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Present situation of farmers in India and solutions


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How a farmer organization can help farmers to uplift their standard of living by making them enable of taking new initiatives, which they otherwise can' is a perfect example of RKS and PFC in India as a case study

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Present situation of farmers in India and solutions

  1. 1. Next-Generation Farm Practices in Haryana and Punjab byRashtriya Kissan Sangathan, New Delhi Self-Initiatives by farmers of Punjab & Haryana unit Puneet Singh Thind
  2. 2. A destruction model- ‘Mostly Out of Focus’ The Farmer is the only man in our economy:- 1) Who buys everything at Retail… 2) Sells everything at Wholesale… 3) And pays the freight Both ways….
  3. 3. Changing dynamics of Indian Agriculture Agriculture is the largest unorganised sector in India, with 57 per cent of Indias total population and 73 per cent of Indias total employment. There are around 55 crore farmers in India (NSSO-2009). Hardly 5-10% farmers are Progressive, Educated, Self-Moving and innovative. (But sadly, most of them are only just ‘Political Farmer’ too). >40% Rural Youth is out of Farming. Who is going to do this job??? Real bottleneck is rest of 90-95%....!!! Farmers don’t have any vibrant model to organize themselves and link with the market.
  4. 4. Rashtriya Kissan Sangathan - An Answer to Farmer woes by Agri Marketing (A Case Study) Est’d in 1965 as ‘National  Was established as an ‘Elite Club’ of Tonnage Club of Farmers’, Progressive Farmers in 70’s. Registered under Companies  A truly farmer-dedicated, Free-From Politics Societies Act, 1860, based in and Professionally-run-organization. New Delhi.  Farmers are well-organized at village, block, district, state and national level. A nation-wide Farmer Organization (FO) with  Most effective way for Farmer linkage with Market and Govt. farmers’ base and working  ‘Power of Accumulation’ is an exercise. units in different states.  Union Minister of Agriculture is Ex-Officio Inter-State Farmer Exchange President of RKS. programs.  Farmer, Scientist, Extension Officers and We promote Farmers for Self- Private Companies are members with RKS. Initiatives, Action-Oriented efforts than Criticism-Oriented
  5. 5. Organization Chart of Rashtriya Kissan Sangathan National Executive Chairman Sr. State V.P. Ger. Sec. State Regional/State Coordinator Asst. V.P. Joint Advisor /Asst. (3) Secretary (3) Coordinator (3) District/block Secretary Advisor President Community Coordinators Primary Members
  6. 6. The Progressive Farmers’ Multipurpose Co-operative Society (PFC), Haryana A multi-purpose Co-Operative society promoted by RKS in Haryana in 2006 to benefit farmers by exercising ‘Power of Accumulation’. Promoted as a new experience in agriculture marketing to bridge the gap between farmer/producer and processor/consumer. To check malpractices and exploitation of farmers in the market. To convert agriculture from ‘a way of living’ to an enterprise, making it cost-effective, comfortable and profitable .
  7. 7. Business Model of PFC
  8. 8. Direct assoc. with Agri Supplies of farm produce to Input suppliers and Exporters/Processors/ companies like Bharti- Namdhari Fresh/Bharti Wal- Walmart , HAFED for Mart etc (Fresh, Processed, input supplies for Retail Organic) outletsI ON PFC UP TU PT U T PFC-Retail Farm- Farmer-Extension Outlets Procurement Programs Best Best Training/ Retail Price for Education Price Crops
  9. 9. Key advantage:- Farmers must have access to; a). Low-cost farm inputs and household Grocery b). Best Remunerative Price for Farm Produce c). Best Extension Service and Market-Updates We ensure all 3… An organized and well-segmented voice of farming community. Exclusive benefits to members by associated companies. A single-window platform for mass connectivity and an apex organization of progressive farmers.
  10. 10. Commercial Farming in Africa Rising to its real potential, RKS has promoted a group of young farmers from Punjab to initiate agriculture in Ethiopia at large-scale and on commercial pattern. A team of RKS has extensively visited Ethiopia in July-Aug‘10 and got 5,000 hectare of land for starting commercial farming. RKS is facilitating in execution of business plans and forging corporate-farmers tie-ups for Agri- Inputs and marketing of agricultural produce.
  11. 11. Inspiration model RKS Farmer-Company Association Model is a replica of world-class model in India similar to :- National Farmers Union (NFU) UK North Dakota Farmers Organization, USA . National Farmers Federation, USA These are leading farmers organization at global level, making farmers-companies direct tie-ups.
  12. 12. EcologicContribution
  13. 13. We are ensuring that… We maintain Soil-Health of our mother-land good and sustainable. We are not following a calendar-system for pesticides and fertilizers. We must try to limit the generation of Carbon, Methane and other GHGs by adopting new techniques such as renewal energy through biomass/ biogas or as compost etc. We must encourage use of Bio-Fertilizer by limiting use of chemical fertilizers.
  14. 14. Our OwnRetail-SaleOutletsAgri- Inputs,Fertilizers,Manures,Patricides, Seedsas well astechnical advice
  15. 15. Activities andprograms:-We manage FarmerEvents such as:-FarmerFairs, Exhibitions,Training-Camps,Workshops, Farm FieldSchools etc.In picture, participantsat ‘Seminar on ClimateChange andAgriculture’
  16. 16. CommercialFarming inEthiopiaRKS is materializing 5,000Hect. Farm Land inEthiopia for CommercialFarming.Group of young RKSFarmers with Mr. RamKarturi (MD-Karturi GlobalLtd i.e world’s largestRose Exporter) to haveinsight on commercialfarming in Ethiopia.
  17. 17. YearlyProgressiveFarmers’Meets andAwards-Chandigarh-Farmerscalled from 7 states
  18. 18. Kissan JagritiMuhim-a series ofevents toaware farmersLocation in Pic-Arniwala, Fazilka,Dist FerozpurOct ‘10.
  19. 19. InformalMeetings onongoing issuesRKS membersorganize smallmeetings at villagelevel or block level toaddress their commonproblems.Meet in Ambala City
  20. 20. Farmerrepresentationand interactionwith top leadersand corporatehigher-ups.
  21. 21. Buyer-SellerMeets ofdifferentcropsCotton-Growersmeet at MandiDabwali (Sirsa)
  22. 22. ProgressiveFarmersMeet-2011RKS farmers from 7 statesparticipated in the meet.Regional Coordinator-Puneet Singh Thinddelivering presentation on‘Current status of IndianFarmer’.
  23. 23. Thanks! Puneet Singh Thind 09017151764 Regional Coordinator- Rashtriya Kissan Sangathan (North) ………………………………………………………………………. Head- Business Development (PFC)