10 Sexy Presentation Slides, Tips on How You Can Design Awesome Presentation Slides


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www.CommunicationSkillsTips.com - Download 3 FREE Public Speaking EBooks I analyzed some of the “Most Loved Presentations of All Time” on Slideshare to
find out what made the slides so effective and popular…

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10 Sexy Presentation Slides, Tips on How You Can Design Awesome Presentation Slides

  1. DESIGNINGPRESENTATIONS Principles from the Most of All TimePresentations Loved
  2. Hi, my name is Akash. I’m aProfessional Speaker and apublic speaking coach Click the images above to download my FREE e-books!
  3. In this presentation, you will discover tenprinciples for designing sexy and effectivepresentations, along with sample slides fromsome of the best presentations onSlideshare. So let’s dive into the firstprinciple...
  4. 1
  5. Sample Sexy Slide by: Brady Gilchrist
  6. Use large text with strong colors to make your slide eye-catching
  7. Sample Sexy Slide by: Andrew Chen
  8. Use intriguing and unconventionalimages to grab audience attention
  9. Sample Sexy Slide by: Jesse Dee
  10. Combine powerful images with text tocreate a bold & powerful opening slide
  11. 2
  12. Sample Sexy Slide by: Jesse Dee
  13. Use a shocking title to hook youraudience into your presentation
  14. Sample Sexy Slide by: Marta Kagan
  15. Arouse your audience’s curiosity with a question
  16. Sample Sexy Slide by: Drew McLellan
  17. Offer your audience acompelling benefit in your title
  18. 3
  19. Sample Sexy Slide by: Emiland
  20. Create a beautiful color scheme or theme and stick to it
  21. 4
  22. Sample Sexy Slide by: Garr Reynolds
  23. Don’t write long paragraphs.Your presentation is not a document!
  24. Sample Sexy Slide by: Emiland
  25. People should be able to look at your slides and get the main message in 3 seconds
  26. 5
  27. Sample Sexy Slide by: Garr Reynolds
  28. Offer only one idea per slide
  29. Sample Sexy Slide by: Garr Reynolds
  30. Don’t Overwhelm Your Audience with too much info
  31. 6
  32. Sample Sexy Slides by: www.CommunicationSkillsTips.com
  33. Keep your structure visible
  34. 7
  35. Sample Sexy Slide by: Slides That Rock
  36. Spice up your slide with interesting fonts
  37. Sample Sexy Slide by: Chiara Ojeda
  38. Different fonts convey different feelings.Find the font that conveys the right feeling.
  39. 8
  40. Sample Sexy Slide by: Garr Reynolds
  41. Adding a slight rotation to text and images makes them more interesting
  42. 9
  43. Sample Sexy Slide by: Garr Reynolds
  44. 3 days after a presentation , most people only remember 10% of what they hear
  45. Sample Sexy Slide by: Garr Reynolds
  46. If you add a picture, recall shoots up to 65%
  47. 10
  48. Sample Sexy Slide by: Joao Paulo Alves
  49. Simple, uncluttered slides with powerful images are your best bet for creating powerful presentations
  50. 1. Create a Killer Opening Slide2. Craft an Intriguing Title3. Stick to a Theme4. Keep Text on each Slide to a Minimum5. Only one idea per slide6. Make your structure clear through Numbering7. Make use of Interesting Fonts8. Experiment with Rotating Text9. Include Stunning Visuals10. Keep it Simple
  51. www.CommunicationSkillsTips.com
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