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Public speaking techniques speak like a winner


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Public speaking techniques speak like a winner

  1. 1. Buy the book on Amazon: Click here1
  2. 2. Speak Like a Winner How to be Twice the Speaker in Half the Time AKASH KARIA © 2013 by Akash Karia All rights reserved. Copyeditor: Marcia C. Abramson Cover Design: Michael Foldes Digital Book: Neeraj Chandra All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form by any means without the expressed permission of the author. This includes reprints, excerpts, photocopying, recording, or anyfuture means of reproducing text. If you would like to do any of the above, please seek permission first bycontacting us at
  3. 3. SPEAK LIKE A WINNER How to Be Twice the Speaker in Half the Time by AKASH KARIA © 2013 by Akash Karia All rights reserved. Copyeditor: Marcia C. Abramson Cover Design: Michael Foldes Interior Design: Neeraj Chandra All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form by any means without the expressed permission of the author. This includes reprints, excerpts, photocopying, recording, or anyfuture means of reproducing text. If you would like to do any of the above, please seek permission first bycontacting us at
  4. 4. [ABOUT]THE AUTHOR Akash Karia is an award winning speaker and communication skills trainer who has been ranked as one of the Top Ten speakers in Asia Pacific. He has won over forty public speaking championships, including theprestigious title of 2012 Hong Kong Champion ofPublic Speaking. He is an in-demand internationalspeaker who has spoken to a wide range of audiencesincluding bankers in Hong Kong, students inTanzania and yoga teachers in Thailand.SPEAKERS FEATURED IN THISBOOK Craig Valentine, MBA, an award-winning speaker and trainer, has traveled the world helping speakers keep their audiences riveted and on the edge of their seats. He is the 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking forToastmasters International, winning out of more than25,000 contestants in 14 countries.4
  5. 5. Darren LaCroix is the World Champion of Public Speaking. He out-spoke 25,000 contestants from 14 countries to win that title. As a keynote speaker since 1994, he bringshis incredible story to conferences around the world.He is consistently the top rated speaker atconferences. Lisa Panarello is an engaging, edutaining Empowerment Coach and the Founder & President of Careers Advance. In 2010, Lisa rose above 30,000 international contestants to Finalist in Toastmaster’s WorldChampion of Speaking Contest. Her dynamic KeyNote speeches, powerhouse seminars and interactiveworkshops have inspired over 550,000 students andprofessionals nationwide. Jock Elliott is the 2011 World Champion of Public Speaking, placing him in an elite club of the best speakers from around the world. Jock is a very successful public speaker. He holds 24 state, national and international speaking titles. He has competed as a finalist in the ‘World Championship of PublicSpeaking’ six times and was second runner-up in 1994.5
  6. 6. In this book, Akash will reveal to you the publicspeaking techniques he and the other award-winningspeakers in this book use to keep their audiencesengaged, excited and entertained.6
  7. 7. [CONTENTS] Introduction Be Twice the Speaker in Half the Time 9 Chapter One Speech: Your Dream is Not for Sale by Craig Valentine 18 Evaluation Exercise #1 26 Chapter Two How to Keep Your Audience Engaged, Excited and Entertained 30 Speaking Toolkit Summary #1 66 Application Exercise #1 69 Akash’s Recommended Resources 73 Chapter Three Speech: Ouch! by Darren LaCroix 77 Evaluation Exercise #2 83 Chapter FourHow to Use Head, Heart and Humor to Deliver a Winning Speech 85 Speaking Toolkit Summary #2 116 Application Exercise #2 119 Akash’s Recommended Resources 122 Chapter Five Speech: Mission I’m Possible by Lisa Panarello 126 Evaluation Exercise #3 132 Chapter Six How to Package Your Expertise in a Presentation 134 Speaking Toolkit Summary #3 145 Application Exercise #3 146 7
  8. 8. Akash’s Recommended Resources 150 Chapter Seven Speech: Just So Lucky by Jock Elliott 153 Evaluation Exercise #4 158 Chapter Eight How to Craft a Speech that Keeps Your Audience Mesmerized 160 Speaking Toolkit Summary #4 175 Application Exercise #4 177 Akash’s Recommended Resources 181 Chapter Nine Q&A with Lisa Panarello 182 Speaking Toolkit Summary #5 187 Chapter Ten Your Free Bonus 188 Chapter Eleven One Final Application Exercise 190 [Contribute a Technique] 192 [Next Step] 193 [69 Blogs to Make You a Better Speaker] 194 [Acknowledgements] 1998
  9. 9. Introduction Be Twice the Speaker in Half the Time“As long as there are human rights to be defended; as long as there are great interests to be guarded; as long as the welfare of nations is a matter for discussion, so long will public speaking have its place.” William Jennings Bryan You’re here for a reason. You’re here because you want to transformyour speaking skills and become a powerfullypersuasive speaker. This book will give you the tools you need to dojust that. It will save you years of trial and error andshow you the blueprint for creating a winning speech.You’ll pick up proven public speaking techniques thatwill help you become twice the speaker you are today.It doesn’t matter whether you’re shy, whether you’rean introvert or whether you don’t have muchexperience being on stage, as long you’re willing tolearn, I can teach you the secrets to becoming a greatspeaker.9
  10. 10. So, what exactly will you learn in this book?What tools and tactics will you pick up? By the time you finish this book, you will havemastered the art of storytelling so that you can keepyour audience mesmerized. You will pick up deliverytools that will allow you to command the stage and bea dynamic speaker. You will know how to add humorto your speech and keep your audience laughing aswell as learning. In just the first chapter alone, youwill pick up twenty-nine super specific tools on how tokeep your audience engaged, excited and entertained.Learning from Four World-ClassSpeakers What’s the best way to become a great speaker? It’s by studying other great speakers,uncovering the techniques they use and applyingthose same principles to your presentations. In this book, you will study the speeches of fourgreat speakers. You will read a powerful speech by CraigValentine, who is the 1999 World Champion of PublicSpeaking. The tools you pick up from Craig’s speechwill enable you to craft compelling stories that keepyour audience hooked onto your every word. If you’re10
  11. 11. looking to create your signature story for yourkeynotes, then the tools from Craig’s speech will bepriceless. You also will read a speech by Darren LaCroix,the 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking. Thechapter on Darren’s speech will enable you to createspeeches that contain head, heart and humor. Ifyou’re a competitive speaker, then Darren’s speech isthe perfect speech to study. However, even if you’renot competing in any speech contests, studyingDarren’s speech will equip you with tools that willfast-track your growth as a speaker. The third speech is by Lisa Panarello, whoplaced among the top ten speakers in the world in2010. Studying Lisa’s speech will equip you with toolsyou need to deliver clear, information-packed “how-to” speeches. If you’re a trainer or someone who hasto deliver informational speeches, Lisa’s speech willshow you how to design, develop and deliver effectiveinformational speeches. Finally, you will study Jock Elliott’s winningspeech from the 2011 World Championship of PublicSpeaking. You will learn how to arouse youraudience’s emotions using value-based language, howto use the stage masterfully and how to close yourspeech with impact and inspiration. The reason I chose the above four speakers isbecause they’ve proven themselves to be among the11
  12. 12. best speakers in the world. Each year, more than250,000 members in 92 countries around the worldhave the opportunity to participate in theToastmasters International Speech Contest. Thiscontest is regarded as the Olympics of PublicSpeaking. Competitors deliver speeches that arejudged on message, speech development, speech valueand delivery. After six stages of contests, the competitionculminates in the World Championship of PublicSpeaking Finals, where ten of the best speakers in theworld compete against each other for the prestigioustitle of World Champion of Public Speaking. Because of the fierceness of the competition, allfour speakers have spent hundreds of hours craftingand editing the speeches you’re about to read. Theyhave spent agonizing hour after agonizing hourediting and re-editing their speeches, examining eachword to make sure that it creates the intended effecton their audience. They’ve invested thousands ofdollars in coaching to create the best speech possible. I realize that you may not have the time or thededication required to spend as much time craftingyour speeches and presentations. However, bystudying these speeches, you will pick up hundreds ofpublic speaking tools that you can use immediately tomake your presentations world-class.12
  13. 13. No Fluffy Advice - For Serious SpeakersOnly This book contains a gold mine of speakinginformation. However, here’s what you won’t find inthis book. You won’t read any fluffy tips aboutsmiling, making eye contact or dressing appropriatelyfor a speech. Why? Because this book is written for seriousspeakers. As such, I’m expecting that you’ve had someexperience speaking in public. Maybe you’ve alreadyread a couple of books about public speaking andpresentation skills. Maybe you’re a member ofToastmasters. Or maybe you’re a professional speakerwho’s looking for advanced speaking techniques tomake you an even better speaker But, what if you are a new speaker? Does thatmean you should not read this book? This book willbenefit both new and advanced speakers, but justdon’t expect any fluffy advice such as “make sure youstand straight.” If you’re looking for that kind ofadvice, you should look somewhere else.Your Workbook This book is jam-packed with exercises that willdouble your growth as a speaker in half the time. Itcontains evaluation exercises that will teach you how13
  14. 14. to break apart speeches so that you can studyindividual components to see what works and whatdoesn’t. It also contains application exercises that willchallenge you to apply the tools you’ve learned. Theseexercises serve as your personal workbook, so printthem out and do the exercises. Furthermore, I encourage you to form aspeakers reading group where you can read this booktogether. Read and discuss the speeches together sothat you can learn from each other as well as from thebook. At the very least, find a speaking buddy withwhom you can do the Evaluation and the ApplicationExercises in the book. If you study the speeches, thoroughly readthrough each chapter and do all the exercises, Iguarantee that you’ll be twice the speaker that you aretoday. How can I be so confident that the principles inthis book will work for you? Because they’ve workedfor me. Before I discovered the principles in this book,I struggled to keep my audiences engaged. So Idesperately searched for a formula that would help mecreate effective, engaging presentations. From 2008to 2012, I read more than eighty books on publicspeaking. I invested thousands of dollars onpresentation skills DVDs, audios and in coaching withsome of the best speakers in the world.14
  15. 15. The principles you’re about to discover in thisbook are the result of all the training and coachingundergone. They are the result of all the thousands ofhours of stage time I’ve accumulated, the mistakesI’ve made and the coaching I’ve done. I am sharingwith you the principles that took me from being astruggling speaker to becoming a national publicspeaking champion so that you don’t have to gothrough all the years of trial and error I went through.I want to save you the frustration I went through. Over the past several years, I have beenfortunate enough to share these principles withthousands of people from all walks of life – CEOs oflarge companies, investment bankers and even yogateachers! But let me share with you the story of anordinary guy called John. John is a smart guy – areally smart guy! He works at one of the top law firmsin Hong Kong. John came to me for coaching becausehe had virtually zero experience presenting to a groupof people. In his previous job as an accountant, heonly had to deal with numbers. Now, in his new job atthe law firm, he suddenly was expected to stand infront of a group of people and clearly explain technicalaccounting concepts. Oh, no! John was panickingbecause his next presentation was only four daysaway. John and I spent four days working on hispresentation content and delivery – I drilled into himthe same concepts you’re going to be learning in thisbook.15
  16. 16. The result? John’s first presentation was amassive success! His boss loved his presentation somuch she could not stop complimenting him on his“terrific speaking skills!” When John told his bossabout me, she sent me an email asking if I could “workthe magic” on the rest of her team. The principles in this book have worked for me,they’ve worked for John and they’ve worked for thethousands of people I’ve coached and trained over theyears. They can work for you too. So, if you’re ready to become a powerfullypersuasive speaker and keep your audiences engaged,entertained and excited, let me share with you themagic behind public speaking…Akash Kariawww.CommunicationSkillsTips.comMalaysia1 January 201316
  17. 17. Click here to buy the book on Amazon17