AME Requisition Approval Heirarchy


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Document which entailed the whole process to create and ways to make the Requisition Hierarchy using AME

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AME Requisition Approval Heirarchy

  1. 1. ApprovalHeirarchy OfREQUISITIONUsing AME(Same as that of Standardrized Functionality i-ePosition based Heirarchy)Ways to Define the AME Rules, Condition, Approver Groupfor Requistion HeirarchyMOHAMMAD YOUNUS A.QURESHI12/12/2012
  2. 2. Approval Heirarchy Using AME (Same as that ofStandardrized Functionality i-e Position basedHeirarchy)1- Define Roles for AMELogin into the Application with Sysadmin and do the following in order to define the role for AMEApprovalUser Management => Users
  3. 3. Search your own User (i-e YOUNUS.SCS)Click GO
  4. 4. Assign RolesSearch appro% and Click GoClick GoChecked the Approval Management Administrator & Approval Management Businees Analyst inorder to select the Roles for AME Approval.
  5. 5. Give the Justification for the Assigned Roles for AME Approval as;Click Save % Apply & hence in this manner role has been assigned.
  6. 6. 2- Assign Grants to the RolesLogin from mine own User as YOUNUS.SCSFunctional Administrator => HomeCreate Grant
  7. 7. In this manner the grant has also been given to the YOUNUS.SCS for the Roles Assigned by him.Logout from the Current Application.Login again from Younus.scs and do the followingApproval Management Business Analyst => Business Analyst Dashboard
  8. 8. The new window open as;Write the Transaction Type = Purchase Requisition ApprovalClick Quick Select to select the Transaction Type3- ATTRIBUTE’SCheck the Attribute which you are going to be used in your hierarchy there are no. of attributesthat we used based on our own Business Requirement.
  9. 9. Once we click on the Attribute the new window open as;We can create our own Attribute as wellFor this Requisition we will use the Attribe REQUISITION_TOTAL which is predefined in the System.Therefore in order to check this Attribute write Req% in the Name field of the Above field and ClickGO
  10. 10. Click REQUISITION_TOTAL in order to check inside this Attribute as;4 - CONDITIONIn the upper of the same page Click Condition as;I have already create the Condition based on the amount of the requisition as;
  11. 11. Click Update to see the basics inside the Condition as;5- ACTION TYPESUse the Existing Action TypeAnd select the approval-group chain of authority & Click Apply
  12. 12. 6- APPROVAL GROUPGO into the Approval GroupClick Creat in order to create the Approval Group as;
  13. 13. As you have seen we have gives the no. of people in the chain of the Authority so the notificationgoes to them one by another.7- CREATE RULEI have already Create a Rule Named as AME Rule as;
  14. 14. We just go into the AME Rule and check the basics inside itThe window describe the Rule that we have created in which the following things hav been usedas;Attribute = REQUISITION_TOTALCondition = REQUISITION_TOTAL is greater than 0 and less than or equal to 1000,PKRAction Type = approval-group chain of authorityNote = Basically Rule is every thing that actually work, we are required to assigned the all thethings to a Rule that we could used, therefore while creating a Rule we can assign a condition to ittoo.8- ATTACH THIS TRASACTION TYPE IN TO THE DOCUMENT (PurchaseRequisition )Go back to the Home
  15. 15. Navigation : Purchasing Super User => Setups => Purchasing => Document TypesGo into the Requisition Purhcase and Click on the Pencil Button to update as;The new window open in which select the PURCHASE_REQ in the Approval Transaction TypeClick Apply
  16. 16. 9- Test the ResultsLogin into the Application with the User (IMDAD.SOOMRO)Create RequisitionKA5766 - PUR Requester => Requisitions
  17. 17. Requisition SummaryClick Find
  18. 18. Tools => Action HistoryAs we have seen the notification goes to the Ana IkramNow Login from the User of ANA.IKRAM as;
  19. 19. As we have seen the Purhcase Requisition # 153 came from Imdad Soomro to Ana Ikram andtherefore it requires her’s Approval.Ana Ikram opens the Notification as;
  20. 20. This notification describe the complete detail of the peoples to whome the notification will go oneby another and the diagram also entailed the AME Approval .Click Approve to give the Approval of the RequisitionCheck the Action History of the Requisition # 153Its describe the notification lies within the Abid Altaf UserLogin Into the Application using Abid Altaf’s user as;
  21. 21. As we have the seen the notification of the Requisition from Ana Ikram to Abid AltafOpen the Notification and gives his own corresponding Approval
  22. 22. Click Approve to give corresponding ApprovalCheck the Action History of the Requisition # 153It describe now the notification goes to the Dr Masroor Ahmed Shaikh just after the Abid AltafLogin into the Application from Masroor Ahmed Shaikh domain as;
  23. 23. The Notification coming from Abid Altaf to the Masroor Ahmed Shiakh as it described aboveOpen the Notification
  24. 24. Click Approve to give the corresponding ApprovalCheck the Action History of the Requisition # 153It describe the notification goes to the Hafeezullah Abbasi from Dr Masroor ShaikhLogin into the Application from the Hafeezullah Abbasi’s User as;
  25. 25. Open the NotificationClick Approve to give the corresponding ApprovalNow finally check the Status and Action History of the Requisition as;
  26. 26. The describe the status as ApprovedTools => Veiw Action History