Understanding Performance Ratings


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Understanding Performance Ratings

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Understanding Performance Ratings

  1. 1. UnderstandingPerformance Ratings
  2. 2. Acronyms Galore! NWWDA National Wood Window and Door Association WDMA Window & Door Manufacturers Association AAMA American Architectural Manufacturers Association CSA Canadian Standards Association ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers
  3. 3. Recent History 1997 AAMA/NWWDA 101/I.S. 2-97 Standard is introduced and includes wood products 2005 AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S. 2/A440-05 Standard introduced as first ever to harmonize both U.S. and Canadian Performance Requirements Includes Windows, Sliding Glass Doors, Skylights and Entry Doors Standard by which most manufacturers (including Marvin) performance data is still being listed, compared and specified
  4. 4. Latest and Greatest 2008 AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101-I.S. 2/A440-08 Approved by the ICC (International Code Council) Much remains the same Some additions Revisions stemming from realities of product specification and code enforcement
  5. 5. Why do WE need to know aboutthis stuff? CSI Specs Competition Value Added Selling Protection Smarter Customers Overkill
  6. 6. CSI Specs / Section 8550 References A. American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) 1. ASTM E-331 – Standard Test Method for Water Penetration of Exterior Windows, Skylights, Doors and Curtain Walls by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference 2. ASTM E547 – Standard Test Method for Water Penetration of Exterior Windows, Skylights, Doors and Curtain Walls by Cyclic Air Pressure Difference 3. ASTM E-330 – Standard Test Method for Structural Performance of Exterior Windows, Skylights, Doors and Curtain Walls by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference 4. ASTM E-283 Test Method for Determining the Rate of Air Leakage Through Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls and Doors Under Specified Pressure Differences Across the Specimen
  7. 7. CSI Specs / Section 8550 System Description 1. Wood Casemaster/Awning: a. Window units shall be designed to comply with ANSI/NWWDA I.S.2-97 C-C40. b. Air leakage shall not exceed the following when tested at 6.24 psf according to ASTM E 283: 0.30 cfm per square foot of frame. c. No water penetration when tested at the following pressure according to ASTM E 547: 6.0 psf. d. Assembly shall withstand a positive or negative uniform static air pressure difference of 60 psf without damage when tested according to ASTM E 330.
  8. 8. Performance Criteria Structural wind pressure resistance Water penetration resistance Air Infiltration Operating Force
  9. 9. ASTM E-330 – StructuralPerformance Two tests performed Uniform Load Deflection Conducted at the products design pressure (positive and negative) 10 seconds Test checks for temporary deflection of structural members Uniform Load Structural Test Conducted at 150% of the products design pressure (DP) (positive and negative) 10 seconds Test checks for permanent deflection which remains after the test load is removed L/175 = Length of Span / 175 144/175 = Over 12’ unit cannot deflect more than .823” Oversized Units – Non-Certified Most specifications stipulate “No more than ¾” deflection in L/175.”
  10. 10. PSF = MPH Conversion Pounds Miles Pounds MilesSquare Foot Per Hour Square Foot Per Hour 1.56 25.0 20.00 89.4 2.06 33.8 25.00 100.0 6.24 50.0 (DP20) 30.00 109.5 7.00 52.9 35.00 118.3 8.00 56.6 40.00 126.5 9.00 60.0 (DP30) 45.00 134.2 10.00 63.2 50.00 141.4 11.00 66.3 55.00 148.3 12.00 69.3 (DP 40) 60.00 154.9 13.00 72.1 65.00 161.2 14.00 74.8 70.00 167.3 15.00 77.5 (DP50) 75.00 173.2
  11. 11. ASTM E-547 – Water Penetration Tests the ability to prevent water intrusion to interior face of units surfaces Weatherstipping Sill weeps Panel/Sash Fit including joinery Sealant 4 Test Cycles Each Cycle consists of 5 minutes with pressure applied and 1 minute with pressure released. Pressure determined by 15% of Design Pressure i.e. DP50 = 7.5psf 8 inch per hour rainfall 5 gallons per sqft – per hour. Regardless of test pressure!
  12. 12. ASTM E-331 – Water Penetration Similar to E-547 Mandatory to pass CW and AW Performance Class Test consists of one 15 minute cycle Water and pressure are applied continuously throughout cycle.
  13. 13. PSF = MPH Conversion Pounds Miles Square Foot Per Hour 1.56 25.0 (R-DP15) 2.90 34.6 (LC-DP25) 3.75 38.7 (CW-DP30) 4.50 42.4 (AW-DP40) 8.00 56.6 9.00 60.0 10.00 63.2 11.00 66.3 12.00 69.3 13.00 72.1 14.00 74.8 15.00 77.5
  14. 14. ASTM E-283 – Air Infiltration The Air Infiltration of a test sample is determined in basically the same manner as weighing a truck empty and then weighing it full to figure out the weight of the load. The entire sample is sealed using masking tape and the air pressure is applied, this is known as the sealed flow. The purpose of this is to test the booth for any air leakage (Empty Truck). Once this reading has been taken, the sample is then unsealed and the air pressure is applied again (Full Truck). The difference between the two readings after factoring in the barometric pressure and the temperature of the air flowing into the booth will give you the total air infiltration. This result is then divided by the square footage of the sample to give you a rate in cubic feet per minute per square foot (CFM/ft2). The air infiltration is rated on a Pass/Fail basis for the 101/I.S.2/A440-08 standard. The maximum allowable air infiltration rate through the test sample is 0.3 CFM/ft2 (of unit size) at 1.6psf for R, LC, CW, and 0.1 CFM/ft2 at 6.2psf for AW.
  15. 15. ASTM E-2068 – Operating Force The force required to initiate motion of the operable sash or sliding door panels from both the fully closed and fully open positions is measured as well as the force required to maintain motion Varies by product type Rotary Operators (CM) measure by torques Sliding products measure in lbf (foot pounds) Negligible impact on Performance Grade
  16. 16. Old Standards – I.S. 2/A440-05 Performance Classes R – Residential (15psf) LC – Light Commercial (25psf) C – Commercial (30psf) HC – Heavy Commercial (40psf) AW – Architectural Window (40psf) Primary Designation C-R25 = Casement/Residential/DP25
  17. 17. New Standards – I.S. 2/A440-08 Performance Classes R – Residential (15psf) LC – Light Commercial (25psf) CW – Commercial Window (30psf) AW – Architectural Window (40psf) Primary Designation R-PG25 (36 x 96) Type C = Residential/Performance Grade 25/Unit Size/Casement Window Beware Limited Water! LW SHD – Limited water side hinged door LW DASHD – Limited water dual-action side hinged door
  18. 18. Product Types AP = Awning, hopper, HS = Horizontal Sliding projected window Window BW = Basement Window RW = Roof Window C = Casement Window SD = Sliding Door DASHD = Dual Action Side SHD = Side Hinged Door Hinged Door SHW = Side Hinged Window DAW = Dual Action Widnow SLT = Sidelite FD = Fixed Door SP = Specialty Product FW = Fixed Window TDD = Tubular daylighting GH = Greenhouse Window device H = Hung Window TH = Top Hinged window
  19. 19. Size really does matter! Gateway Sizes “The plans to the Bomb!” Each products Gateway Sizes are different Based on Performance Grade/Design Pressure CUCA at 36” X 71 1/8” FS all the way up to 96 1/8” FS height = CW-PG50-C Gateway size for CW-PG30-C = 32” X 60” FS Why not test to Gateway Size? MST = Maximum Size Tested (must meet Gateway) Why not test to AW? What size did Brand “X” test at CW-PG30?
  20. 20. Is CW-50 required in CA? 85 mph windspeed What type of structure? Where is it located? How tall is it? What type of product? Where will it be installed? Utilize the BMD Technical Support Group IZ Products
  21. 21. New Rated Mulls on UCA Products AAMA 450 Standards Must meet all requirements of AAMA I.S. 2 Max Spans TW = Tributary Width Factory Mulls Only! Space Mulls and Stud Pockets are not certified! One Dimensional Mulls F to F, 3/8” MRF, 1” LVL Multi-Dimensional Mulls 3/8” MRF, 1” LVL
  22. 22. New Rated Mulls on UCA Products
  23. 23. New Rated Mulls on UCA Products