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How to Engage Moms Online


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How to Engage Moms Online

  1. 1. more Mommy insights, effectiveincentives and how to get a bigger shareof wallet, check out the free whitepaperfrom PunchTab*SOURCES:• Babycenter. 2012 American Media Mom Report. April 2012. (• Performics and ROI Research. S-Net: A Study in Social Media Usage & Behavior - “Social Media Moms.” April, 2012. ( cial-media-Moms-summary-april-2012)• Punchtab. 2013.Moms Engage Online & InfluenceOther MomsOF MOMS ARE MORELIKELY TO ENGAGE IFTHEY EARN POINTSTOWARDS REWARDSTHE NEW CHALLENGE50% 25% 86%26%MOMS ARE ACTIVE ON A VARIETY OFSOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELSconnecting w ith bran dsMOMSMOMS HOLD THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOMmoms control 2.4T (ÿes trillion) in spendMOMSTHE STATE OFview SOCIAL NETWORKS as a source of information66%have purchased products as aresult of promotion mention in aBLOG74%LEARN about a product or servicethrough SOCIAL NETWORKING65%follow up on product RECOMMENDATIONS receivedon social sites to learn more56%of moms read ONLINE REVIEWS before making apurchase64%AB C92%of Moms will BUYmore of their favoriteproductsWhen rewarded, Moms will BUY OTHERproducts a brand offersWhen rewarded, Moms will switchfrom a COMPETITORS PRODUCTWHENREWARDEDMoms will tell you moreabout themselveswill provide more information aboutthemselves including purchasing behaviorwill answer polls or surveys36%73%WHENREWARDED59%45%MOMS RESEARCH ANDDISCOVER PRODUCTSTHROUGH SOCIAL MEDIAMOMS TRUSTWHAT THEY READ ONLINE…and that’s their first stopMOMS ARE ACTIVEON SOCIAL AND THAT’S AGROWING TREND81%INSIGHTCONNECTIONSENGAGEMENTBUYINGPOWERmoresalesadvocacyREWARDS GIVEBRANDS…BRANDS GAIN INSIGHTBRANDS BUILD CONNECTIONSBRANDS INCREASE ENGAGEMENTBRANDS DRIVE MORE SALESBRANDS INCREASE ADVOCACYwatchingvideosvisiting a brandsFacebook pagecontributing tocommunitysharingphotosseries/284%SCORING POINTS WITH MOMThe secret for engaging moms totry, buy and shareof Moms goonline whenlooking forproduct/brandrecommendationswillcontenton Facebook44%40%will post a reviewwill pin from brands website26%willTweet/Retweetyourcontent25%to PinterestMoms will connect via59% 50% 50%52%WHENREWARDEDMoms will engage byWHENREWARDED50% 28% 24% 11%Moms will tellother MomsWHENREWARDED