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Cb surge blackhat


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Cb surge blackhat

  1. 1. CB Surge – Review Of Clickbank AnalyticsAffiliate Marketing SoftwareWhy CB Surge is Beneficial as a Clickbank Affiliate Marketing ToolFor promoters of ClickBank products, the following CB Surge review will help to explain why this product is avaluable affiliate marketing tool. Affiliate marketing is one of the main ways to generatean income on the Internet today. Many people do so by promoting and selling products using ClickBank, whichis an online retailer. They connect those who make digital content – e books, software, etc. – and those who sellthe content to consumers. Affiliate marketers face tough competition.How to Simplify Affiliate Marketing with CB SurgeThere are many websites that say they provide the best ClickBank analytics, although ClickBank says there arenone. Mainly they state that they can reveal hidden data and this is one claim that CB Surge does not make.Instead, what the software does is perform an analysis of keywords that are associated with the product you areselling. Then, it shows you which products are best to promote using SEO traffic – basically, which product namekeywords are being searched the most.CB Surge may be downloaded and installed on FireFox browsers in an instant. It is free although there areupgraded versions that can be purchased. After installing the program, it will search the products and score themby highlighting the ones that are selling in green and the ones that are not in red. The number 40 is used to rateClickBank products, with everything below 40 being marketable and everything above this number asunmarketable.You will find CB Surge enhances ClickBank analytics. Using ClickBank information such as rank and percentagereferred as well as other statistics is how CB Surge calculates the rating. In addition it provides other useful toolssuch as graphs that track the popularity of the product over a particular time period. It also has a keyword searchfeature. This feature allows you to find additional keywords that are related to the product.Research is key to finding the popularity of products for affiliate marketers. It is; after all, the way marketersdecide which products to promote in order to make sales. CB Surge can research the data and provide theinformation needed in an instant. A good example is tracking the popularity of a product over a period of severalmonths. CB Surge can provide this information in a short time whereas, doing it the old-fashioned way it wouldtake a minimum of a month for each product you track.
  2. 2. Beware of ScamsAs with any product, there will always be scams. If you are an affiliate marketer and are looking for the best wayof finding which products you should promote, be careful. There are a number of companies that advertiseapplications that are supposed to be helpful in this respect; however, many are trial versions and are quiteexpensive if you decide you want the full version. The full versions are the ones that are needed for the bestresults.If you have read a CB Surge review, you likely know that one of the best features of this product is providinginformation on keyword product names. The search engine optimization or SEO traffic that you receive whenpromoting particular product keywords translates to sales because the person searching is already looking to buythe product. Therefore, it is important for you to know which ones you should promote.Often affiliate marketing tools do a whole host of things and are awkward to use and outdated. The advantagethat is needed for affiliate marketing to be profitable is finding the product keyword that will rank high on Google.This translates into a higher potential for profit and less competition.