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Women body shapes


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Any trendy dress suits you the most when its fits according to your body shape.Now when you think about your type of body don’t focus on weight or height because it can be compensated by the type of cloths that will suit your body type.A skinny girl can have a same body shape as a curvy girl, just as a short women can have the same body shape as a taller girl,but what really matters is the shape because it decides the type of dress you can put on you.Explore your body size and style yourself and be the eye -catcher among men and women.

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Women body shapes

  1. 1. Women Body Shapes By:- Pulkit Rohatgi
  2. 2. Overview Types Of Body Shapes. Know your Body Shape.  Learn what to Wear.  Know your body part to work on.
  3. 3. Types Of Body ShapesHourglass. Inverted Triangle. Rectangle. Apple. Pear. http ://
  4. 4. Hourglass What you call a 36-24-36 a perfect shaped figure. Best appealing body part- Body curves Know more:-
  5. 5. Work On Body Part ??? Work on Body curves. Be Determined. Know more:-
  6. 6. Inverted Triangle Wide Shoulders and narrow waist, hips. Best Appealing Body part-Exposed legs. Know more:-
  7. 7. Work On Body Part??? Work On your Waist. Give Effects To Shoulders. Know more:-
  8. 8. Rectangle  Waist, hip and shoulder widths are similar.  Boyish type of appearance. Know more:-
  9. 9. Work On Body Part??? Express More through Legs.  Best appeal is your arms. Know more:-
  10. 10. Apple Top portion of your body below your bust is heavy . back, ribs and shoulders are broad Know more:-
  11. 11. Work On Body Part??? Work on expressive appearance. Create the illusion of a waist. Know more:-
  12. 12. Pear Lower portion of your body is wider than your upper portion.  Hip region is broader. Know more:-
  13. 13. Work On Body Part??? Emphasize on your upper body parts.  Drawing attention away from your waist. Know more:-
  14. 14. Famous Celebrities Hourglass Shaped Pear Shaped Know more: WgEvb
  15. 15. Famous Celebrities Apple Shaped Wedge Shaped Know more:-
  16. 16. Famous Celebrities Rectangle Shaped Know more:-
  17. 17. “Be trendy and Fashionable irrespective of your appearance and always be confident on your body” -Anonymous Lear more about Fashion:-