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Dawlance internship report


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full report of united refrigration company limited dawlance pakistan .....
i have seen all the departements that i am describing in this report .. :)

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Dawlance internship report

  2. 2. INTERNSHIP PROGRAME PREFACE This report contains the information about thosedepartments which are visited by the internees. Whatever the machineryseen and the processes are observed, attracting the human mind andrealizes the men what science has achieved and what kind of mericals hasbeen done by it. Basically United refrigerator company ltd. (dawlance) isquite attention attracting industry it provides lot of opportunities to see, toobserve, to achieve and to get the lot of experience about the industry aswell as about the machinery.The technology installed at United refrigerator company ltd. (dawlance) isthe latest one and it includes the hardworking labors, employess who givetheir best for the over all effectiveness of the company.This report may also contains the facts and the real figures of the variousdepartments which are very beneficial for our experience and the also forthe practical knowledge. The functions and the details of their working andthe process as well as the timing and work break down structure is alsomentioned in this report. This is edit by the students of the INDUSTRIALENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT of thenominated university of jamshoro named MEHRAN UNIVERSITY OFENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY JAMSHORO SINDHPAKISTAN. The details of the students are as under:- MUHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70). MANOJ KUMAR THAKUR (09IN46). JASWANT SINHA (09IN03). UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 2 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  3. 3. INTERNSHIP PROGRAME ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We are very thankful from the core of my heart tohonorable ASSITANT VICE PRESIDENT , “United Refrigeratorcompany ltd. (DAWLANCE) “ , ABDUL ALEEM KHAN forproviding us opportunity for training and whose intelligent, wiseand sound leadership has converted manpower into winingcombination by this industry into a gold mine. We wish to express my deep gratefulness toWhole HRD)for their consideration and supervision. It was amemorable time in United refrigerator company ltd. (Dawlance)due to his kind concern. We are also thankful to all concerned manufacturingsupervisor and engineer’s for their precious advice and for thegreat encouragement and cooperation, because of which We havesuccessfully completed our internship training of UNITEDREFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. (DAWLANCE ) where welearned a lot. UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 3 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  4. 4. INTERNSHIP PROGRAME CONTENTSDays of Departments Page no.internshipsDay no. 1 Production II (shearing, sheet Metal and welding ) • Shearing section • Sheet metal section • Welding section • Cabinet • PC sheet • Freezer door 7 to 11 • Basic panel • side panel • Compressor support • Ref door and many moreDay no. 1 PRODUCTION III ( THE PAINTING SHOP ) • CABINET painting shop • EVAPORATER painting shop • CONDENSOR painting shop 12 to 16 • DIP- COATING (Shelf painting shop ) UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 4 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  5. 5. INTERNSHIP PROGRAMEDAY NO. 2 PROUCTION IV (CONDENSOR MANUFACTURING AND OTHERS ) • Shelf making section • Condenser making 17 to 23 • Iron handing section • Chrome section • U-V Light section.Day no. 3 PROUCTION V ( PRE – FOAMING ) • What is PRE – FOAMING ?? 24 to 27 • Process of PRE – FOAMING & Stages.Day no. 3 PRODUCTION V ( FOAMING ) • What is FOAMING ?? 28 to 29 Process of FOAMING ??Day no. 3 PRODUCTION VI ( ASSEMBLY LINE ) 30 to 31 • What is Assembly line ???Day no. 4 PRODUCTION I (PLASTIC MOULDING SECTION) • Compounding section • Injection section 32 to 36 • Hot stepping section • Steam print section. • Extrudes section • Cable sectionDay no. 5 MAINTENANCE • What is MAINTENANCE ?? • Objective of Plant Maintenance ?? Importance of maintenance. 37 to 39 UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 5 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  6. 6. INTERNSHIP PROGRAME • Methods of maintenance. • Maintenance at Dawlance.Day no. 6 QUALITY CONTROL DEPARTMENT • QUALITY AND CONTROL (Definations) • What is QUALITY CONTROL 40 to 48 ??? • Quality Control At Dawlance. • Quality Engineering Cell. • Incoming Quality Control. • Self Quality Inspection. SUGGESTION’S UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 6 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  8. 8. INTERNSHIP PROGRAMESHEARING, SHELF METAL AND WELDINGShearing => To shear off the requires size of sheet is called a shearingprocess.Sheet -Metal => the various process that has been perform over the metal sheetsop that give is the requires shape is to be called a sheet metal.Welding => A process of permanent fastening important type used the mostimportant type used in dawlance is tug welding. • It is the refer color; production eleven is the section where the man body of refrigerator is to be manufactured. • Though the production elevens section is used to manufacture a lot of component put the cabinets is of the important component of production eleven section.RAW-MATERIAL OF PRODUCTION - II The raw- material of production of to (in the sheet form)1) Metal steel2) Galvanized iron3) Vinyl coated Material (VCM)4) AluminumSHEARING SECTION: One the raw-material is receive from the store the sharing section is somethingthat actually share of the sheet according to the requires size of specifications.The cabinet sheet is to be share of the sizing of • Length = 3824mm • Width = 655mm • Thickness = 0.4mm Other thing also shares off according the specifications.SHEET METAL SECTION: There are basically no of parts has manufactured in this section.The sheet metal section is basically best upon the 4 major area which are as follows.1: Automatic sheet feed2: Whole processing and notch (bending)3; forming section4. Pressing sectionThe sheet metal is basically used to produces a no of parts of refrigerator, such as UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 8 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  9. 9. INTERNSHIP PROGRAME 1. Cabinet 2. PC sheet 3. Freezer door 4. Basic panel 5. side panel 6. Compressor support 7. Ref door and many moreCABINET: The cabinet is to manufacturing once the sheet is receive from sharing theautomatic sheet feeder suck the sheet and feed the sheet then sheet through crame is tobe shift into the forming section where the form of profile and embossing can takeplace and after ward that formed embossed is equally bended to form a cabinet.PC-SHEET: The pc sheet is the sheet that makes separates the freezer unit ref :a in otherword we can say that the I.C sheet is used to make separate n/n ref and free from theupper side of refrigeratorPROCESS: It can be making by follow the following operation. 1. Notching process 2. Forming process 3. embossing process 4. Whole process BACK PANEL: It is back side of refrigerator body that is to be attached with the cabin net. It is to be noted that is in small size refrigerate there Is only back panle and there is no need for the bottom end as it also requirement in the refrigerator. PROCESS: The back panel is to be made by the 1) Drilling the piece of M.S of sheet 2) Notching that piece 3) Whole also with the machine 4) first bending 5) 2nd bending After that this do of is to welded with the cabinet by spot welding process. SODE RANGE: UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 9 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  10. 10. INTERNSHIP PROGRAME It just like the side panel it also require 1st cutting and the 2nd cutting and then just and 2nd pending. FREEZER DOOR: it is the front door of the refrigerator and it is to be made by the VCD material sheet. The size of VC sheet used a freezer door • Length = 546 mm • Width = 768 mm PROCESS OF FREEZER DOOR The freezer door is according following the process 1: Notching 2: Handle pressing 3: Embossing 4: first banding 5: final banding REFRIGRATOR DOOR: It is also be made with the VCD type of material and it make weof same process as that of freezer door each and every step in same.COMPRESSOR SUPPORT: It is the part that can be placed in the both part of the ailment and itsupport the compressor.PROCESS: The process to manufacture the compressor is as 1: whole plating 2: further 2 more whole 3: just bending 4: final bandingWELDING SECTION: Basically welding is the process of permanent fasteningtherefore is the section all or same part are to fastened by tug welding so that therequired type and shape of cabinets is to be shift the painting shop. Basically at sheet metal the welding section is used to perform that activityso that the form bended and imposed cabinet is to be welded with the back panel andsight panel and the it is screwed with the compressor support.At the end of the welded section the welded cabinet is to be shift to the paint shop forthe further paint processing. UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 10 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  12. 12. INTERNSHIP PROGRAMEPRODUCTION III THE PAINTING SHOP It is basically the painting section used to paint the various iron so that itcould be transfer into the final assembly shop. It includes the, • CABINET painting shop • EVAPORATER painting shop • CONDENSOR painting shop • DIP- COATING (Shelf painting shop )We had already discussed the dip-coating (shelf painting) and were here now welearned the cabinet and evaporator painting • CANBINET PAINTING SHOP As we know that whenever we are painting any thing first of we need phosphating process so that the cabinet is to be easily painted. The cabinet here though the following painted stages. STAGES # 1 High pressuring over the refrigerator so that to remove as the welded particle. STAGES # 2 PHOSPHATING The phasphating process is actually though the following tank There are basically 4 different tankers. Out of them 2 of the chemical tank , 1 of water tank and 1 of di-ionized tank. The phosphating process begins after following the first step now the cabinet is dipped into the tank 1 ( which has the metaphoric chemical ) and then dipped into the tank2 ( which Laos has the same chemical ). Once the cabinet taken –off from the tank 2 then it is to be dipped into the tank 3 which has the raw water. Finally the cabinet is to be placed into the di-ionbized tank and then the cabinet is to be phosphated. STAGE # 3 :- DRY OVEN At this stage the phosphated cabinet is placed into the dry even which has the temperature of 110 ;140 degree centigrade . the dry oven has two function UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 12 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  13. 13. INTERNSHIP PROGRAMEfisrt it is use to dry the water and moisture and secondly it is also make able thecabinet sheet to be attain the more powder ( as in next step ).STAGE # 4 :- POWDER ROOM After dry oven the cabinets are to be hanged into the conveyor hangerand it is to be transferred towards the powder room.A powder room is a highly automated room that is used for powdering or coatingof powder over the cabinets.The powder room has 15 gm over the cabinets and this powder can be done by thegun system in a powder room so that the layer of powder is to be coated over thecabinet.The functioning of powder room is done by the automated system which iscontrolled by then computer based system and its basic to coated a layer of powderover the cabinet.In powder room by gun system the cabinets are coated with the JOTUN powder oflayer 35 to 70 micron.STEP # 5 :- BACK OVEN This is the end process of painting shop here the powder cabinetsare to be backed into the oven so that the powder is to melted and forming in thepaint over the cabinet.Actually in back oven the polymerization process takes place because once thetemperature has been provided to the powder tends to polymerized and forming achain so that it is to be transmitted over the cabinet.IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER • The cabinet paint shop has the capacity to paint 1800 to 1900 cabinet paint per 24 hours i-e capacity = 1800 to 1900 cainets paint per 24 hours. UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 13 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  14. 14. INTERNSHIP PROGRAME • EVAPORATER PAINTING SHOP As we know that the evaporator in consider to be the heart of refrigerator and without the evaporator refraction is not exist. Evaporator is the part that makes cooling within the refrigerator. Evaporator is fitted inside the refrigerator and it is to be painted in white color. The process of evaporator painting is as same as that of cabinets one within certain amendments. However evaporator painting are requires phosphating and powdering etc. We can put forward the evaporator painting in the following stages. STAGES # 1 :- EVAPORATER PHOSPHATING The evaporator phosphating process is done in 4 different tanks. First of all the evaporator is dipped into the tank -1 which has the met clean chemical. After that the evaporator stays in tank-2 and tank-3 which is rinsing water tanks. After that it is to be dipped into the tank-4 which has the metachrome chemical. Finally again it is to be dipped into the rinsing water tank. STAGE # 2 :- DRY OVEN After phophating the evaporator is to be dried into the dry oven which is at the temperature of 140 to 160 degree centigrade so that to remove all the moisture effect and also make the evaporator to sustain the powder. STAGE # 03 :- POWDER COATING The powder coating over the evaporator is to be done on both the front and back side of the evaporator. STEP # 04 :- BACKING OVEN In last the evaporator is to be shifted towards the back oven which is al the temperature of 205 to 220 degree centigrade and where the powder is polymerized and evaporator is to be painted. • CONDERSOR PAINTING Like all other painting section shops the condenser painting is also follwedthe same process as that of other painting process.PROCESS OF CONDENSOR PAINTING The process of the condenser painting is being done in the following twodifferent stages. i) Phosphating UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 14 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  15. 15. INTERNSHIP PROGRAME ii) PaintingPHOSPHATING The phosphating if condenser is to be done by passing through the no. ofcondenser to various chemicals which is in the tank .First of all the manufactured condenser is dipped into the metaclean 375 tank and itstayed over there at 1 to 5 min.Now the condenser is then dipped into the fresh rinsing water into the 2nd tank.After that it is to be dipped into the tank of metaphor 247 chemical tank. And after thatthrough pressure vessel it is to be dried.At the end of phosphating the condenser suppose to shift into the dry oven and wherethe all moisture are dried from the phosphate condenser.PAINTING The painting begins when JOTUN powder is to be paint over thecondenser after phosphating on both sides of condenser and this condenser with thehelp of crank is to be inserted into the back oven so that powder is to be converted intothe layer of painted color. The temperature of back oven is about to be of 250 degreecentigrade and it is placed within the back oven for the period of 11 min.It is important that the JOTUN powder use in condenser painting section if of differentform and have it own load.Important to Remember ….. • The capacity of condenser paint shop is 1700 condenser paint per day. UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 15 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  17. 17. INTERNSHIP PROGRAME Like all other production section the PRODUCTION IV is also on e of themost important section of refrigerator production. It is use to make some important andvalue able item of refrigerator.There are various sections those are comes under production IV category i) Shelf making section ii) Condenser iii) Bottom condenser iv) Iron handle making section v) Galvanized section vi) Chrome section vii) U-V light section Through out all section of PRODUCTION IV have their own importance and without them the processing is incomplete but the most importance item produce by production iv is the condenser because without the functioning of refrigerator is impossible. Now we shall discuss each section in detail…. SHELF MAKING SECTION The shelf of the refrigerator is to be manufactured in this section. This shop is used to make all different type of the shelf of different refrigerator model and its highly depends upon the customer requirement e.g if the administration of the production Iv receive the plan from production planning department to manufacture 9175 WBM’s shelf so they suppose to act according to the requirement. The capacity of the shelf section is to produce 31000 shelf per day and its make use of 7 different type of machine and also having the strength of 57 peoples. EQUPMENT IN USE The shelf manufacturing makes use of different machines and welding device. • Starter and cutting machine • Pressing machines of different type • Tag welding PROCESS OF SHELF MAKING The processing of shelf manufacturing begins when the raw coil of thickness 2.5 mm is been receive through store and then the starter cutting machines first make starter the coil and then cutted of required size ( depends upon UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 17 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  18. 18. INTERNSHIP PROGRAMEthe requirement ) , now the cutted coil is then bended and it is to be welded nowthe frame of the shelf is been and also ready for the further processing. Now again the no. of strip is also to be cutted so that there can fixed intothe shelf and then the shelf is to be welded by the tug welding process. Now in order to support the shelf various section of straight shapes, L –shapes, Z- shapes, the basic purpose of these section is that they used to provide thesupport to the shelf of the refrigerator.DIP- COATING / PAINTING SHOP It is basically the shop which is use to painting the manufactured shelfbut very few other parts are also been painted in this shop.PROCESS OF DIP COATING PAINITNG The actually process is begins with the PHOSPHATING.The phosphate process is based upon the various chemical in different tanks,therefore first of all the manufactured shelf is first dipped into the tank -1 ( whichcontain the dioxide chemical ) within 10 to 15 min , the shelf is to be placed in thistank and then it is dipped into the 2nd tank (which contain only raw water ) andwithin few minutes the it is to be dipped into the 3rd tank ( which is of Guadine 20chemical ) and it is placed up to 5-7 min and finally again dipped into the rinsewater.Once the phosphating the next is the coating painting The phosphated shelf is then placed within the Backing oven ( which has thetemperature of 225 degree centigrade) after a few min these shelf are then to bedipped into the powder ( JOTUN POWDER ) and then these are placed into the dryoven ( has the temperature of 225 degree centigrade) and in last it is to be dippedinto the water. Capacity of DIP-COATING section is 1000 shelf paint per dayCONDESNSOR MANUFACTURING Every manufacturer knows the importance of condenser in refrigerationprocess and without condenser the existence of the refrigerator is almostimpossible because it is something that maintain the refrigeration cycle. Thereforein order to make the condenser manufacture the condenser much careful analysisare required.This section is use to make two different condenser.i) Back panel condenser ( actually called as condenser )ii) Bottom condenser The actually the first step towards condenser manufacturing is taken by the engineering department. UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 18 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  19. 19. INTERNSHIP PROGRAME Engineering department through critical analysis used to check the actual condenser and then give the effective and efficient proposed way to manufacturing in the shape of drawings, equipments etc.BOTTOM CONDENSOR Most of people even don’t know is there any condenser in the refrigeratorthat place in the bottom of the refrigerator. The basic function of this condenser isalso to reduce the temperature like other condenser do so .PROCESSING OF MANUFACTURING THE BOTTONCONDENSOR The process of manufacture a bottom condenser requires a drawing andthe drawing varies from model to model of refrigerator therefore the size and coilof bottom condenser also varies.With the help of different pressing machine to complete the sheet and bending thecoil as per requirement through tug welding is then to be fitted.BACK PANEL CONDENSOR (ACTUAL CONDENSOR) It is one of the most important and more meaningful part of the refrigeratorand the effectiveness of condenser is necessary for the active life of therefrigerator.PROCESS TO MANUFACTURE A CONDENSOR Once the plan has receive by the PPC to the production IV section andaccording to this plan the condenser of particular quantity of particular model hasto manufacture. The first is to make use of MS sheets cutting strips then with the help ofshutter machine a late form in which certain operation carried out one by one suchas embossing, fins making is to be done. The bending section first to cut the coil and straight it with the straightershutter machine and then bend the coil through is winches and dies is that therequired bending is to be obtain. Once the plate and bending is prepared now with the help of tug weldingthere plate with bended is to be welded. Now the end plates of condenser that has been manufactured by pressingmachine is also to be welded by tug welding process. UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 19 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  20. 20. INTERNSHIP PROGRAME Now at the end the strip of MS also welded so that to provide the properreinforcement to the condenser .By following the above stages the condenser is said to be manufactured.GALVANIZED SECTION It is the very little type of section and its purpose is to nickel the variousparts such asi) leg holderii) top middle bottom hinchees.iii) Screws and others parts. The basic behind this section is to do the nickel plating so that to removeall the abrasive material, oil, Greece etc.CHEMINCAL IN USEFollowing ar he chemical those are used in this section • Zinc brightener • Zinc Californiazinc anodenitric acidALUMINIUM HANDLING SECTION It is the section which is bound to make the aluminum handling for therefrigerator for the opening and closing of the door.PROCESS OF ALUMINIUM HANDLING SECTION Already manufactured profile of aluminum is to be purchased from abroadand then this profile is cutted according to specification of handle requirement. Once the size is to be cutted then with the help of numerically control millingmachine a profile is being made to provide groove type of section so that thehandle is to be fixed.CHROME SECTION Once the handle cover is been made by the modeling section to make thehandle cover then the crossing of that part is to be taken place.PRCESS OF CHROMESECTION The chroming is to be done by following the certain stepsSTEP # 1 :- ETCHING BATH First of all the handle cover is dipped into the chromic acid in the etching bathwhich is al the temperature of 65 degree centigrade.STEP # 2 :- WATER TANKAfter the etching process the handle cover is to be dipped into the raw water .STEP # 3 :- After that it is to be dipped into the HCL and also into theneutralization drum. UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 20 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  21. 21. INTERNSHIP PROGRAMESTEP # 4 :- After wards it is to be placed into the activation bath which alsoinclude certain amount of HCL.STEP # 05 :- Now at this the nickel sulphate electroplating is to be done.STEP $ 06 :- after that the it is to be dipped into the copper the layer of copperin comes over the handle.STEP # 07 :- Nickling is to be done at this stage hence the nickling also to beplaced over the handle.STEP # 08:- At the very last stage the chroming is to be done over the handle.U-V LIGHT SECTION The only haxon model of refrigerator inn which there is type of fan placedwithin the refrigerator.The function of that fan s that when door is closed its used to provide the air sotthat the ice is to be melted for the effective cooling of refrigerator.So in this section fan with its parts to be assembled here. UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 21 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  23. 23. INTERNSHIP PROGRAMEPRODUCTION V (PRE- FOAMING) Till production we are making, painting the certain parts so that theyshould combined to form the original product. • The production V ( i-e PRE – FOAMING ) as the name suggest it is the pre of the foaming that is it the place where the various operation is to carried before it is to be placed to formed. • At the pre foaming the necessary item such as the liner, freezer and anti- moisture tube, evaporator are to be inserted into the actual body of cabinet.PREFOAMING PROCESS The actual process of pre-foaming is starts when the painted cabinetsfrom the cabinet painting shop are comes to the pre-foaming zone.We can underline the each and every step of pre foaming nowSTEP # 01:- First of all the compressor support is un-screwed from thepainted cabinet.STEP # 02:- The gum- type material named as slent is to be inserted into thecorner edge of the painted cabinet in order to make proper isolation.STEP # 03:- Washer type material is tape within the four whole if the back panelso that condenser is to be screwed easily in it.STEP 04:- Bottom profile is inserted within the embossing area in the bottom.STEP 07:- spaces in fixed in the back panel so that the pipe which is fitted in it.STEP 06:- Groemr also fitted with the wholes.STEP 07 :- Anti moisture strip a black pipe is to be inserted within the profilecabinet.The anti-moisture strip has two functions first as the name suggest its used toprevent from the corrosion effect also the gas kit ( rubber type ) within the door iscauses to crack because of cooling inside so it is also prevent this as it is connectedwith the compressor.STEP # 09 :- the freezer box is to be further includes the following sub- systemsSub – step 1:- the painted evaporator from the EMD is bend by the pressmachine.Sub-step 2:- the bended evaporator is then to be check for the little inspection.There are basically two different inspection tests, UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 23 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  24. 24. INTERNSHIP PROGRAMEi) A LEAD DETECTOR MACHINE :- A machine which is used to detect the all the pipe and join of theevaporator by inserted the Freon gas.The detector even has the capability to detect 1.0 micro gram of area.Once the evaporator is OK then it is to be shifted for the next test.The statistics show that there are basically 8 to 10 evaporators rejected in leaddetector test.Once the purpose is established hen the Freon gas is to be ejected and stored andfrom the evaporator.ii) The 2nd inspection include is to check the mass flow rate within the evaporatorand it is to be done by inserting the Nitrogen gas from the capillary. It is also givesthe benefits in the shape that it tends to clean the evaporator by the nitrogen gas.Sub- stage 03:- Obtaining a evaporator frame.The evaporator from is to be make by joining the evaporator the side platethorough a silicon type of material.Now this flow is to be fitted with the freezer side of the cabinet.STEP # 10:- The ref portion of the refrigerator is to be undertaken and it can bedivided into the following sub steps.Sub – step 01:- the liner which is come form the thermosetting section is firstsized and cutted by the press machine. With the size the whole also produce whichis of evaporator and thermocouple.Sub-system 02:- after that the head after and thermostat cover is taped withinthe liner.Sub- system 03:- a light pipe is having the wire which is the fitted with thethermostat on one hand and head after on the other hand.STEP # 11:- Liner is fitted within the cabinet i-e liner completely fitted withinthe cabinet.That’s the end of the pre-foaming suction. UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 24 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  26. 26. INTERNSHIP PROGRAMEFOAMING SECTION The foaming section is a place when the pre-foamed cabinet is to foamed bythe automated machine.The foam which is to be inserted within the pre-foamed foam than it is solidifyingwithin a few minutes.The foam is basically made of two different type of chemicals.i) Polyoalii) Iso – cynateiii) R141B ( a gas whch is used as a catalyst ) • The foaming section has the capacity to filled 81 mould foam per hour i-e capacity = 81 mould foam per hour.PROCESS OF FAOMING The process of foaming section begins by fixing the jigs and fixture withinthe ref section so that while foaming the inside the refrigerator is not bend etc.After that the highly automated the mixture of foam is to be inserted within thecabinet.The dawlance has 9 moulding foam hangers which is highly automated and used tooperate according to the sensors and actuators and various other things.Basically the mixing of chemicals as to form the foam is to be as100 % of polyoal1260 % of iso –cyanides16 % of R141B.It can be termed as , P : g : I 100 : 16 : 1260 UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 26 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  28. 28. INTERNSHIP PROGRAMEASSEMBLY LINE This is the very last portion of this shop also the refrigeratormanufacturing. At this stage the all parts that we have made in deferent section such as sheetitems or main body items we made in sheet metal section, plastic items we havemarked in moulding, condenser e have made in production IV , shelf we havemake in production IV , freezer and ref door also assembledTherefore is assembling shop we are the assemble all items to make therefrigerator.At the end certain inspection made refrigerator takes such as vacuum generationand then the Freon gas is also inserted into the refrigerator.At the end of assembled line the refrigerator are to be packed and transferred to thestore room as a inventory so that it is it be distributed. UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 28 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  30. 30. INTERNSHIP PROGRAME As the name suggest plastic molding the production is said to manufactureall plastic type of equipment that can be used in refrigerator manufacturing.There are 6 section includes in moulding each section have its own task to withthey can act these are as follows,i) Compounding sectionii) Injection sectioniii) Hot stepping sectioniv) Steam print section.v) Extrudes sectionvi) Cable section • The compounding and injection are the most basic sections and these are those which used to produce they different plastics items in proper quality and quantity.COMPOUNDING SECTION The raw material of various plastics material in the form of huge grain isreceived in compounding portion through store room.These raw materials includes, PS ABS HIPS LIPS PC NYLONE & PP. The compounding section used to mix the raw material with the pigment sothat required color of particular item is obtained.The mixing can be done by two different type of devices.i) DRUM MIXTUREii) VERTICAL MIXTUREDRUM MIXTURE Drum mixture is a device which consist of two different drum and b/w thethere is a motor that has the rotatory function. The motor used to rotate the drum.Each drum has the capacity to take two beg ( each beg of 25 kg i-e 50 kg ) so wecan say that drum mixture can take 100kg of a material in a time.PROCESSING OF DRUM MIXTURE The processing of mixing of material through drum mixture is such thatmixture the beg of 25 kg of material insert into the drum then the amount of UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 30 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  31. 31. INTERNSHIP PROGRAME pigment according to the standard weighted and insert into the drum and then again another beg also inserted into the drum and similarly the next drum also filled. Now the drum mixture start rotating and mixed the material with the pigment and in 5 min the material is kept out just within the 5 min. Therefore we can say that the drum mixture has the capacity of 100 kg of material to be mix in 5 min. VERTICAL MIXTURE : It is also the mixing device and used to mix the material with thepigments go that the required material can be obtained. Though it can be used to mix all type of material but in compounding section ofdawlance it is specifically used to mix the poly storing (IS) material with the pigmentof T- brown , T green, smooth gray. Height impact poly strien (HIPS) material withthe pigment of brilliant white.INJECTION SECTION: • It is heart of the moulding section here all plain parts are been manufacture through injection mould mallina. • The highly automated machine CLF- INJECTION MOULDING MACHINE use in this section. • The machine can varies clapping force i.e the injection moulding machine (CLF- 8OT) has the minimum clapping force injection moulding machine (CLF- 800T) has the maximum clapping force. • There are basically 52 CLF-MOULDING MACHINE’S are used and can vary in diff: clapping force to make very small item to the heavy plastic item.PROCESS OF CLF (INJECTION MOULDING MACHINE) Basically the processing of CLf is based in the four different sections.1. Hooper2. Bassell3. Injection side4. Eject side1. HOOPER: First of all material (mixed material) has come from the compoundingsection. Hooper actually use to collected the inserted material alive is the shifted in tointo the bassel.2. BASSEL: UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 31 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  32. 32. INTERNSHIP PROGRAME After Hooper the material hydraulic piers machine comes into the bassel. Inbassl this material first heated thorough 7- different zone and reach zone has twoheaters.3. INJECTION: Once the material is to be melted with the help of heated now the material is tobe injected through layer 6 to 7 different stage into the injected mould.EJECT: After completing the ague the maked part in then eject from the machine so that to perform the work.From all these the other part i-e. carriage is used to be mixedHOT STEPPING SECTION: It is little section in which chosen stepping is to be done over thefreezer door pocket that desirable the various sign.EXTRUADES SECTION: It is the of section actually injection moulding process and it is alsoused to make the profile that has been mould plastic material and give the shape ofprofile.CABEL SECTION: The refrigerator wire connection from the electric require a plug and cable so in this there things are to manufactured.Once the wire (cables to be purchased that first of on this cable are cables are to cutted the required size and then the folly steps are to be taken1. Core stepping2. Wire stepping3. Pinch moulding4. Pinch foulding5. Princh moulding machine SCREEN PAINTING: As one have seen that there is numbering over thermometer regulator,also we have is painting over the shelf “wider shelf “ similarly these is certaincoding we have seen, so in thing reaction i-e “ screen painting , there coating hasbeen painted over the items. UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 32 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  34. 34. INTERNSHIP PROGRAME Today, in modern industry, equipment and a machinery are a very important part of the total productive effort than was the case years ago. Moreover, with the developments of special purpose and sophistical machines, equipment and machinery cost a lot more money and there fore their and does time becomes much more expensive. For this reason, it is vitally important that the plant machinery should be properly maintained. OBJECTIVES OF PLANT MAINTENANCE i) The objective of plant maintenance is to achieve minimum breakdown and to keep the plant in good working condition at he lowest possible cost. ii) Machines and other facilities should be kept in such a condition which permits them to be used at their optimum (profit making) capacity without any interruption or hindrance. iii) Maintenance division of factory ensures the availability of the machines, buildings, and services required by other section of the factory for the performance of their function at optimum return on investment whether this investment be in material, machinery or personnel.IMPORTANCE OF THE MAINTENANCE i) The importance of the plant maintenance is varies with the type of the plant and its production. ii) Equipment breaks down leads to the inevitable loose of production. iii) An improperly maintained or neglected plant will sooner or later requires expensive and frequent repairs, because with the passage of the time all machines or other facilities (such as transportation facilities), buildings, etc wear out and need to be maintained to function properly. iv) Plant maintenance plays a prominent role in production management the plant break down create problems such as, • Loss in production • Rescheduling of production • Split material (because sudden stoppage of process damages in-process materials). • Failures to recover overheads (because of loss in production hours). • Need for over time. • Temporary work shortage- workers require alternative work. METAINENCE METHODS There are basically two different maintenance methods i-e i) Tribology ii) Tero technology TRIBOLOGY UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 34 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  35. 35. INTERNSHIP PROGRAME It is the method of maintenance that deals with the lubrications impact ofthe machine by proper maintenance.It includes oiling, greasing etc.TETO-TECHNOLOGY It is also the methods of maintenance that deals with the mechanicaleffect of the maintenance such as repairing of the part of machine, overhauling ofthe machine.MAINTENACE AT DAWLANCE (United Refrigerator Company) At dawlance there is a separate maintenance which constitute of severalengineers, technicians, and a skilled labors.Their work is basically based upon the team efforts in which each persons hascertain responsibilities.This section is centrally connected but all other section of industry by means ofcomputer network software (ORACLE) and also within the telephone.They use to work into different format first they have collect the data of all bug tosmall machines procession and divided these data of each part of machine intovarious activities and also assign a scheduled of maintenance of each activity sothat to work accordingly.The second format on which they work is that whenever any break down occur in aproduction as per receive the compliance of particular maintenance they work uponit.Except production work their are other areas such as puncher shop, compressormaintenance shop, generator maintenance, electrical maintenance department. UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 35 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  37. 37. INTERNSHIP PROGRAME QUALITY CONTROL DEPARTMENTQUALITY:- Though there are no. of definition of quality but in very simple works it canbe term as “ To meet the customer’s specification “.CONTROL:- The provision to control the action or plan is to be control so that to meetthe requires as per planned.QUALITY CONTROL:- Quality control refers to the control level of quality si that to lead to thecustomer satisfaction.• It is the provision under which the proper and effective quality it to be obtain so that to lead the market position.• In an organization the term quality is as big as it can and under a no. of quality units are working their work to inspect the ongoing activity as per standard and then mark as OK, HOLD, USAI, REOWRK & SCRAPE.QUALITY CONTROL AT DAWLANCE The quality is given the major relaibnility at dawlance and therefore thecentral quality control department is been devied in deffrent quality sectioni) Quality engineering cellii) Incoming quality controliii) Quality assuranceiv) Self quality at each manufacturing sectionv) Quality process lab.And many other departments ……QUALITY ENGINEERING CELL It is basically the quality section is which all the documentation are to betaken placesIt is use to keep the documentation like of each section and even each section’sitem that has produces…. a) Quality instruction b) Work instruction c) ITI ( Instruction Testing Inspection ) d) Sampling Inspection e) Quality statusNow we shall discuss each section in detail.. UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 37 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  38. 38. INTERNSHIP PROGRAMEQUALITY STATUS While inspected anything the doud full item are to be taken into 4 basicconsideration rather than just to be called as scraped i-e by reviewing wholeparameter the decision regarding the item is to be taken.There are basically four quality status .i) HOLDii) UAI (use as is)iii) REWORKiv) S CRAPEDIt can be illus trade as , HOLD UAI SCRAPED REWORKHOLD = During inspection the defective part is to be hold. UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 38 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  39. 39. INTERNSHIP PROGRAME USE AS IS (UAI) = Though the part is not fully mismatched with the standard but the negotiation between the manufacture and quality incharge is to be taken and the item is it be USE AS IS (UAI). REWORK = There are few items those are require to rework so that to be come into the required expectation . SCRAPE = The item is to be scarped. QUALITY CONTROL MANUAL It is basically a manual that can help the operator to perform the work takes as it includes all type of activities. These are those type of manual which use to perform the training function to the operation because its includes set of instruction of every used item. SAMPLING TABLE As we know when raw material receive there are basically a no. of lots and each lot having a no. of item therefore is extremely difficult to check each and every item and also time consuming because if we are doing to inspect every item so it is very difficult for us to meet the required demand. Therefore the process begins by checking first 3 lots completely i-e 100 % and then if the fault rate is same or reducing the accordingly move toward the sample mood in which according to lot size the item are randomly selected. The sampling mood sheet can be illustrate as , SAMPLING TABLELOT SIZE ACCEPT QUALITY LEVEL SAMPLE SIZE ACCEPT REJECT 2 to 8 2 0 1 51 to 90 3 0 1500001 to 13 1 2 over UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 39 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  40. 40. INTERNSHIP PROGRAME • ITI (INTRUCION TESTING INSPECTION) It is basically a document in which whole process and way of doing ofeach and every part is given.It is a document which includes all the defects even that has observed before in theform of major and minor defects.Basically there are 872 type of ITI’S are there. • DC / IDC FORMDC = DECIPLANE CHECKIDC = INTER DECIPLANE CHECK It is the document which bund to check the discipline of particular item i-ethe item like sheet coil is been check by the sheet metal inspector. After that it isinter disciplinary check by the concerned related section. • RELIABILITY IN AN ACTION PROGRAM (RIAP) It includes basically a proframa which describe how training programs are tobe undertaken.What are the progress of training i-e how to be calculate.What is the procedure of doing the basic task etc. • INCOMING QUALITY CONTROL DEPARTMENT Incoming quality control is basically a quality section whose function is toinspect all incoming raw material that can be utilized for different purpose indifferent place. They used to work according to the instruction has given in ITI ofparticular item and each ITI is different for different items.We also know the dawlance (united refrigerator) can purchase the material bothexpert from other countries and also taken from the local suppliers.PROCESS OF INCOMING Q.C The procedure of incoming quality control section to inspect the raw itemcan be under line in the following steps.STEP # 1:- RECEIVE PROCESS It is the visually process once the raw material is receive the proforma thathas been given within the raw material by the supplier is to check whatever writtenin the from of quality is placed or not.STEP # 2:- QUALTY INSEPCTION It is the main inspection in which the raw material quality is to beinspect to mismatch with the standardsInitially the first three lot are to fully inspected i-e 100 % checking and after thatthe defect level over in first 3 lots are satisfactory the we shall proceeds to the UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 40 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  41. 41. INTERNSHIP PROGRAMEsample mood when according to the lot size sample is randomly selected and thenbe inspected. It is very much important to remember the incoming Q.C is not able toinspect all items just like chemical type of material is to be inspected in Q.C laband hence the C-FORM is to be make for that.Incoming Q.C usually make visual dimensional inspection.Now we shall discuss the item as follows,• EVAPORATER Evaporator is the type of item which is no. of time to be inspected startsfrom the Q.C and then final assembly inspection.The dawlance exports evaporator from china the suppler name “Jau-su-shanfe”.Though testing supplier are also inspected but the existing supplier “Jau-su-shanfe”is the major and more reliable supplier of evaporator.Evaporator is 100% inspected and there is no concept of sample mood.PROCESS OF EVAPORATER INSPECTION AT INCOMINGQ.CFirst of all the sizing of evaporator is to be inspected visually and then observe thedent to be placed over the evaporator more importantly if that case the dent to beover the bended area ( as is pre-foaming shop) the evaporator is to be rejectedbecause no more risk is to be taken.• JOTUM POWDERWe know the usage of JOTUN powder i-e its use for the paining purpose if items .The inspection of JOTUN is begins by batch the powder in term of their respectivecode and colors.After that the C- form is made and its sample of every batch shifted to the Q.C labwhere the chemical is to be inspected in order to match the existing compositionwith the standard one.• CABLE ASSEMBLY LINE SWITCH As we have seen in pre-foaming stage when liner is prepared for fixedinto the cabinet so the hold assembly with thermo state is taped over there.Therefore the cable is to be termed as cable assembly switch and it is to beinspected in terms of equal dimension.The multimeter is used to check continuity of cable etcAnd many other item are to be inspected at Incoming Quality Control ( we are notin a position to describe each ). SELF QUALITY SECTION UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 41 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  42. 42. INTERNSHIP PROGRAME Every manufacturing side have its own self quality section whosepurpose is to check the quality of manufactured item that make in his section as perrequired specification.There are basically two different type of inspection is to be taken placei) First piece Inspectionii) Roval inspectionFIRST PIECE INSPECTION As the name suggest the inspected that has been taken from the firstpiece according to the required drawing specificationThen the first piece is to be filled into the shape of document certificates are asfollows ,…..FRONT SIDE UNITED REFRIGRATION INDUSTRIES LTD IN PROCESS QUALITY CONTROL DEPARTMENT (SHEET METAL) Certificate no. ----- FIRST PIECE / MACHINES SETTING CERTIFICATE DATE___________________SHIFT______________________ TIME_______________________ MACHINE:______________________________________________________________________ PART____________________________OPERATION____________________________________ DIE/ MACHINE SETTER__________________________________________________________ DRAWING NO.___________________________MODEL_________________________________ SIGNATURE PROD. SUPERVISOR _________________________________________________ REMARK BY QC INSPECTOR ______________________________________________BACK SIDEREQUIRED FOUND SIZE VARIATION MEASURING UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 42 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  43. 43. INTERNSHIP PROGRAME SIZE TOOL NAMEROVAL INSPECTIONAs we know that the variation over the item can be occur at any stage because of anyfault in an machine therefore after first piece inspection the roval inspection i-e afterevery hour of same item also done to maintain the quality.The roval inspection certificate is filled according to the dimension. UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 43 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  45. 45. INTERNSHIP PROGRAMESUGGESTION NO. 1:- There should be a supply chain department. A supply chain is a process that includes the chain of supply from purchasing of raw material to the shifting to end consumer. It defines as the supplier-customer interaction and intermediaries’ b/w them. I have seen while doing internship at dawlance there is no concept of supply chain management and there is no supply chain department and instead of having the separate supply chain department the PPC ( production planning and control ) dealing with the affairs of supply chain . IFFECT OVER THE INDUSTRY IN THE ABSENCE OF SUPPLY CHAIN DEPARTMENT In dawlance the process of manufacturing is to be start when the tentative schedule is been given to each manufacturing section that they has to produce this much amount of this and this much amount of that in a particular period of time. Every manufacturing within the industry is been produce its own tentative work plan on which they have to work but unfortunately this tentative plane does not define the interaction b/w two manufacture i-e supplier –customer relationship. For example :- Pre-foaming is the customer of cabinet painting shop and cabinet painting shop and cabinet painting shop is the customer of sheet metal and welding section hence its form a chain of supplier and customers. For example :- thermo foaming is the supplier of pre-forming or in other words pre-foaming is the customer of thermo foaming but the supplier of thermo foaming is out siders . In dawlance (united refrigerator company) instead of having a supply chain department there is general meeting among the supervisors and UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 45 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  46. 46. INTERNSHIP PROGRAMEengineers of manufacturing staff and this meeting every supplier isinteracting with his customer so that to know the current situation ofeach other and share their problems to each other. Hence just based on the general meeting the result as anystoppage or draw back in production they used to blaming to oneanother which in term leads to create conflict.Therefore if there will be a supply chain department so I think is aperfect accountability of each section and hence over all performanceget improved.SUGGESTION # 2 :-There should be an effective maintenance department. As we have discussed that there is a maintenance departmentbut to be very much frank it is not suppose to fulfill the requiredproduction expectation which in tern causes to create the conflict b/wthe maintenance and manufacturing section.Manufacturing section complains that ,• Maintenance not working properly .• They don’t find the root mean cause of the problem instead they just try to put their effort so that the production has start.• They donot react on time usually we call them a lot and at the end they used to react.On the other hand,The maintenance compliance that, • They don’t have enough work force to reduce the causes of unhappenings. • Manufacturing too easily too band toward their improvemental thinking and its being extremely difficult to maintenance to meet all this.And there are various other factor that lead to create the conflict amongthe manufacturing and maintenance section. UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 46 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  47. 47. INTERNSHIP PROGRAMESOLUTION The main dramatic lack is also that there is no shutdownmaintenance of machine been allow by administration becauseshutdown maintenance required 2 to 4 hours and obviously whiledoing shutdown maintenance the production gets stops andmanagement not want any action that leads to stop the production . Butif wee look from a close eye the machines get stops any time because ofany lack then to give ordering to the maintenance and then it assign theoptimal crew according to the work and then act this also requires a lotof time and in this period also gets stops therefore I think there ha to besame period of shutdown maintenance. UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 47 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)
  48. 48. INTERNSHIP PROGRAME PREPARED BYName: Mohammad YounusFathers Name: Mohammad Anwar QureshiSurname: QureshiNationality: PakistaniDate of birth: 24th November 1988Place of Birth: HyderabadDomicile: Hyderabad UrbanProfession: StudentDegree: Graduation (B.E Industrial Engineering & Management)Year of Study: Final year.Roll No. 08IN70University: Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (M.U.E.T) Jamshoro. UNITED REFRIGRATOR COMPANY LTD. 48 DAWLANCE PREPARED BY MOHAMMAD YOUNUS (08IN70)