Youtube social media Audit : Sample Report


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sample social media audit report for youtube india

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Youtube social media Audit : Sample Report

  1. 1. Social Media Strategy YouTube India
  2. 2. Objective• Higher page • Reach out to higher engagement through audience through diverse content virality• Increasing average • Building Active conversation per advocates and person influencers Engagement Reach Revenue Community• Increase Traffic to • Acquire new fans to website build community• Increase in Revenue • Loyalty offers availed
  3. 3. Facebook Content Audit  Average 2 - 3 posts a day  Improper content mix reduces engagement  Live streaming composes majority of content  Top & trending videos gets maximum engagement  Low page engagement on IPL live stream can be as a result of greater number of people clicking on the link and going to the YouTube site  The updates lacks visual eyeball due to limited use of imagery ( example: all updates related to the match can have images of teams and players with a link to live match)Note: The analysis of content plank is based on the last 1 week updates
  4. 4. Facebook Strategy •Content mix to have: partnered content promotion + monthly content plank + Ad hoc content •Create a monthly content strategy based on offline stimulus like festivals, Content events, movies, sports, trends, music albums, humor etc •Ad hoc content can have: viral video / trending video of the day/ current Strategy affair / latest movie teasers •Content should be created with images & links to get maximum eyeballs , drive traffic to website and best tracking •Create Geo Targeted Facebook event for each live stream and a Calendar of live stream event so that fans can get regular reminders about the event Tactical •Create a geo-targeted Tab “YOUTUBE LIVE” for partnered live stream events giving higher visibility to live streaming concept and Strategy live events. This will enable higher conversion of page views to site traffic • Pin the most important content like partnered live streams on top of the timeline to convert organic page views and into website traffic • Campaigns to increase user shared content on the page which will enable users to share from existing YouTube vides links on our page and drive their networks to view that content . Example: Users to share their favorite movie dialogue video on YouTube : Campaign #myfavoritemoviedialogue, sports lover can have campaign like best cricket shot, football goal ever Strategy • Campaign targeting user generated content that can go viral like funny video, mimicry etc • Campaign targeting UGC for talent scouting like short film, music anthem for city etcNote: Strategy target YouTube viewers, partners & content creators. Content strategy primarily target partnered promotion & increasingwebsite traffic. Tactical strategy is completely focused on viewers . Campaign strategy target content creators & viewers
  5. 5. Sample Application Idea : YouTuber YouTubers: A YouTube loyalty application  This application can track all YouTube videos shared by the users on their timeline and virality / engagement received on those posts  Everytime the fan share any YouTube video on their facebook timeline with friends they receive loyalty points for the same  Create an algorithm for the loyalty point keeping in mind the frequency of video share, virality, engagement and views created  The top loyalists can be gratified by inviting them to live YouTube streams, meet ups, partnered events  The application will increase YouTube content sharing on Facebook by building loyalists and increase virality  The application can target Indian audience as well as international audience  Application will enable us to identify the influencers
  6. 6. Twitter Audit • YouTube India has only 9075 followers which are low in comparison to their Facebook reach • Average daily tweets are 2-3 which appears like a replica of Facebook updates • YouTube India as a brand is not engaging in conversations through replies and RTs • Last 50 tweets about @youtubeindia reached 1.8 lakh people i.e 20 times its followers • 80 % impressions were created by 2 influencers which indicates that there should be higher Planned influencer engagement • The tweet graph indicates that the tweets increased suddenly on 16 april due to RT by influencer Delhi Daredevil wrt Delhi IPL match
  7. 7. Twitter Strategy Twitter is not about talking but all about listening and engaging. The more you listen the more you engage Real Time Listening & Engagement  Listen to all real time conversations about live streams and engage with them via reply or RTs  Listen to all conversations related to YouTube partnered videos/campaigns and engage Influencer Engagement and Management  Identify influencer: Ongoing loyal influencer and campaign based influencer eg. Delhidaredevil for IPL  Connect your offline Influencer on twitter  Manage Influencer relation online through active online engagement and offline tweet ups  Tag your influencers in all related tweets  Make sure you launch all your campaigns with an active Influencer ForceNote: The above screenshot is a sample listening for IPL live stream link of Indiatimes
  8. 8. Twitter Strategy Top Videos on Twitter  Twitter is real time so always be aware about the top YouTube videos and its source  Know what are the top recent YouTube video on twitter  Track the top videos on twitter related to your partnered campaign  Engage with the originator of Top video via RT, reply or DM Integrated campaign  Launch the UGC based integrated campaigns on all social platform  Example: Video Talent Hunt for musicians, short film makers where users can upload video on YouTube and participate in content via facebook (app) or twitter (hashtag)  Bring your Facebook Fans on Twitter via platform integration and cross promotion