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Best public speaking course with presentation skills coach akash karia


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Need a speaker for your next event? Need a coach to help you become a powerful speaker? Need a trainer to train your team to become powerful speakers? Meet Akash. Akash Karia is an award-winning speaker and author of six bestselling books.


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Best public speaking course with presentation skills coach akash karia

  1. 1. Akash  Karia     Skype:  akash.speaker   1   Akash  Karia     About Akash What if you could learn presentation and public speaking skills from one of Asia’s best speakers and trainers? How much would you improve if you could learn proven public speaking tools and techniques from a trainer who has dedicated his life to helping others master the art of speaking? Akash Karia is an award-winning speaker, trainer and presentation skills coach. He has conducted public speaking, debating and presentation skills courses for employees and members of organizations such as HSBC, Polytechnic University, Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong, Knowledge and Human Development Authority (Government of Dubai) and many, many more… Akash is also champion speaker and has won over 40 public speaking championships, including the prestigious titles of: JCI 2012 Hong Kong Champion of Public Speaking, Toastmasters International Division K Impromptu Speaking Champion and has been ranked as one of the Top Speakers in Asia Pacific. This means that you will be learning from an expert. More importantly, you will walk away from Akash’s coaching as a more confident, dynamic and engaging presenter.
  2. 2. Akash  Karia     Skype:  akash.speaker   2   Akash  Karia     You and your team will learn proven tools, techniques and processes you can apply immediately to your presentations to become twice as good as when you first hired Akash. What Qualifies Akash? Here are just a couple of Akash’s major qualifications, awards and achievements which make him the right choice for you: Akash is the: • 2012 JCI Hong Kong Champion of Public Speaking. You will be learning from one of the best speakers and trainers in Hong Kong. You will learn the techniques that allowed Akash to go from a boring to a brilliant speaker. • Hong Kong Impromptu Speaking Champion (Toastmasters International Division K). How to give an engaging presentation...even when you don’t have any time to prepare! • Studied with many of the World Champions of Public Speaking. Akash has spent thousands of dollars in coaching with many of the World Champions of Public Speaking, which means that you will pick up tools that are literally worth thousands of dollars. • Author of 5 books on public speaking: Akash has written five bestselling books on mastering the art of public speaking, including the bestsellers “How to Deliver a Great TED Talk” and “Storytelling Techniques for Electrifying Presentations”.
  3. 3. Akash  Karia     Skype:  akash.speaker   3   Akash  Karia     • Recognized Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Expert. Akash has written and published over 100 articles on the art of public speaking and presenting. He has also been featured on several TV shows, including Expat Insights in Philippines and Capital Talk in Malaysia. He has his own TV show coming up in 2014, called Movers & Shakers.   effective  public  speaking,  public  speaking  tips,  public  speaking  class,  what  is  public  speaking,  free  public  speaking  training  online,  public  speaking  skills  training,  public  speaking   online  training,  speaking  in  public  training,  public  speaking  training  course,  public  speaking  training  videos,  public  speaking  course  description,  best  public  speaking  course,   public  speaking  online  course,  course  in  public  speaking,  business  speaking  skills,  learn  public  speaking  skills,  speaking  and,  presentation  skills,  speaking  coach,  coaching   communication  skills,  executive  speech  coach,  public  speaking  coaches,  presentation  coaching,  coaching  public  speaking,  workshop  presentation   Who else trusts Akash to train their employees & students? Akash has run public speaking, debating and communication skills courses for the employees, CEOs, business leaders and students of the
  4. 4. Akash  Karia     Skype:  akash.speaker   4   Akash  Karia     following Universities, businesses, associations and organizations: • HSBC Hong Kong • KHDA (Government of Dubai) • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology MBA Toastmasters Club • Toastmasters International – Hong Kong • Junior Chamber International of Hong Kong • Polytechnic University public seminar (advertised in the newspaper) • Hong Kong University • Lingnan University • Native English Exchange Centre • Absolute Yoga, Thailand • Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong • American International School • St. Mary’s Cannosian • St. Mark’s Secondary School • CNECC Christian College • Youth Leadership Program • STFA Seaward Woo College • Hang Seng Management College • King George V Secondary School • KSIJ Economic Empowerment Community
  5. 5. Akash  Karia     Skype:  akash.speaker   5   Akash  Karia     REFERENCES& TESTIMONIALS Rachel  Ashman,  Lecturer,  University  of  Manchester   Dennise,  Yoga  teacher,  Panama  
  6. 6. Akash  Karia     Skype:  akash.speaker   6   Akash  Karia     COACHING AND TRAINING APPROACH The training program will adhere to basic adult learning needs. Instead of a lecture format, your team will take part in discussions, practice key techniques in order to explore their utility and receive feedback on their use and performance. DISCUSSION PRACTICE FEEDBACK APPLICATION Teaching Individual: Participants will be able to use their own material so the skills apply directly to their work Live coaching. Participants of my previous courses have told me that the live coaching was the most valuable part of the course because it allowed them to identify and build upon their unique strengths. Immediate (On spot practice) In teams: Role playing activities in Partner feedback
  7. 7. Akash  Karia     Skype:  akash.speaker   7   Akash  Karia     Interaction order to enforce key learning points Demonstrations Video-taping of performances for participants to review their own performances One day delay: Participants will take their videos home with them so that they can study them overnight. Examples Participants will study great speakers by watching videos - they will try to dissect what makes the speakers great, and then apply the techniques learned to their presentations. • I will research your organizational needs and get to know the participants before the training so that I can customize the training for them. I will send over a pre-speech questionnaire and wherever possible, conduct Skype calls with the participants. • Participants use their material so the skills apply directly to their work. This allows the group to tackle individual and shared challenges. • Participants will receive feedback from me as well as from their peers. This gives them a clear understanding of how they appear to others so they can decide what works and what to change. • One-to-one coaching during private video reviews allows participants to see their progress session-by-session in a supportive yet challenging atmosphere. The aim of the session will be to break the presenters free of the typical, boring, robotic delivery style and get them to embrace a more human and engaging presentation style.
  8. 8. Akash  Karia     Skype:  akash.speaker   8   Akash  Karia     I am excited about the prospect of working together with you and helping your team become more dynamic and engaging presenters. Click  here:­‐1uSA     Akash Karia Public Speaking & Peak Performance Expert Free Resources: Website: Contact Akash / Mobile/ Whatsapp: +255 683 430 905