and onlinematerials included in this initiative.Roles and responsibilities forTelecentre Futuro participants
  10. 10. Participation in Telecentro Futuro project, except for the onesinvolved in the pilot, will not involve financial support Participants will benefit from:• Active participation/contributions in communication plan.• Full access to content testing of new technologies,software, apps, online tools and other methodologiesincluded in the project.• Become members of the Global Telecentre Futuro’s network.• Support and contribution to the indicators of impactsdevelopment, project monitoring and a global assessmentcriteria.• Special training for facilitators and managers of telecentresRoles and responsibilities forTelecentre Futuro participants
  11. 11. • Telecentro Futuro initiative includes the establishment ofa Global Telecentre Lab, which would be responsible foroverseeing the overall management, testing, evaluationand expansion of the model. At the same time the GlobalTelecentre Lab will support the:– Testing: new hadrware, software and apps,– Testing new training methodologies, sustainability andrevitalization,– Testing new strategies: gamification, Smarts Citizens,Coworking ....– Redesign of the new spaces, furniture ....Global Telecentre Lab
  12. 12. • The Global Telecentre Lab will be based in the city ofBarcelona, Spain and would be managed by the City ofBarcelona and the Government of Catalonia.• The Global Telecentre Lab main goals would be tofacilitate the access and exchange of new ideas andresources to empower the role of telecentres ascommunity hubsGlobal Telecentre Lab
  13. 13. Open Call• Launch of the Call: 15th of June, 2013• Deadline for the submission ofproposals: 15th of September• Project Duration: 1 year (15th ofNovember, 2013 to 14th of November,2014)• Finalists Communication: September20 (Barcelona)
  14. 14. Ricard Faura i