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Instant Legal Pages Software - Protect Yourself and Your Business!


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"Instant Legal Pages Software" is the cheapest solution to protect yourself and your business by the law, with 9 legal documents you can customize and create in 1 minute. Written by a lawyer, they are made to protect you and your customers at the same time. Awesome deal!

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Instant Legal Pages Software - Protect Yourself and Your Business!

  1. 1. INSTANT LEGAL PAGES SOFTWARE By Alex Albert & Alessandro Zamboni © 2014, All Rights Reserved The Best Way To Protect Yourself And Your Business!
  2. 2. CREATE 9 LEGAL PAGES IN 1 MINUTE! After inserting your company name, your website and your support page, you just have to click one button! In less than a minute you will get 8 or 9 legal pages ready to be pasted into your websites and blogs! Compatible with any site and any blog! (Wordpress included)
  3. 3. YOU CAN CREATE ALLTHESE LEGAL PAGES Add your company name, website and support page, and you are ready to copy and paste the code!
  4. 4. THIS SOFTWARE IS AVAILABLE WITH: Take advantage of “Instant Legal Pages Software” right now! Click the link below to visit our page! DEVELOPER’S LICENSE Use it on your personal sites. Install it on customer sites. Flip sites with legal pages installed. WHITE LABEL LICENSE Rebrand it the way you like. Sell it as your own (no PLR/RR) Comes with sales page.