Young Marketers Elite 2013 - Assignment1.1 - VanCuong


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Young Marketers Elite 2013: 1.1 Assignment about Consumer Insights and Needs.

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Young Marketers Elite 2013 - Assignment1.1 - VanCuong

  1. 1. "Consumer Need - is a consumer’s desire for a product category’s specific benefit on a functional or emotional level during a specific time or situation ." Presents an opportunity Credible (4 characteristics) "Consumer Insight - is a discovery about the deep thoughts & feelings of target consumer that motivate/affect their behaviors. (also establishes a link between a brand & a consumer which demonstrates that the brand understands the consumer)."
  2. 2. Drill down from business problems makes people go: Dedicated research & Marketing strategy review to find out facts.  "Aha!”  “Oh, it’s me!”  “I feel a need to change something!”  “I got ideas from this!” “ Go down 1 more level + Apply knowledge & understanding. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want, until you show it to them. – Steve Jobs Buy OMO Matic – no need to prewash “I’m tired of treating the clothes by hands first to make sure the washing machine can clean better afterwards” “I believe clothes washed by machine can not be as clean as washed by hand” Behavior Insight Good Insight “
  3. 3. People who had iPad 2 mostly don’t change to iPad 3 or iPad 4 (cause the innovation is not “wow” enough to turn into buying behavior) Apple stop to produce iPad 4 (which is really identical with iPad 3  no wow factors) but keep iPad 2 alive  dig in deeper the difference between iPad 2 and iPad Air (the reason is revealed in the Insight part next slide!) iPad Air is totally overpowered others iPad (thinner, finer, 5-8 times more powerful)  New consumers.  Consumers who already owned iPad 2 (or 3).
  4. 4. A portable device between Laptop & Smartphone (more efficient than smartphone and more mobile than laptop  With some additional claims (how innovate it is-functional, how inspirational it can be-emotional), by Apple, need is enough to motivate new consumers to purchase for the iPad Air Buy iPad Air – a total innovation “Seeing the enormous difference between iPad Air and mine (design, sizes, power…) make me feel so behind the times, and my iPad is no longer live up to my demand. “I believe my iPad is still good (efficient/up-todate/fashionable) enough, no need to switch to the newer (but not so innovative) one” Behavior Insight Good Insight