Social Media Training for Business Coaches, Consultants & Marketers


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Social Media Training for Business Coaches, Consultants & Marketers

  1. 1. Why Business CoachesShould Use Social Media to win assignments & generate word-of-mouth awareness
  2. 2. Top 5 Reasons Why Should You Use Social Media1. It’s not a fad. It’s here to stay.2. Social Media affects Search Engine Optimization.3. When you publish relevant content, it positions you as an expert.4. It helps build “word-of-mouth awareness” for your business.5. You must practice what you preach. Social Media is essential for your clients and it’s essential for YOUR business too.
  3. 3. What are you afraid of? It’s a waste of time / It’s a huge “time suck” What if someone says something bad? You don’t know where to start? You aren’t motivated to “keep at it” You don’t want to give away your intellectual capital or “secrets”
  4. 4. We GET it. Been there, done that. Social Media is overwhelming (even for the experts!) There is a LOT of information to stay current. Which is why getting up-to-speed fast is so essential.
  5. 5. Stop Making Excuses You don’t have enough time. Yes, you do. You have marketing time. Make time. We’ll help you. You’re scared of making a fool out of yourself. We’re all in the same paddling pool. People want you to be “authentic”. They appreciate those who admit they make mistakes.
  6. 6. More Excuses… You don’t have anything NEW to say Yes, you do. No one has heard what you have to say from your perspective You don’t know where to start or go next. This is what we do best. We’ll give you a laser-focused approach to giving you only what you need.
  7. 7. What PUNCH!media will …Work with you in a collaborative approach.Help you learn how to properly use the Social Media tools that align with your overarching strategy.Find ways for you share the right message at the right time to the right audience.
  8. 8. Step by Step…what to expect1. Assess where you are and where you want to go by aligning with your strategy/marketing plan.2. Help you develop your presence based on your individual needs.3. Provide you with an action-plan for a step- by-step approach to creating or enhancing your Social Media presence.
  9. 9. Content Strategy Blogging Video-blogging Status Updates E-newsletters And more……Guiding you on: What to write about? How to get more visibility for your posts? Ensuring your communication is a two-way street. How to integrate across all platforms. Top tools to assist with time-management.
  10. 10. THE Business Networking SiteYour target audience are business people. One of the first Social Media tools to start with should be:
  11. 11. What We Teach about LinkedIn How to get to a rock-solid presence so you “get found” and receive in-bound leads How to stay “top-of-mind” by promoting yourself and your business through strong status updates. Powerful prospecting and partnering - turning cold calls into warm introductions. How to create a strong Company Page and presence.
  12. 12. Next Steps Think about what makes you unique - what is your unique selling proposition? What kinds of content could you write about? Familiarize yourself with LinkedIn Contact me for next steps to ramp up your presence and win assignments.
  13. 13. Connect with me! Leslie Hughes FREE Social Media newsletter