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Eft level 1 training


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Eft level 1 training

  1. 1. 17th &18th March,2017
  2. 2. This is a fast paced yet in-depth two day training introducing EFT- how to use the technique on yourself and others. The training is experiential, allowing you to build your skills step by step while working on a range of emotional and physical issues. In this micro group training, the number of participants is strictly limited to 2 trainees, allowing for individual attention.
  3. 3. HURRY! SEATS ARE LIMITED Call or Whatsapp: +91 9677248146 E-mail:
  4. 4. LOCATION: VIRUGAMBAKKAM, CHENNAI TIME: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm( 17th & 18th March, 2017) Early bird Fee : Before 2nd March: Rs 7500 After 2nd March Rs 8500 Payment: Via Bank Transfer.
  5. 5. Intensive training: Only 2 trainees per batch INDIVIDUAL 1 hour mentoring will be provided after the training is over. (Over Skype) Certificate of Completion (After completion of practicum) Membership to a closed FB group for guidance. FREE Ebook “EFT CONCEPTS ILLUSTRATED” worth 18.99$
  6. 6. MODULE 1 1. Historical Background of EFT 2. How does EFT work? 3. EFT Basic Process: Explanation & Insights 4. Subsequent round adjustments 5. Psychological reversal & Secondary Benefit Syndrome 6. Difference between general and Specific Issues. 7. Generalization Effect & Forrest and Trees Metaphor 8. Concept of “Aspects” MODULE 2 1. Addressing Intensity: When the intensity goes up & when there is no change in intensity. 2. Shifting Aspects 3. Apex effect. 4. Intensity Oriented Techniques Movie technique Floor to ceiling Eye roll. 5. What to do when Self acceptance is a problem 6. EFT for pain. 7. EFT for Physical Issues. 8. Personal Peace Procedure. 9. Shortcuts in EFT 10. Introduction to Geo-Specific EFT 11. Ethical Guidelines.
  7. 7. M.A (Psychology) Certified EFT Intermediate practitioner -1 (EFT universe Certification Program By Dawson Church) EFT CERT I (Official Certification Program from Gary Craig's EFT Foundation) AAMET LEVEL 2 EFT-CC & EFT-ADV Member of APA (American Psychological Association)