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Forming your team presentation 8.22.12


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Forming Your Team

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Forming your team presentation 8.22.12

  1. 1. CaliforniaLocal Energy Assurance Planning (CaLEAP)Forming Your Energy Assurance Team California Energy Commission
  2. 2. Primary Goals Today• Provide needed technical support for forming your new energy assurance team by relaying lessons learned and advice from other local governments that have implemented, or are implementing, energy assurance plans• Provide insight into the unique aspects of energy assurance planning teams versus other teams
  3. 3. Energy Assurance Planning Is Unique… – Considerable interaction with local gas, water, waste water and electric utilities – Can be a stand alone plan or an Annex to an existing plan – Necessary interaction with fuel suppliers in the private sector – Overlap with many government planning entities including emergency planning, general planning, hazard mitigation and public works personnel – Requires knowledge of essential government services and key assets – A champion is needed since it is a voluntary program – Regional cooperation is very important – Extensive collaboration between the public and private sector and often new partners (Red Cross, big box retailers, etc.)
  4. 4. Methodology
  5. 5. Forming Your Team: Identifying Your EAP Working Group–Local government representatives such as emergency management, generalservices, communications/IT and other areas–Non-governmental local community representatives including public,private, non-profit, individuals, schools and neighborhood groups–Regional organizations such as Councils of Governments (COGs) andcounties– State-level energy assurance expertise (California has a State EnergyAssurance Plan under development)–Generally, subject matter experts such as energy, water and other utilityrepresentatives
  6. 6. City of Aurora, Colorado Porter Ingrum Airport Noise Coordinator/Environmental Planner- Discussing the purpose and lifespan of the EAP Working Group early in the process- Roles and expectations of the EAP Working Group- The EAP champion and the Working Group
  7. 7. Virginia Beach, Virginia– Primarily from city departments and agencies who work within the City’s emergency management organization– Seven members are from the Office of Emergency Management, and two are private energy stakeholders– A Joint Energy Committee reviews the Energy Assurance Investment Strategy on a quarterly basis, and updates the Plan on an annual basis as Energy Assurance capital investments and policy changes are made
  8. 8. Contacts• Andy Petrow, ICF- Project Manager (818) 294-5472• Ronda Mosley, PTI- Deputy Project Manager (937) 667-4142