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Public speaking training kuala lumpur malaysia


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If you're in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, contact me for public speaking and presntation skills coaching today. Contact me on

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Public speaking training kuala lumpur malaysia

  1. 1. Hi, my name is Akash. I’m aprofessional Speaker and apublic speaking coach
  2. 2. I live in Hong Kong, but I’mcurrently in Malaysia topublish my new book.
  3. 3. You know how mostpeople hate preparingand deliveringpresentations?
  4. 4. Well, I take the fear out of publicspeaking and help my clientsbecome confident,dynamic speakers
  5. 5. I help speakers breathe lifeinto their presentations
  6. 6. However, I wasn’talways a confidentspeaker. In fact, I usedto
  7. 7. Now, fast forward totoday, and I’ve wonover
  8. 8. I’ve been ranked the in Hong Kong…
  9. 9. I’ve been voted as one of the …
  10. 10. What made thedifference?
  11. 11. I read over onpublic speaking,persuasion &influence
  12. 12. I Invested with some of the best speakers onthe planet
  13. 13. And you know what Irealized after reading allthese books, attending allthese seminars, giving allthose speeches and spendingall that money?
  14. 14. I realized that that canbe learned by anyone…nomatter how bad you think youare!
  15. 15. Using the tools I learned,I was able to win all the awards Iwon…
  16. 16. And now I teach those same toolsto other speakers who want to fast-track their speaking growth
  17. 17. Take my client John as anexample…
  18. 18. John is a smart guy! He worksat one of the best law firms inHong Kong
  19. 19. John came to me for coaching because hehad zero experience inpresenting to a group of people
  20. 20. In his previous job as anaccountant, he only had to dealwith numbers
  21. 21. Now, in his new job in the lawfirm, he was expected to beable to stand in front ofa group of potentialclients and clearly explaintechnical accountingconcepts…
  22. 22. Oh oh! John was panickingbecause his next presentation wasonly 4 days away
  23. 23. John and I spent 4 days working onhis presentation content anddelivery
  24. 24. And on the big day, his presentationwas a massive success
  25. 25. His boss loved his presentation so much, she sent me an email asking if I could“work the magic” on the rest of her team
  26. 26. John received a major career boost fromhis presentation and was asked to deliveranother presentation to senior management ofJ.P.Morgan
  27. 27. John came back for more coaching andwe’ve been working together for over 4months now…
  28. 28. Do you want to improve your publicspeaking and presentation skills?
  29. 29. If you’re in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), sign up for coaching with me. Contact me on:
  30. 30. If there’s any way I can help you, coach you orjust answer your questions, shoot me an email:
  31. 31.
  32. 32. Got Questions? Click on one of the icons to get in touch with