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2016 Recruiting Trends: Triangle Technical Recruiters Association


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Conversational guide to discussing today's hottest trends in recruiting.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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2016 Recruiting Trends: Triangle Technical Recruiters Association

  1. 2016 
 Recruiting Trends Laurie Ruettimann LFR
  2. “Great things are not accomplished 
 by those who yield to trends and fads 
 and popular opinion.” • Jack Kerouac
  3. • Trends • Blindspots & Development • Resources
  4. 2016 U.S. Job Forecast • Employers will get more competitive for talent, implement new ways to source and develop high-skill workers, and embrace more diversity in leadership. •
  5. It will take you forever to fill that requisition.
  6. Good candidates 
 are cocky. So are mediocre ones.
  7. Predictive analytics remains unproven.
  8. 2016 is all about swapsies.
  9. Recruiting and HR 
 will still struggle 
 to get along.
  10. Candidate experience will only sorta matter.
  11. Recruiter Accountability Spectrum Ghosting, Icing, Simmering, Power Parting
  12. You gotta stop calling LinkedIn
 “social recruiting.”
  13. Total Rewards 
 matter more than ever.
  14. William Tincup for The Hiring Site
 1. Candidate ego is out of control. 2. Transparency means something. 3. Give actionable feedback. 4. Brutal feedback works, too. 5. Have a conversation about careerpathing. 6. Training plans are still a thing. 7. Texting beats email. blindsided-in-2016/
  15. Recruiter Resources • Jennifer McClure • Tim Sackett • Matt Stollak • Steve Browne • William Tincup • Kris Dunn • Lance Haun • Carmen Hudson • Sarah Brennan • Lars Schmidt • Steve Boese
  16. • Laurie Ruettimann • •