How to practice your speech presentation


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Learn how to best practice your speech/presentation

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How to practice your speech presentation

  1. 1. 3 GREAT Ways to Your Next Speech or Presentation
  2. 2. Hi, my name is Akash. I’m aProfessional Speaker and apublic speaking coach Click the images above to download my FREE e-books!
  3. 3. Public Speaking Technique #1 Practice Your Speech in-front of aLive Audience!
  4. 4. Practice with a live audience.Join a Toastmasters club and practice your speech at a Toastmasters club. Or, alternatively, gather your friends and family and practice in-front of them.
  5. 5. Why Practice Your Speech infront of a Live Audience? You can judge audience reactions. Do your audience members find your humorous lines funny? Are you getting the reactions you expect?
  6. 6. Why Practice Your Speech infront of a Live Audience?You get used to the pressureof being on stage with people watching you
  7. 7. Why Practice Your Speech infront of a Live Audience? You receive feedback. Ask audience members how you can improve your speech.
  8. 8. Public Speaking Technique #2Rehearse Your Speech with a Video
  9. 9. Set up a video camerato record your practice session. Practice your speech as though you were delivering it in front of a live audience.
  10. 10. Afterwards, review the video footage so thatyou can pick out pointsof improvement (bodylanguage, stage usage, etc)
  11. 11. Public Speaking Technique #3Rehearse Your Speechusing Audacity
  12. 12. Audacity is a free audio recording software. Download it on your laptop, hit record and rehearse yourpresentation as though you were giving it infront of a live audience
  13. 13. You can also use your smartphone or any other recordingdevice to record your presentation…
  14. 14. Using the audio, you will beable to concentrate on your vocal delivery. Pick out points of improvement for vocal delivery (vocal delivery, pauses, stresses, emphasis on words) etc.
  15. 15. Wrap Up: 3 Great Ways toRehearse for Your Speech or Presentation:
  16. 16. •Live Audience•With a Video Camera •Using Audacity
  17. 17. Oh, by the way… One More Thing…
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