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Entinova_Company Introduction

Entinova company introduction and brief information about its products.

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Entinova_Company Introduction

  1. 1. - I N N O VAT I N G E N T E R TA I N M E N T -
  2. 2. Entinova is a company that stands for INNOVATING ENTERTAINMENT  Established in 2013  Entinova was formed with a vision to redefine customer experience merging ART and TECHNOLOGY  We are a team of engineers, artists and designers who create interactive solutions and customized responsive products for the retail and entertainment industry. How we work Background We count your wins as our wins, and work intensely towards securing them!!
  3. 3. Products 3D HologramInnovative Gaming Setups Music and Responsive Lighting Interactive Wall Interactive FloorInteractive Visual Merchandising
  4. 4. Advertising Innovative Gaming Setups Interactive, engaging gestures based gaming for kids and adults Foot Piano Motion Sensing Games Laser Maze Ideal platforms include • Amusement Parks • Events • Festivals  Custom-made Games for each customer.  New and Unique Concepts  Highly Engaging and Memorable Experience  Easy to operate – Fully and Semi Automatic  For all age groups  Low Cost of Maintenance  Addictive Gaming. Repeat Customers. Higher Returns.
  5. 5. Ideal Platforms Include • Product launches • Trade shows • Exhibitions • Museums Shows • Windows Showrooms • Retail stores • Available in single, three and four side displays. • All holographic displays are available for sale and rental View and Interact with objects as they move in 3D Space! 3D Hologram Make your event unforgettable  Fully Customizable Content  Bright and Clear visibility  High impact Product Display and Advertising  Attract and Engage crowds  Increase sales and Customer participation
  6. 6. What if you could make violins play in the background or light up an entire room on a single clap?  Custom based - Unique Interactivity  Highly reliable hardware  Easy installations  24*7 technical support Ideal Platforms Include • Entertainment • Events • Retail • Hospitality Responsive Lighting and Music/SoundGet light and music to respond in your way
  7. 7.  Usable for advertising and decorations  Engage customers/people while waiting  Custom Based-Unique Interactivity  Sensor based motion detection Ideal Platforms Include • Retail • Events • Gaming Arcade • Entertainment We transform boring walls and billboards into lively and responsive screens! Interactive WallTransform boring walls into lively and responsive screens
  8. 8. Imagine walking on a sky full of stars, walking on an ocean with fishes that follow your footsteps!  Engage your audience  Get your message across amazingly  Simple and Cost effective  Sensor based motion detection Ideal Platforms Include • Retail • Event • Entertainment • Gaming Arcade Interactive Floor ProjectionTransform floor into visual surface
  9. 9. Customers loved going to stores. But now they shop online. Traditional street retailing is failing Kinetic Sculpture NIFT Delhi Motion Sensing Lights Shoppers Stop Dynamic Wings Shoppers Stop Air Drums Shoppers Stop Products  Kinetic Sculptures  Gesture based interactive installations Interaction between the customer via hand gestures and body movements  Unforgettable advertising message  Increased customer engagement  Higher store foot traffic  Improved sales  Increased brand loyalty  Creates a WOW experience Interactive Visual MerchandisingGet your brand favored and boost sale
  10. 10. IIT Delhi Delhi UniversityShoppers StopIIM Ahmedabad We’ve worked with noted names of their fields
  11. 11. Stunning Products: We never underestimate the importance of fun, our engaging and dynamic products provides unforgettable customer experience. Trendsetter: Our products created with cutting edge technology and designed by skilled experts will give your fest primacy over others, ensure an increased footfall, promising greater returns for you. Brand Promotion: Entinova believes in effective brand promotion because we know that your brand is not just a product or an item, it is an idea, it’s inspirational and should aspire your clients. Stellar customer service: We provide excellent customer service, 24x7 technical support and offer customized solutions for any problems Every Client is Important: We are focused on developing successful marketing relationship with each of our clients. The client goals are our own goals! Why Entinova?
  12. 12. We look forward to working with you! Pulkit Singh Chief Marketing Officer +91-7859835997 Vishal Mehta Chief Executive Officer +91-9711775504 Email Us: Website: Facebook: