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this article contains brieef look up at business issues

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Business world articles

  1. 1. Business world articles 1.John Donahoe:EBAY John Donahoe took charge as president and CEO in March 2008, eBay’s revenues were sliding and the stock was being battered on the Nasdaq that time. According to John Donahoe E-commerce is growing at 30 per cent year-on-year and eBay India is growing at double that rate (it has 2.5 million registered users here in 2,471 cities). According to him India is growing market for vehicles ,fashion and jewellery. So their plans are to set up B2B verticals accordingly and according to shopping experiences. Paisapay is used instead of paypal in India because of two reasons one It helps build India-specific trust, Second it enables eBay to comply with local regulatory authorities. In China, eBay is focused on cross-border market opportunities. EBAY works with and tom online. PayPal is now growing outside eBay as well and it is growing at 30-40 per cent year-on-year. At present, 35 per cent of eBay revenues come from PayPal. By 2012, it will be 40 per cent. 2. Return To Protectionism: It’s time Indian IT companies start relying less on contracts from the US. India’s outsourcing sector is widely optimistic, it will slow down in the future. Indian it sector is widely dependent on u.s companies for their jobs but u.s companies has imposed taxes which is an unprecedent act. But according to Kamal nath u.s is not doing any favour to India but they also need Indian people.
  2. 2. If tax concessions are geared to discourage companies from sourcing jobs outside, the economics could well change to the disadvantage of Indian companies. The Indian industry would be wise to take note , and to try and reduce their dependence on the country which has powered their growth so far. 3. The Life After Separation: Hero will have to rearrange its strategies once Honda is out of the picture Hero Honda is the market leader with sales of over 2 million vehicles in the first half of this fiscal and 48 per cent share. Honda manages a small 15 per cent share, but is growing. Hero Honda has become a generic noun when it comes to fuel-efficient bikes. But hero has to settle its ongoing divorce with Honda as it still has to buy 26% 0f Honda. Honda wants to go on its own because the 9.3-million two-wheeler market will grow to 16 million by 2015. Apart from paying royalties to Honda, which has risen by 28 per cent this year, Hero will have to come up with a product spec on its own if it is going to compete with original equipment manufacturer such as Bajaj and TVS. Separation can lower down hero’s sales or can lead to a very slow and steady growth.