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Project Data Driven Decision Making


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David Nero, Director of Technology, City of Boston Dept. of Innovation and Technology

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Project Data Driven Decision Making

  1. 1. Project Data Driven Decision Making David Nero, City of Boston
  2. 2. AgendaBackground on City of Boston DoITEvolution of Software ToolsUsing Data in Decision Making Budget Development Financial Management Project Oversight Project Pipeline MonitoringLessons LearnedQuestions/Open Discussion
  4. 4. City of Boston DoIT Project Management• DoIT (formerly MIS)—Department is a critical part of the City’s ability to provide services to constituents 2 full time PMs in 2008• Growth of City’s Capital Investment in technology rose from $2,750,000 in FY 2007 to $19.5 million in FY 8 full time 2013 PMs in 2013• PMO established in 2008—constant evolution with tools, processes, execution
  5. 5. City of Boston DoIT Project Management• Adopt processes and implement a “system of record” for DoIT ideas and projects 111 “ideas” for FY 2012• Train PMs and staff on the use of PMO practices and the importance of using a system of record 171 “ideas” for FY 2014• Leverage data and analytics to assist in decision- making has become critical in overall resource, project, and budget management
  7. 7. Evolution of Software Use in DoIT2007—Nothing--No one knowsthe full picture from aproject/investmentperspective2008--Creates a spreadsheet, 2012then potentially outgrows it and 2010moves to an Access Database 2008 Enterprise 2007 Enterprise System Excel to Project and2010--Access Database is Nothing Portfoltio and Accessreplaced by a COTS System AnalyticsProject/Portfolio Management Platformapplication2012--Analytics tool is added
  8. 8. The Road to DataBEFORE AFTERSpreadsheet of projects updated by a Use of an Enterprise Project Softwaresingle resource on behalf of the tool to manage investments anddepartment projects—system of recordNo “depth” of data Using Analytics platform to generate reports for management of theManual reporting and analytics department and PMObecome time consuming andimpossible to maintain Increasing need for data as portfolio growsIncreased demand for data bydecision makers and stakeholders
  10. 10. Budget Development Creating a process using a central source of dataManagers create Requests are analyzed Budget is submitted“ideas” for investments based on their and explained via text,with budget estimate amount, their graphs, context,and justification precedence, their discussions complexity, and the resource required
  11. 11. Financial ManagementGraphical report with details isgenerated and distributedeach week to reminddepartment directors of theoverall capital financial statusMultiple dimensions can beviewed—by director, bycapital, obligated vsunobligatedQuick snapshot of wherebudget vs obligations stand
  12. 12. Project OversightSet a target of allprojects updatedevery 2 weeksPie chart quickshows whereupdates standDetail uses sortingand colors to drawattention toimportant data forthis report You can delete these coins.
  13. 13. Project Pipeline MonitoringData shows where the ideas stand in their overall processAnalytics help directors understand how ideas are flowing, where there might bebottlenecks, and overall volume in the pipeline
  14. 14. Lessons Learned by DoITData and analytics are only as good as the processes beingused to manage themData and analytics should be USED, not looked at Staff and stakeholders must embrace the concepts of a system of record for data Decision makers must be flexible and always be looking to improve the data
  15. 15. Questions? Need More Information?Feel free to contact us. City of Boston Department of Innovation and Technology Boston City Hall