Pracrical education based augmented reality with hologram


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Pracrical education based augmented reality with hologram

  2. 2. Beyond ETINDEX I. Introduction 1. Reasons for selecting target 2. Problems of middle school education 3. Solving problems with HologramII. Body 1. Classes 2. Subjects 1) Physical Education 2) Science 3) Foreign Languages 4) Mathematics 5) Art 6) Special Lecture III.Conclusion 1. Expecting Results 2. Consideration for Long-term Application 1
  3. 3. Beyond ETI. Introduction 1. Reasons for selecting target Since students graduated from elementary school, the outlook of adult start to appear onmiddle school students. They physically reach at puberty and mentally get ready to accepthigher knowledge. However, it is still too early to say they are fully matured. They are differentfrom high school students in intelligence. They form their knowledge by experience somethingand study concrete materials rather than receive cognitive instruction. Also, middle schoolstudents are interested in using new technologies so they are called “early adopter.” It is nec-essary to use diverse technologies to encourage students’ interest and to organize instructionmore actively. 2. Problems of middle school education There are four problems to solve in current middle school education. First, class has limitededucational tool and physical limitation so it can’t fully reflect important element “reality” ininstruction. Second, it is difficult to continue study in house after class because school andhouse are separated. Third, current way of instruction delivers information unilaterally. Oneinstructor deliver knowledge and many students accept it passively. Fourth, there is differencebetween instructors and learners. They are different in capability of using tools. Learners areready to adapt new educational technologies and have ability to use diverse technologies.However, many instructors are not ready to accept many new technologies. Many of them can’tfollow the speed of change. So classes provided by these unprepared instructors can’t attractlearners’ interest and organize class effectively. 3. Solving problems with Hologram Constructor must focus on reality when they construct future educational environment. It isimportant to change unpractical education to realistic education. Also, four problems of currenteducation must be solved. Improving class environment by using diverse technologies andsolving limitation of physical environment by connecting school and house are required. Andalso class should be active, free and interesting. In order to achieve them, reflecting reality andaccepting new technologies are needed. To fulfill this, the three dimensional hologram tech-nology will be the key point to materialize the augmented reality. Since the visualization of thiscan meet the degree of the real world, students can experience of the actual practice in theclassroom. 2
  4. 4. Beyond ETII. BodyPractical uses of augmented reality in the future educational environment : Scene by scene - Classes - Subjects (PE, Science, Foreign Languages, Math, Art, Special courses)1. Classes(1) Present problems Current middle school class environment can be criticized that it can’t afford students’ com-munication fluently. Elementary schools implement more sensory classes so they can educatestudents openly. However, in middle school, the entrance of formal operational stage, desksare arranged toward front so it is not enough to attract students’ attention and stimulate interest.Also equipments of class are scarce so it cannot lead instruction interesting. In addition to thatduring classes using computer, students who didn’t receive computer can’t participate inclasses as they want. This report suggests many tools and new environment in order to solvethese problems and make learning better.(2) Blueprint First, in future class there are round shaped desks so learners can see each other becausecommunication is important factor of education. 3
  5. 5. Beyond ET Second, instructor can organize instruction more effectively by using holograms which areinstalled in each desk. The existing blackboards don’t have enough equipment that can showpictures or diagrams. Instructors have to write on blackboard directly and roll down the screento show visual materials. So in the future they can show visual materials and writing togetherby using digital blackboard. Third, students can arrange and organize their learning because notepads are given to eachstudent. So learning will become more active.- (No.① in the picture) Hologram. Holograms are fundamental technology in education based on reality. Instructors providevirtual reality that is similar to real world. For example, when students study the inside of thevolcano they can use holograms to see it in geography class. Holograms can provide infor-mation vividly and exactly. Students can understand the structure of volcano easily by usingthese realistic three-dimensional objects. They can see the process of explosion and move-ment of power. These visualizing strategies not only help students to understand but also at-tract students’ attention. It can provide the procedures so students can organize their story oflearning.- (No.② in the picture) Digital Blackboard. Digital blackboards are connected with notepad and Internet. Instructors can arrange visualmaterials and audio materials as they want. These functions solve the limitation of equipment.- (No.③ in the picture) Group hologram. While one hologram that instructor use is for whole students, there are holograms for eachgroup. Students can repeat some part of learning where they cannot understand. Also they canmake it bigger or smaller to see. In addition, these holograms can be used in teamwork. Theyprovide chance of cooperation to students.- (No.④ in the picture) Notepad. Students can take note with it. Notepads are provided to each student and they containvarious educational information such as materials which instructor suggest. So learners canorganize their note themselves.- (No.⑤ in the picture) Bulletin board. Bulletin boards contain not only the official notice but also information that students thinkimportant. It is digital so modification and posting are convenient.- (No.⑥ in the picture) Structure of desks. The holograms are important but the open structure of class is also important. In future classthere are round shaped desks so learners can see each other. Learners can communicate witheach other and instructor. This structure can reinforce intimacy and communication so stu-dents can experience social collaboration in advance. It is important because it is difficult to livealone in society. People have to work with other even if they don’t know in some case. Thusgrouping improves students’ cooperation ability and promotes exchange. 4
  6. 6. Beyond ET2. Subjects1) Physical Education(1) Current problems Today’s physical education classes progress simply : the teacher shows an example of whatthe students learn that day, and they imitate the teacher. The problem in this progression is thatit does not take into account the difference of physical ability and cognitive ability of each stu-dent, It means that if there is a learning gap among students, it takes very long time to figureout what the problem is and solve it, because only one teacher should deal with dozens ofstudents at the same time. Therefore, the teacher cannot help the each student in personal.(2) Blueprints- Physical education with hologram images The hologram image can be used for physical education in three step when students imitatecertain movement .- First Step (No.① in the picture) : Providing actual movements with hologram one to many The teacher shows the whole body images at hand, and after most of students understandthem, the teacher show the students detail movements and positions of certain body part suchas hands, ankles and shoulders. All of the hologram images which is projected by the devicecan be zoomed in or zoomed out easily with hands. So the teacher can emphasize by in-creasing the images that the teacher thinks important or distract by decreasing the images 5
  7. 7. Beyond ETwhat the teacher thinks less important. This will make the students more interested in the classand focus the key points.- Second Step (No.② in the picture) : Personal learning with the hologram Students imitate what their teacher showed with hologram projector in front of the class, butsome students may have problems keeping up with the teaching speed. Students who have agreat capability of physical field can understand and imitate the images and even practice inactual, but the others who have lack of capability of physical field may not be able to imitate themovement or even understand the images. In this kind of situation, students who do not com-prehend what they are learning can use personal hologram projector which the school havefurnished in each class room (or the gym). Using this personal hologram devices, students cancheck the synchronization rate between themselves and and ideal poses. Also, the artificial intelligence which is the network base of hologram continuously notify theweak point of the students. This helps students review and learn independently, so improvesself-directed learning. In this point, the personal hologram system can be effective and com-pensative educational device.- Third Step : Home review with hologram Lastly, students practice additional review what they learned in school with hologram projec-tors which is equipped in the each house. (That is because the hologram projectors will be verycommon in the future.) 6
  8. 8. Beyond ET2) Science(1) Current problems Today’s science education has a limitation of analog environment. All equipments which isprovided to the students are hard desk, chair and closed, small laboratory. And even studentscannot practice their own experiment because the science equipments are not enough tosupply all students. Students have many problems to understand abstract notion of sciencefacts or processes such as the law of inertia or molecular structures without anything to visu-alize or experience those things. Also, even though the school equipped every single experi-mental devices in their laboratory, it is totally different issue to do actual experiment with nu-merous dangers in reality.(2) Blueprints- (No. ① in the picture) Science experiment with hologram technology Three dimensional hologram images motivate students to participate the experiments byarousing their interests. This hologram images can provide the structure of tiny atom byzooming in. This increasing & decreasing technology helps students understand invisiblethings which are too tiny to see in human eyes. And visualization of abstract notion can help students to understand about science. For ex-ample, teaching the law of inertia, the teacher can show students the power currency with thehologram. Since the presented hologram is tangible, all the virtual devices can be touched andmoved with students hands just like the real thing. This gives students safe experimental en- 7
  9. 9. Beyond ETvironment. Unlike the real experiments containing various dangers which occur physically suchas alcohol lamps, acid solutions and unexpected mistakes, the virtual experiments show im-ages of all equipments that are just fakes. There will be no danger of burning, melting or cuttingbecause the whole environment is virtual reality. It doesn’t mean virtual experiment is not ef-fective as actual experiments. Students can learn the exact same feeling of doing real practicebecause the hologram images are tangible and realize nature world as same as it is. Last, those virtual experiments can maintain the value neutrality of science because virtualexperiments does not require real living things such as little rabbits or mice. Students do nothave to kill small living creatures in their dissection class. There will be no dispute of ethicallegitimacy of dissection experiment.- Using smart board From the picture, you can find a board which is display information. It is the exact same deviceequipped in the classroom. Students can note on the desk with their fingers or the pen which isdesigned for the smart board and all of the text will be stored in the school database. They canrelocate and edit the texts easily with their fingers. After an experiment is over, all the contents and information learned in the experiment will besent to every students ‘ personal computer, so they can actively review what they learned. Thiswill diminish students the burden of writing all things. And eventually, it will stimulate studentsstudy science much more interestingly. 8
  10. 10. Beyond ET3) Foreign Languages(1) Current problems In current foreign language conversation classes, one teacher should handle many studentsas in other classes. There is inevitable spatial and temporal limitations. All students cannot getenough time to practice free conversation with real foreigners. To overcome this problem, thereare some internet based conversation program today, but the reactions of computer programsare so limited that it is not helpful to actual conversation in the real world. Moreover it is tooboring to continue the conversation with computer because it does not have any other stimulusexcept flat audio sounds.(2) Blueprints- (No.① in the picture) Personal hologram conversation This device provide one on one conversation to a student. It can visualize a human being, sostudents feel comfortable as converse with actual human being. And this conversation pro-gram has a huge database of expressions and artificial intelligence, so that it can react what-ever students ask or talk about. to be specific with the massive amount of information and highintelligence, the programmed react all conversation in textbook and even random conversa-tion, so students can talk with the hologram very naturally. It means that students experiencereal conversation as talk with foreigners. Also this system motivates the students’ interestsbecause it was human shape.- (No.② in the picture) Using smart board The smart board senses points of students and display the key point of the conversation. Aslike other smart board, all information that students wrote in the class is stored and able toshare students’ personal computers. Linkaging with artificial intelligence, the hologram keepasking questions which are related to weak points of students. So students can keep practicingtheir weak parts. And the teacher can access to this database. All of the information will behelpful for teaching students personally. 9
  11. 11. Beyond ET - (No.③ in the picture) Microscopic earphones Students barely find they are in a closed classroom with this microscopic earphones becausethey are very small and light. They provide very natural environment to converse, so studentswho learned with this earphones will feel comfortable when they are in foreign languageconversation in the real world. 10
  12. 12. Beyond ET4) Mathematics(1) Current problems Mathematics is a study that improves the base of all logical thoughts. To maintain standardability of mathematics, it requires repetitive effort to solve problems and comprehension ofright solutions. There would be no problem if the students do what they should do (such ashomework). But mathematics is a do abstract that some students who has no concept ofshapes or formulations have trouble following the class. For instance, in today’s classes,teacher draw simple graphs to make students understand trigonometric function, but thoseare not enough to express the relation between figures and the graphs. Therefore , studentsshould figure out the relation by themselves. It is, however, very difficult to figure out theconcept for middle school students who are not intellectually mature as adults.(2) Blueprint 4-dimensional class using an electric board(An electric board that is used in this class is identical with the electric board which describedbefore.) By using an electric board (personal computer), students can find the various shapesof figures in diagram. Students who have the concept of space can imagine the three-dimensional shapes of figures, but most students cant imagine them. Teachers explain theparts that students cant understand by using an electric board and make students to have the 11
  13. 13. Beyond ETconcretion of abstract concepts. By using this method, students who dont have the conceptof space will learn easily. Also, holograms that are set up in each students desks will makestudents to find the answer of what they dont know, and make them to draw actively on ab-stract graphs. 12
  14. 14. Beyond ET5) Art(1) Current Problems In present middle school art class, there arent many classes that is really dedicated to artalone. Also, materials that is need in the art class cant be provided in the school. So, studentshave to prepare them. But there are students who cant prepare them because of their fi-nancial difficulties. Public schools should solve these problems but they dont have muchmoney, too. However, art does prosper our lives and students should learn art to learn crea-tivity and imagination. Therefore, students should be provided various materials. Break frompresent systems, government should consider new technologies and medias.(2) Blueprint- (No. ① in the picture) By using hologram, students learn the harmony of colors and themethods to draw pictures. Students dont have to learn by practicing in the palette. Theyactively decide what colors should be mixed with decided quantities. They can learn thevarious harmony of colors by practicing easily, not with memorizing the harmony of colors.- (No.② in the picture) Also, students can experience various equipments that are used in theart class. They can learn textures of Writing brush-pen, charcoal, pastel and etc. throughhologram not by buying them- Students can learn various methods that are used in the art class easily by using hologram.For example, students can learn perspective through individual feedbacks and teaching. Itcan be called as one to one, custom made lesson to each students. 13
  15. 15. Beyond ET6) Special Lectures(1) Current ProblemsHolograms can be used in special lectures. In current middle schools, guest speakers presentvarious educations like practicing fire-fighting procedures, sex education, etc. Or lectures thatwere taken in the past are broadcasting in special lecture time. Of course, these methods cansave time and space. But a lecturer should meet lots of students, and students dont listencarefully his or her lecture because the lecture is too boring. The lecture is too unilateral.(2) BlueprintSpecial Lectures with Network based Hologram- Holograms include the video chatting not just video itself. Holograms can connect thespeakers that are in the half the globe away and make students communicate with each otherthrough the networks that are linked. Students can learn direct, useful information by askingwhat they are curious about and get the exact answers from experts. These school basedholograms are linked to other institutions. These networks are certainly beyond the limits oftime and space, and prevent the isolation of humans in digital society.- Holograms are technologies that are used in virtual world although they exactly show thepresence of guest speakers. It means that anything could be actualized in the virtual world.For example, fire-fighting procedures can be practiced by firefighter in his or her fire stationthrough network based hologram. If the firefighter wants to explain instructions of fire extin-guisher, they can make virtual fire in the virtual world. The fire fighter doesnt have to makereal fire or show complicated drawings. Students can learn horror of fire and the emergency 14
  16. 16. Beyond ETstate by feeling the hotness and brightness of virtual fire. Of course, the firefighter can extin-guish the virtual fire. It could be new problem-based education that is not actualized in thepast.- Students can make notes of lectures of lecturers by using each notepads that are built in thedesks. These notes are transported to students personal computers. Students who are slowin their notes, can use function of automatic writing, which is oral-based writing. 15
  17. 17. Beyond ETIII.Conclusion1. Expecting Results It could be supplements to actualization which lacks in current educational system. Throughholograms, teachers can have realistic class and students would apply what they learned inthe class more easily. Also, teachers can provide their class more effectively through anelectric board and the hologram technology. Students can actively arrange and make struc-tures of what they learn by using personal notepads. Finally, by having networks that linkedschools and homes, learning can be occurred beyond the limits of physical space. Studentcan have lessons from their own homes. The ultimate purposes of all these practice is realization of augmented reality in the virtualworld. The class will be much more refined and specific compared to current class. It willprovide the exact same environment with the real world to the students in the classroom. Sothe students can apply what they had learned in classroom and expect high level ofachievement. Not only the practical experiences, the augmented reality with hologram alsoprovide safe educational environments. Students will not need to be exposed to a dangerousenvironment to perform some activities because they can do all or them in the virtual world. Consequently, this technology will bring a huge change to the classroom design and theeducational methods. Classroom will be open in the way that students can see the hologrammore easily and clearly. Also students are grouped to discuss their ideas with classmates withthe hologram projector. The educational method will become customized to each student.Students can study in their own speed and check their weak parts much more intensely andrepetitively with their own smart computers.2. Consideration for Long-term Application Holograms using augmented reality are certainly beyond the limits of physical space likeclassrooms, and these technologies will be important in future middle-school education.However, to make these technologies as long-term and universal application, there should bethe definite understanding of its side effects. The most serious problem that can occur is theblurriness of real world and virtual world. Middle school students are already matured physi-cally, yet they are not matured enough psychologically. If holograms are spread withthoughtlessness, there will be students who cant adapt to the real world.To make these technologies as useful, teachers should provide lessons to make studentsassort the real world and virtual world. Augmented reality using holograms should be equip-ments for high-quality education, cant be the real world. To make students assort the realworld and virtual world, schools should provide lots of lessons, too. It can be a solution tomake the holograms a little bit strange that the real world. There should be lots of discussionsabout these problems. 16