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Image restoration manual with equipment clone zilla


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Image restoration manual with equipment clone zilla

  1. 1. [ IMAGE RESTORATIONMANUAL WITH EQUIPMENT CloneZilla ]How to restore images with Clonezilla tool.
  2. 2. Booting from DVDTo upload the image of the desired computer model, we need the following: 1. Knowing the computer of the team for putting the image accordingly. 2. The computer where we want to dump the image must have DVD player, for that will not lead, we prod him one. 3. Booting the computer must have the first option in the BIOS, booting from the CD- DVD.Once satisfied that we have everything necessary, proceed to restore the image of the team.
  3. 3. IMAGE RESTORATION WITH CloneZillaWe start by inserting the DVD into the appropriate reader and start the computer from the same DVD.. 1. We will see that the first screen that appears is the following, select: Clonezilla Live (default settings, VGA 1024x768) 2. Then load Linux to begin the restoration of the image: 3. Now select the language of Clonezilla: 4. Then select "Do not touch keymap" 5. We let you upload and select “Start Clonezilla”.
  4. 4. 6. Then select the first option “device-image Disco/Partición a/desde Imagen”.7. On the next screen choose “enter_shell Enter command line prompt.Do it manually”8. On the next screen that loads then we give “Enter”.9. Then we mount the image from the dvd, do it through the command line, type the following: “ mount –t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /home/partimag/”10. Once you have completed a screen charge like this in which we stated that the device is mounted correctly and you type “Exit”.11. Then we select “Beginner Modo Principiante”.
  5. 5. 12. In the next screen that appears select “ Restoredisk : Restaurar imagen a disco local” 13. Select the image file to restore (there is only one in the dvd, so the only thing that appears.14. Below are the computers hard disks, we are asked to select one that is where image dump. They usually have only 1 HDD, which is the only selectable option.15. We let you upload the screens and give the "Enter" when we ask for it.
  6. 6. 16. We let you upload new information, we give "Enter" again. 17. Continue with the disk check and when completed you type “Y”. 18. He asks if we are sure to continue and select “ Y “.Finally starts to restore the image. Then restart and we have our OS, programs and settingsloaded.