Presentation lies and myths wrong public speaking advice


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There is a LOT of horrible public speaking information out there. Here are a couple of presentation lies you were taught in high school.

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Akash Karia is an award-winning speaker, trainer and presentation skills coach. He has conducted public speaking, debating and presentation skills courses for employees and members of organizations such as HSBC, Polytechnic University, Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong and many, many more...

Akash is also champion speaker and has won over 40 public speaking championships, including the prestigious titles of: JCI 2012 Hong Kong Champion of Public Speaking, Toastmasters International Division K Impromptu Speaking Champion and has been ranked as one of the Top 10 Speakers in Asia Pacific. This means that you will be learning from a well-known public speaking expert.

More importantly, you will walk away from Akash's coaching as more confident,dynamic and engaging presenters and debater. You will learn proven tools, techniques and processes you can apply immediately to your presentations and debates to become twice as good as when you first came in.

What Qualifies Akash to Teach You Public Speaking/Presentation Skills/Interview Skills?
Here are just a couple of Akash's major qualifications, awards and achievements which make him the right choice for you.

Akash is the:

2012 JCI Hong Kong Champion of Public Speaking. You will be learning from one of the best speakers and trainers in Hong Kong. You will learn the techniques that allowed Akash to go from a boring to a brilliant speaker.

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Presentation lies and myths wrong public speaking advice

  1. 1. Eight Presentation Lies You Were Taught in High School1. Focus on a Spot at the Back of the WallTo avoid feeling nervous, stare at the back of the wall and pretend theaudience doesn’t exist.Truth it, the quickest way to lose your audience is to ignore them.Instead, make eye contact with your audience members. This will help youcreate a deeper connection with your audience.2. Memorize Your ScriptTo avoid making mistakes, memorize your script and deliver it like a robot.Truth is, if you are concentrating on your script instead of focusing on youraudience, your audience is going to sense it and they’re going to tune outof your speech.Instead, know your main points and your subject so well that you can talkcomfortably without having to memorize your script.3. Keep Your Hands Straight by Your SideStand still, don’t move around too much and keep your hands firmly gluedto your sides.Created by Akash Karia
  2. 2. Truth is, your non-verbal communication is at as essential as the words youspeak.Instead, let your hands move naturally. Your hand gestures shouldhelp show what you are saying. For example, if you are describing a man inyour story who is taller than you, then use your hand gestures to indicatehow tall he was!4. Facts, Facts, FactsInclude lots of facts in your presentations. The more facts you have, thesmarter you seem and the more persuasive you will be.Truth is, facts are boring and bland. If you simply spit out numbers insteadof showing your audience how those statistics impact them, you will drownyour audience in sea of numbers.5. Always use a Powerpoint presentationWhen people think of a presentation, the first thing that usually comes tomind is Powerpoint!Truth is, you don’t always have to use Powerpoint. You should usePowerpoint only if you have graphs, charts and pictures to show youraudience. Powerpoint should be an aid…not your entire presentation!6. Use complicated, technical wordsUse lots of complicated jargon. It makes you sound smarter.Truth is, using complicated jargon may make you sound smarter, but it willisolate your audience. If your audience doesn’t understand what you’resaying, then your presentation is a complete failure.Truth is, you should aim for a conversational style of speaking whichexplains ideas in the clearest, easiest-to-understand way.7. Stand StillCreated by Akash Karia
  3. 3. Stand still in the center of the stage. Say what you have to say and don’tmove on stage.Truth is, you should make full use of the stage. You should move with apurpose on stage. For example, you can use the stage as a timeline so thatthe left side of the stage indicates the past, the center is the present andthe right side of the stage is the future.Another way is to split the stage into different scenes so that the one sceneis placed on the left side of the stage, another scene in the center a finalscene on the right side of the stage. Thus, each scene in your storyoccupies a different part of the stage.8. You are Either Born a Great Presenter…or NotSome people are great at presentations…and others become engineers.Not quite true. One of the best presenters I know is an engineerMaking great presentations is a skill…it can be learned and acquiredthrough practice!How do I know? Because I used to be a terrible presenter!Keep learning and keep practicing!Created by Akash Karia
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