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Between Renegade and a Hypnotist

In some of the things I've read you talk about presenting challenge...
If you don't find her stunning, if you find her really attractive, if you find her mildly attractive -- I
wouldn't go up t...
I feel better, I do better hypnosis.

Do you advocate any specific way to talk to women? Were you going to write a manual ...

This is a mistake a lot of people make. It's not about what you say, it's about who you are. You are
a writer, yo...
The Playbook For The Female Mind
The Naturally Magnetic Male Conditioning
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Puahelpdesk Hypnotist Interview


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Renegade from interviews a respected hypnotist.

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Puahelpdesk Hypnotist Interview

  1. 1. Interview transcript Between Renegade and a Hypnotist In some of the things I've read you talk about presenting challenges. Is that the best way to deal with attitude from women? It's a good way of doing things at a certain point. See the thing is, none of these things are hard and fast rules. None of these Mystery types or David DeAngelos are going to tell you that you don't actually have to adhere to any of this. Guys were picking up women before they had to neg anybody or challenge anybody to anything. Anything pretty much works as long as you personally have a strong enough internal frame. I am 100% positive you've even seen it with your own eyes where somebody just walks up to a girl and says quot;hey listen I think you're attractive. Why don't you give me your number and let's get together.quot; They didn't challenge them in anyway, they didn't say that you know what, if I think you're cool, they just say you're absolutely beautiful, let's meet up. So you're flattering them, there's no challenge whatsoever, you're just saying that your strong enough and confident enough to walk up to an attractive woman and that demonstrates a high value of your own. I can walk up to an attractive woman and ask them out. I don't have to tell them to go out with me, I can actually ask them and if they say no, big fucking deal. You get what I'm saying? Challenges are sort of like teasing toys. It's what you get to chew on when you're trying to get to the frame where you yourself are the challenge. Does that make sense? If you're at a level where you are confident, successful -- attractive in the eyes of both men and women -- then you become the challenge, you don't have to put out a challenge for them to go after. You can just be the person who they go after. What you're thinking of in terms of challenges and all these sorts of things that you're trying to remember -- you want to remember all the things that you've been taught before -- that's ok, but if you're working from a frame where you don't really need to learn that other stuff again, you start from scratch -- from this point on -- that's a lot better in my opinion. I personally feel, let the other stuff go. Start from now, just work on your inner game, your inner frame and just get it to the point where even if the girls are sometimes bitchy -- not every single girl is bitchy in Australia because they're getting laid as much as everyone else. It's also partly context anchors. You've grown up in Australia, so all your trials and tribulations with women happened there. I'm guessing you didn't leave until after the age of 18, right? Your maturity was in Australia, and therefore your experiences were quite skewed so all the screw ups you had, all the mistrials that happened in your life in relation to women, happened over there. And therefore, your understanding of how women react over there is filtered through your past experiences. Whereas when you come to San Francisco, it's a new world. Everybody speaks English, but there are fundamental differences in the way that Americans grew up and the way Australians grew up. It's not that women are more receptive in one place or the other, it's that your experience of women was different in one place and the other. Everybody is stuck a little bit in the past whether they like to realize it or not, everybody, even I am. It just happens that you've been filtered so that Australia means one thing for you -- it always will -- that's why it's always going to be considered home. It's just the nature of the brain. Should a direct approach always be about her looks, i.e I find you stunning?
  2. 2. If you don't find her stunning, if you find her really attractive, if you find her mildly attractive -- I wouldn't go up to somebody and say I find you mildly attractive -- although I do think that would work, because that in and of itself becomes a challenge, right? I like the idea, the concept of honesty. You don't try and tell somebody that they're stunning when they're just ok and they will just do for the night. You don't tell somebody that they're going to be the love of your life, when they'll just do for the night. The fact of honesty as an approach technique I think is quite good. As for them having to earn it -- absolutely -- but remember you don't actually have to be friends with the person, you don't have to become friendly with them if they earn your trust and your respect, it puts you at a higher level. So, you only approach them based on your intention, not on what you think they want to hear. What about the specific cultural differences of women? Of course there are going to be fundamental differences in certain places, however just because that's true or truish, you can get laid in India as well, where Indian women have a certain mentality where you don't get to have sex until marriage. That's not true of every single girl so it's just a matter of what your filters are in your brain to find the ones that aren't princesses that don't have this understanding that they deserve everything in the world and even if they only go after alpha guys, the understanding is that there are some women that are going to go after the alpha guys that are also smart and secure and not necessarily the brash, tough types. You understand what I'm saying? The thing is there's different types of alpha. Alpha is not just one thing where you have to be this tough guy that looks like he's worked out every hour of every day. You would consider Donald Trump a fat guy right now, but he is an alpha male, because he's got a certain position in society. The thing is, even if they're all princesses, there's still going to be the certain type of princesses that will go after your type of personality. That's what you need to get into your head, that regardless of whether or not your history says that this is one way -- women in Iran get to have sex before marriage as well. It doesn't happen as frequently, it's a little bit rarer but it does happen. If it happens in such a repressed society as Iran, then it's happening in Australia which is a lot more open. You get what I'm saying? It's just about how you look at things. If you're looking at things -- that there's a culture of poverty, it's not as sexual as the US, that may be true, but it is still sexual, that's all that matters. How about being very honest about who I am, good and bad? As long as you're demonstrating that it's not something that you feel bad about in any way. If you're demonstrating it as an excuse to a woman, for example -- I don't have any money, but if you still like me, that's cool... If you say it like that, then you're fucked. But if you're like, you know what, I don't care. Money is not important to me. Money doesn't matter, and if you're the kind of person that money is important to, then fine, go make some and use it. If you need the kind of guy that has money and takes care of you... If you present it to her in that sort of way, then the onus is on her to either step up to your understanding of what a relationship should be or your understanding of what the place of a woman is in your life. If she tries to cater to that, then you're still in charge. Don't get me wrong, it's not like women shouldn't be in charge in a relationship, it should always be give and take. Even when it's just a one night thing or a one week thing. I'm not into this idea of complete and total domination of someone that you're having a sexual interaction with. What I'm saying is when you're selecting somebody, are you using this honesty as something that she needs to forgive in order to be with you, or is it something like you put out there and say this is who I am, I think it's cool, I think it's great, what about you? What are your thoughts on diet, drinking, etc? Do you always wake up at 5am? No, not always, I do on quite a few occasions though. As far as diet and drinking, I've been pretty bad about it for the past 2 months, but before that I was quite strict. I would have about 5 meals a day, every single meal would have its fare share of protein and carbs. Later in the day there wouldn't be any carbs that were non vegetable related and I would work out about 3 times a week. I keep healthy, that's because a lot of mental health is tied to your physical health. I think sharper,
  3. 3. I feel better, I do better hypnosis. Do you advocate any specific way to talk to women? Were you going to write a manual on that once? I just think honestly, if you have enough confidence, it really doesn't matter what you say. See, if I were going to create a manual, I'd sort of have to make shit up. To my detriment, I've kind of shied away from that mentality -- I think I wrote about it in one email that it really doesn't matter what order you put things in because it all works. All these gurus tell you that step 1 is this, step 2 is this, step 3 is this. And they have a specific regimen you have to follow to get a woman into bed. It's not like they're making stuff up, it's just that what their experience is, they've limited their experience to this formula. There is no quot;the formula.quot; Human interaction is messy, it's meant to be organic. It's meant to happen in such a way that when somebody says something, it changes every single factor about what you're thinking, your thoughts change, the words that come out of your mouth must change. For you to say how to talk to women, the only thing that you need is an installation of confidence, and an understanding and non-judgment of the situation. So what you need is confidence, you need non-judgment and you need a sort of freedom of creativity. So that anything that comes out of your mouth -- it's ok if comes out wrong, it's ok if it's not the right thing to say as long as you can recover from it and switch and ad lib and improvise. To write a manual, it's not something that I would even be interested in doing because it's not how I think anymore. How does the female mind work? The female mind works pretty much the same as the male mind works. This idea of evolution and the way that David DeAngelo thinks and the way that Mystery lays it out is, I guess somewhat technically correct, but there all these societal impositions that they have to be at home and they have to take care of the kids and therefore they select fewer sexual partners because they don't want to be left in the dust and all that sort of stuff has some validity, but it's societal validity. If they find the kind of guy they want to find who is only up for a certain kind of relationship, they will change their mind to get that kind of guy. If you put Brad Pitt in a room full of married women, most of them, if they knew that it was behind closed doors and that nobody would find out -- it was just a chance encounter, it just happened and he invited them up to his hotel room, do you think that they would do it? Yeah, they would. This idea that women are these creatures that will not violate these rules that have been laid out in front of us -- it's ridiculous. Women think the same way that men do when their impositions are removed. So your job is to sort of be the kind of guy that they would just do that for. If you have what a woman wants -- be whatever it is and by talking to her you find out what she wants is a strong man who's funny and secure and sure of himself -- which is what most people want. Men want the same thing. You don't really want an insecure woman, it's just that because we are so messed up -- there are so many of us that have these issues -- we'll go for insecure women because that's all we can get. So once you get past that stage of life where you are finally confident that you can pickup women, then your selection gets better and then you stop picking the insecure whiny ones, the ones that can't live without you and all that drama. So, there's no female brain. There's a brain and then there's societal impositions that have changed the way that brain thinks but it can be changed back and changed forth and changed sideways, there's nothing fixed in stone. The question is then the societal impositions all depend on where you're from -- like in San Francisco, as you've said by and large women are more sexually free. That's because for 40 years now, that is what the culture has brought about. From the summer of '69 all the way to 2007. If you've got such a large gay community in a place, that's a good indication sexual tolerance exists in that community for both men and women. San Francisco is like that, even New York is like that to an extent, Los Angeles is like that to an extent. Even some of my experiences in a place like Bombay, India. It's like that because if you've got a large thriving gay community somewhere, it means that sexual acceptance exists. So the female mind over there is different -- around colleges as well. For married women, how would you project a fun, spontaneous, carefree, adventurous
  4. 4. nature? This is a mistake a lot of people make. It's not about what you say, it's about who you are. You are a writer, you do travel 6 months out of the year to all sorts of places, that's true. If you're the kind of guy who goes bungy jumping and skydiving and para sailing and that sort of thing -- if you do adventurous things, then you don't have to tell her that you do adventurous things, you do adventurous things. If this is something that you're just tacking on and you're saying you're a writer only for the fact that you want to say you're a writer, then there's a disconnect, there's an incongruence between your subconscious mind and your conscious mind. So whatever you're saying may sound really sexy and it'll get some of the girls to actually believe in it, but the fact of the matter is that if they get to know you longer, they're going to start seeing the inconsistencies. It's not about saying what you are, it's about being what you are. If you want to get to the point -- you want to go for these girls that are adventurous and they want these side projects that are really just fun and thrilling, then just go and do fun and really thrilling things. You don't have to spend money on doing these sorts of things either, go hiking or some other activity like that. The fact of the matter is you're going to meet women doing it too. So if you want fun, exciting women, and you want to be a fun, exciting guy, go and do fun, exciting activities and the rest takes care of itself. The problem is that everybody is starting to cater to the conscious mind. They can't help it really. It started with Ross Jeffries and his teaching on how to access the subconscious by teaching Speed Seduction and all that stuff but at the same time it was about physical verbal patterns that came out of your mouth, it wasn't about who you were and mentally changing that. Once you start changing the mental constructs, and the way you start thinking, then whatever comes out of your mouth is going to demonstrate you as that type of person. Here's the thing, you've taken care of the confidence level. So for you to demonstrate to other women that you are confident, is done. They get that, right? It's been your experience that haven't had to tell anybody you're confident. Is that true? Exactly. When you get to the point that you are an exciting and adventurous person and you feel that way -- I'm a writer too, but writing doesn't define me, so it doesn't sound genuine when I say that I'm a writer, but I feel like I'm a hypnotist. So when I tell people I'm a hypnotist, it makes sense, and they ask me to show them how that works and then you get into it and people gather around and you can see it. But that's who I am. It's all about who you are, not what you say. Just forget about what you say. Pattern is for novices, for newbies, it's the fake it till you make it kind of mindset and fake it till you make it doesn't always work. Fake it till you make it works when you don't have any mental obstructions that are keeping you from getting to the place. It's like jumping into a really cold pool of water. You're used to water, you just need to get used to the temperature. If you have a fear of water, then faking it till you make is not going to get rid of the fear. You've got ridden of the fear of acquiring these sorts of traits, now just start acquiring the actual traits. You get what I'm saying?
  5. 5. The Playbook For The Female Mind The Naturally Magnetic Male Conditioning System