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6. analyzing the capabilities and features of a video conferencing system


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6. analyzing the capabilities and features of a video conferencing system

  1. 1. TANDBERG Telepresence T3TANDBERG Telepresence T3 is one of the most natural videomeeting experience in the world. It just like walking into your office and have a realmeeting . Its that easy. From the room-based telepresence of T3 to the instanttelepresence of T1 and the personal telepresence of the EX90 and 1700 MXP, its easyto see how productive you can be. With realistic quality and best detail to allowcollaboration, you wont miss a thing with TANDBERGs telepresence products.
  2. 2. Telepresence T3 Technical features: Features Telepresence T3 Tele presence t3 studio Environment 3×Tandberg Camera: precision HD 1080 P 3×65” 1080P LCD 3×22” HD LCD touch Display: collaboration screens 18 mbps IP; Bandwidth : up to SIP & H.323 DVI (SXGA) in, DouVideoH.239 Presentation: duel stream 6× PC connectors Integrated in table Total of 8× separate LANEthenet Network: (RJ-45) 1001000 Mbi (4× Ethenet for future use) Yes, including H.460 Expressway: 1819
  3. 3. Operates together with telepresence server toMCU: support multipoint telepresence conferencing including HD regular video endpoints while maintaining telepresence view YESH.264: AES encryption H.235 Authenticationsecurity 802.1× Authentication NAprivacy YesStereo/CD quality 6×built-inMicrophone Table mics (one per seat at table) 6× line levelAudio inputs Input from PC (integrated with VGA signal cable in table) 2× HDMIVideo input Output for external collaboration screen or DVD player. NA, dedicated solutionIntegration control
  4. 4. Yes IPv6 compliantAdditional features :TANDBERG Telepresence T3 Ultimate Immersive Design Features  Exclusiv e Scandinavian design  Ultimate quality in video and audio — high definition up to 1080p with three large 65” custom LCD screens  Highly immersive — sets a new standard in ergonomics delivering a revolutionary user experience  Excellent eye contact and ideal screen height  Appealing, natural user interface  Telepresence T3 includes the system, table, three personal touch collaboration screens and ceiling-mounted lighting  Immersive Room package adds premium walnut walls, TANDBERG Blue, Nordic sky- inspired blue light wall package  Executive seating is available with optional premium chairs and a bench for additional seating  Touch Collaboration Screens deliver high definition presentation capabilities built right into the table  Unmatched room and network flexibilityTANDBERG Advantages  Interoperable - Connect to anyone, at anytime...any way. With Telepresence T3, there are no longer limits on who you can talk to and how. The boundaries of dissimilar networks, multi-vendor systems, inconsistent quality and functional
  5. 5. complexity are eliminated so that colleagues, customers and partners can communicate with total ease. Standards-compliant technology makes it all happen.  Scalable - With the TANDBERG Telepresence Server it doesnt matter who you need to reach. For the first time, scale telepresence, HD and standard video systems into larger, interconnected conferences...all while maintaining the full telepresence experience.  Manageable - Service choice for the control you want with the security you need. As a single source for all telepresence needs, TANDBERGs full portfolio of services support customers every step of the way, from installation and deployment right through to concierge level services and support. With 24x7x365 availability and guaranteed service agreements, Total Service translates into total peace of mind.  TANDBERGs most immersive telepresence solution, the Telepresence T3 is an exclusive forum for natural communication. The consistent room design and lighting of the Telepresence T3 create openness while making participants appear almost 3- D.  We deliver everything you need to guarantee the total telepresence experience. Local site surveys and installation, network assessment and provisioning, on-site or remote support, and a “white glove,” concierge service for flawless meeting performance give you 24x7 peace of mind. Technology supported and appropriateness to DE institutes: Flexiblity, connectivity, powerful options and sharing gives professionals the ability to be in touch over distance with no trouble .it creates the most realistic in-person meeting experience and provides an ideal platform for communication and interaction. It makes meeting participants feel as though theyre having a conversation with colleague’s right across the table-while being miles or continents apart. Directional audio, crystal clear video and one-touch controls provide a robust forum for collaboration and productivity. Walk in, sit down and instantly begin the meeting. So it is very appropriate for any DE institution for conducting a distance meeting with either teachers or students or for other non- educational purpose. For more information:-