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The Meta Presentation – Punos Mobile, Ltd.


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If there is something I have picked up working with Finnish developers is that they are often very humble folk. Though they are professionals in their field with a lot of expertise, they can act like they have not typed out a single line of code.

By the way, hello. I am almost one-of-a-kind here at Punos as I am not a developer. Instead, my fancy title is “Marketing Coordinator”. My name is Erno. Nice to meet you!

Still, titles can be misleading: though I help with marketing work at Punos, the actual marketers are our developers. It’s them that are the face of the company in practice. Developing is work about human encounters, after all.

The humbleness I mentioned earlier can be partly explained by something called the Impostor Syndrome. Basically, it means that you think you cheated your way through education and projects while actually not knowing anything about what you do, hence the name. Does this sound familiar?

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The Meta Presentation – Punos Mobile, Ltd.

  1. 1. The Meta Presentation You are a professional: here’s how you sell that to your customers
  2. 2. This presentation features: ● No books ● No source citations ● Personal, anecdotal experience ● Feelings and... ● A Google Slides presentation ○ And why the slides are not really relevant
  3. 3. ● Oftentimes, you sell your skills in an improvised and haphazard way ● Usually, marketing is not about Google Slides presentations So, how is this relevant to you?
  4. 4. ● Who is your target audience? ○ What do they desire? ● Selling happens everywhere ○ We sell ideas to each other all the time Key Pointers
  5. 5. ● This is normal ● Everyone has this (pretty much) But you feel nervous, stressed and are really not up to the task
  6. 6. ● The thoughts of: ○ You cheating your way through your education and projects ○ Not really deserving to be where you are The Imposter Syndrome
  7. 7. ● Cold hands and feet ● Sweat ● Shakiness ● Shallow breathing What does it mean to be nervous?
  8. 8. ● You will probably talk too fast like you were in a hurry to get to the end ● That is why: ○ Stop, take a moment for yourself and observe your audience. What does it all mean?
  9. 9. ● The present moment can remind us of something that happened in the past ○ Bad, or even traumatic experiences Your feelings might have very little to do with the situation at hand
  10. 10. ● It’s not the lack of ○ Fear ○ Stress ○ Nervousness ○ Shaky hands or voice Confidence
  11. 11. Confidence is about accepting yourself and your feelings
  12. 12. ● Genuine! ○ This is in short supply But how do I look if I accept myself as I am?
  13. 13. The audience is nearly always on your side. Remember:
  14. 14. The threat of something going wrong is often also a chance for something better. Remember:
  15. 15. ● Stories ● Laughing (contextually) ● Expressiveness ● Information that is also interesting What else does the audience like?
  16. 16. Use your body! You are more than just a talking head! In short:
  17. 17. ● Selling is often not the art of speaking ○ Rather, it is the art of listening ● So listen to who you are talking to ○ If you don’t know the answer, it’s okay to say it! Not having a presentation does not mean being unprepared
  18. 18. ● Verbalizing your fear is important ● Personally, I am afraid of being belittled or being seen as a lesser person ● Saying it strength & courage What is there to be afraid of?
  19. 19. Thank you! | Tel. +358 40 1599 852