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Final systematic voter’s education and electoral participation


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Final systematic voter’s education and electoral participation

  1. 1. Objectives of SVEEP Strive to achieve 5% increase in the overall voter turnout in the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections compared to 2009 Lok Sabha Elections, Narrowing down the gap in the drop in voter turnout between the Assembly Elections 2011 and the Lok Sabha Elections 2009, Strive to achieve 100% voting by way of educating the mass the importance of voting especially the value of informed, ethical and inducement free voting. Strive to achieve the above objectives by the way of Educating the mass about the value of voting by emphasizing the importance informed ethical and inducement free voting
  2. 2. Statistics of Lok Sabha Election- 2009 at karaikal District CONSTITUE NCY NO TOTAL ELECTORS VOTES POLLED POLL % 24 25513 20764 81.39% 25 24855 19897 80.05% 26 24447 18639 76.24% 27 25242 18124 71.80% 28 25114 19829 78.96% Total 388.44% 77.69%
  3. 3. Low Voter turnout booths in Lok Sabha Election-2009 at Karaikal District Total Number of Polling booth at Karaikal District – 151+3 Out of which 15 polling booths have been identified as Low voter turnout booth [polling percentage lessthan 70%]
  4. 4. BOOTH No. TOTAL ELECTORS VOTES POLLED POLL % 24/15 998 678 67.94 % 25/04 770 523 67.92 % 25/05 885 588 66.44 % 26/08 1127 660 58.56 % 26/18 1022 651 63.70 % 26/19 1006 612 60.83 % 26/22 880 592 67.27 % 27/07 1134 750 66.14 % 27/08 1277 777 60.85 % 27/10 1089 732 67.22 % 27/11 717 447 62.34 % 27/16 1011 689 68.15 % 27/18 960 633 65.94 % 27/21 591 376 63.62 % 28/21 1014 663 65.38 % LOW VOTER TURNOUT BOOTHS IN LOK SABHA ELECTION - 2009
  5. 5. List of Colleges at Karaikal District 1.The Principal , Arignar Anna Arts College, Karaikal. 2The Principal , , Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru College Of Agriculture And Research Institute, Karaikal. 3The Principal , Vinayagamission Medical College, Karaikal. 4The Principal , , Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Engineering Institute Of Technology, Karaikal. 5The Principal , , Avvaiyar College For Women, Karaikal. 6The Principal , Bharathiyar College Of Engineering & Technology, Karaikal. 7The Principal , Sri Venkateswara Education Karaikal 8.The Principal , Don Bosco College Of Education, Karaikal. 9.The Principal , , Rvs Arts & Engineering College, Karaikal. 10. The Principal , National Institute Of Technology, Karaikal 11. The Principal , Women’s Polytechnic College, Karaikalmedu, Karaikal. 12. The Centre incharge , Pondicherry University, Karaikal. 13.The Principal , , Perunthalaivar Kamarajar College Of Education Karaikal. 14. The Principal, Amarnath College Of Education, Karaikal. 15.The Principal , ITI (Women), T.R.Pattinam, Karaikal 16. The Principal , ITI (Men), T.R.Pattinam, Karaikal
  6. 6. Details of Nodal Officers in various Colleges at karaikal District S.No Name of the Campus Ambassador College Cell.No 1 Mr.P.Jayakumar, Asst.Prof. BCET 9047182037 2 Mrs. M. Priya, Asst.Prof. BCET 9442011944 3 Dr.S.A. Senthil Kumar, Asst.Prof. Pondicherry University 9486031221 4 Dr.S. Bhuvaneshwari, Asst.Prof. Pondicherry University 9443703221 04368-231030 5 Dr. L.Narayanan, Associate.Prof. PAJANCO 9443052230 6 Dr.S. Manikandan, Asst.Prof. PKIET 9443526122 7 R. Tamilchelvy, Asst.Prof. PKIET 9944391385 8 G. Christila Selvarani, Lecturer WPTC 9487314098 9 Subasree, PD PKC 9443829618 10 Kandavel, PE PKC 9944267630 11 Nagarajan, Prof Anna College 9442148327 12 T. Kamachi, Asst. Prof. Avvaiyar College 9443786606
  7. 7. List of SVEEP Initiatives To enhance the voting percentage in Karaikal District, the following SVEEP activities have been carried out Signature Campaign Release of scroll news message through cable TV Release of news through All India Radio Release of Advertisement film through cable TV Animation short film competition Conduct of Talk show by College students Sending of Letter of invitation to first time voters Launching of SVEEP in Karaikal website Launching of “National Youth Policy-2014” and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Abhiyan Scheme Human Rally Conduct of voter’s awareness week Health check-up camp for senior citizens Bike Rally
  8. 8. List of SVEEP Initiatives (contd) Mini Marathon Printing of stickers for affixing on gas cylinders and vehicles Affixing of Rubber stamps on the back side of counterfoils of banks and post office challans Distribution of “Sankalp Patra” to parents through school students “Your Voice” in association with All India Radio Talk show by Senior Citizens Celebration of Women’s Day as “ Day of Electoral Awakening for Women & Youth”. Villupattu Erection of Hoardings on the important junction places of Karaikal District for wide publicity Release of posters for creating awareness among the citizens of Karaikal District Distribution of “Sankalp Patra” to college students Fixing of corex boards of size 2 ft x 1 ½ ft in buses and important places like petrol bunks, cinema theatre etc., Awareness through Helium Balloon Vaarungal Annae Vaakalar Annae Model Mobile booth on wheels Street Play through Movies by LCD Projector Release of jingles of Messages through traffic signal audio systems
  9. 9. List of SVEEP Initiatives (contd) • Door to Door Awareness • Printing and distribution of notice to differently abled persons for casting their votes in the Lok Sabha Election-2014 • Advertisement for 100% ethical voting released in Local Cable TV on pre-poll and poll days • Pre poll day campaign • Poll day campaign • Analysis of Voter Turnout on the Poll day (24.04.2014) • Conclusion
  10. 10. Signature Campaign The Signature Campaign vehicle visited various parts of Karaikal district with effect from 17.02.2014. Around 50,000 people including college students registered their signature “Not only affixing of signature by voters but…… affirmed their voting”
  11. 11. Release of scroll news message through cable TV The Message released through Cable TV as scroll news with effect from 18.02.2014 is “A well meaning message to all”
  12. 12. RELEASE OF NEWS THROUGH ALL INDIA RADIO The News released through All India Radio with effect from 18.2.14 is listed below “Message in air (AIR)…… economical yet effective”
  13. 13. SHORT FILM COMPETITION The Short film competition among college students was conducted on 26.2.2014 “Creativity unfurled”
  14. 14. TALK SHOW Talk show competition was inaugurated on 27.02.2014 by 5.00 P.M. in LRUC Hall of Karaikal Polytechnic College in the topic on“HAS THE PRESENT ELECTION PROCESS STRENGTHENED THE DEMOCRACY OR NOT?” “An intelligent discourse of the younger generation”
  15. 15. LETTER OF INVITATION TO YOUNG VOTERS The letter of invitation to 3260 first time voters (young voters) were sent by post. “Invitation for participation”
  16. 16. Launching of SVEEP Activities in Karaikal website All SVEEP activities were uploaded in a separate menu called SVEEP at website ‘SVEEP’ sweeped to online
  17. 17. Launching of “National Youth Policy-2014” and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Abhiyan Scheme It was launched on 21.2.2014 by District collector cum District Election Officer with Nehru Yuva Kendra Young women, Young men, Youth in colleges, unemployed youth, Youth in the workplaces etc., were attended., “Youth and voting-Need for proper connect”
  18. 18. HumanRally The human rally for college students and public was conducted on 28 .2.2014 by 3.30pm. “A rally to relate”
  19. 19. Voter’s Awareness week The Voter’s awareness week was conducted in the following Colleges Karaikal Polytechnic College on 4.3.2014 Women’s Polytechnic College on 29.3.2014 Avvaiyar College for Women on 6.3.2014 Anna Govt.Arts and Science College on26.03.2014 Nursing College, Vinayaga Mission University on 28.03.2014 Perunthalaivar kamarajar institute of Engineering & Technology on 1.04.2014 “Networking of NGOs……..A needful one”
  20. 20. HEALTH CHECK UP CAMP The Health checkup camp for senior citizens was conducted on 5.3.2014 at konnakavali and 23.3.2014 at karaikal town “Healthy Seniors and Helpful voters”
  21. 21. Bike Rally The Bike rally was conducted on 07 .3.2014 by 3.30pm. “A rally to not only to relax but to realize”
  22. 22. Mini Marathon The Mini marathon for college students and public was conducted on 12 .03.2014 by 4.30pm. “Marathon ……. A motivation”
  23. 23. Affixing of Stickers on Buses, Vans and Autos 4000 stickers of size 30cm X 14 cm in 5 Captions were Printed and Affixed on buses ,vans, & Autos. “A marker to retain and reminder”
  24. 24. Affixing of Rubber Stamps On the back side of Counterfoil of bank and post office challans 33615 Rubber Stamps were affixed on the counterfoil of various bank and Postoffice Challans for one month use (ie) upto 24.4.2014 “To not to forget and not to forgo”
  25. 25. Affixing of Stickers on Gas Cylinders 16000 stickers of size 15cm X 2.5 cm in 5 Captions were Printed and Affixed on gas cylinders
  26. 26. Distribution of Sankalp Patra to Schools students 15888 Sankalp Patras were distributed to school students (6th to 11th standard) and 15,868 resolutions were received “Sensitizing students……. the best investment”
  27. 27. Your voice in association with All India Radio Your voice is nothing but asking of questions about Democracy, EPIC Number, Date of Election etc., among college students. It was conducted in all colleges of Karaikal District “Well heard”
  28. 28. Celebration of Women’s Day as “ Day of Electoral Awakening for Women and youth” It was celebrated at Karaikal Polytechnic College, Women’s Polytechnic College & NIT , Karaikal “Women-A formidable force”
  29. 29. Talk Show For Senior Citizens Talk show for Senior Citizens Was conducted on 19.3.2014 “An occasion to spell out their Experiments with truth and experience”
  30. 30. Creating awareness through vittupattu It was conducted on 24.03.2014 “Narrating the concept of voting interspersed with music”
  31. 31. Erection of Hoardings 29 hoardings were fixed in the important places of Karaikal district “Hoardings to remind and remember”
  32. 32. Fixing of posters 2700 posters were printed and pasted on important places of Karaikal District “Well perceived”
  33. 33. Distribution of Sankalp patra to College students 6000 sankalp patras were distributed to college students and 5991 resolutions were received “To make them conceive, believe and to achieve 100% ethical voting”
  34. 34. Fixing of Corex Boards 300 Corex Boards were printed and fixed in Buses, Petrol bunks , Post offices , Hotels, Restaurants etc., “Places of recreation shall become places of reformation”
  35. 35. Helium Balloon Helium Balloon was flown by the election wing on 26.03.2014 Diameter of Balloon is 12 feet It is flying at a height of 50 feet above the ground level It is light blue colour during the day time and moon colour in night “For a bombastic propaganda”
  36. 36. VAARUNGAL ANNAE VAAKALAR ANNAE It is nothing but making of interview of public about democracy, EPIC number , Date of election etc,. It was conducted at Tea stall, near GH karaikal, on 1.4.2014 Tea stall, Near Thirunallar temple, on 2.4.2014. ‘Tea benches’ – proven dias for political propaganda-Hence used for voting campaign----- “This place for you”
  37. 37. Tour of Model Mobile Booth The Model Mobile Booth is making tour to various places of Karaikal District “Your apprehension we hear –Allay your fear-Model Mobile Booth is here….”
  38. 38. Street Play The Street Play is making tour to various places of Karaikal District “The oldest form of theatre…..with the modern stance and subject”
  39. 39. BROADCASTING OF MESSAGES OF CINE ACTORS / ACTRESS, JINGLES, AT IMPORTANT TRAFFIC SIGNAL JUNCTIONS THROUGH AUDIO SYSTEMS OF TRAFFIC POLICE DEPARTMENT To create awareness among public it is proposed to broadcast the messages of Cine actors / actress, jingles, patriotic songs etc., on ethical voting at Traffic signal junctions by using audio systems of traffic police. The people who are waiting for green signal can hear the message on ethical voting. The people waiting on signals have no other diversion and therefore they will concentrate the messages released from the audio system. The messages are being broadcasting at two important junctions (i.e.) Thirunallar Road and Bharathiyar Road junction & Bus stand junction with effect from 09.04.2014 from 8.00 A.M. to 9.00 P.M, till the end of Election-2014. “Gossip is the Devil’s radio….. It is obsessed with message…. It’s a good start to Sunday morning”
  40. 40. Door to Door Awareness Campaign “A focused intervention on low fallout areas”
  41. 41. “Reaching the unreached” Printing and distribution of notice to differently abled persons for casting their votes in the Lok Sabha Election-2014
  42. 42. Advertisement for 100% ethical voting released in Local Cable TV on pre-poll and poll days “Last but not the least” An advertisement to inspire the public for casting 100% ethical voting in the forthcoming Lok Sabha Election was prepared for advertising on pre-poll and poll days. The Local Cable TV was also asked to advertise the same on the above said important days.
  43. 43. Pre poll day campaign “Final fruitful effort” The total number of polling stations available in the Karaikal district was 154. Out of which 15 polling stations were identified as Low Voter turnout booths by the Election Department, Govt. of Puducherry. The details of polling booths, its coverage area and percentage of poll in the Lok Sabha Election-2009 is listed below:-
  45. 45. On the pre-poll day (23.04.2014) and poll day (24.04.2014) the SVEEP team concentrate the low voter turnout booths
  46. 46. The constituency wise poll percentage in Lok Sabha Election- 2009 and 2014 is listed below:-
  47. 47. The Principals and Campus Ambassadors of 14 colleges located in Karaikal District were invited for active participation in SVEEP activities. They extended their full support for the conduct of SVEEP activities at their colleges and they also encouraged the first time young voters to cast their vote in the forthcoming Lok Sabha-2014 Elections. The polling stations where low polling has occurred was identified and special attention was given to increase the polling by atleast 5% higher. The students, youth, senior citizens and women have actively participated in the SVEEP activities. In toto the SVEEP activities was conducted in a very successful manner in the Karaikal District with the support of Principals, Campus ambassadors, students, youth, senior citizens, press and media persons. The SVEEP activity increased the polling percentage of 12 Low voter turnout booths by 3.85% I hope that the SVEEP activities seed laid in the mind of people of Karaikal District will grow as Banyan tree and yield good results in the forthcoming Elections. CONCLUSION
  48. 48. Thanking You