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Keystone XL Letter by Elected Officials and BOD


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Letter presented to Department of State Hearing on Keystone XL Pipeline in Lincoln, NE on September 27, 2011

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Keystone XL Letter by Elected Officials and BOD

  1. 1.   September 26, 2011    The Honorable Hillary Clinton  Secretary, U.S. Department of State  Keystone XL EIS Project  PO Box 96503‐98500  Washington, DC 20090‐6503    Re: Support for Keystone XL Pipeline – National Interest Determination    Dear Secretary Clinton:    We are writing to express our strong support for EIS findings on the Keystone XL pipeline and to urge  you to approve the project by granting the Presidential Permit needed for construction to begin. We  fully support this project because we believe it is in the best interest of our constituents and the entire  country.      Our communities are members of the Ports‐to‐Plains Alliance, a grassroots coalition of cities, counties,  businesses, economic development organizations and chambers of commerce from a ten‐state, 2,300  mile long transportation and economic development corridor that stretches from Texas to Alberta,  Canada.    Keystone XL will provide significant economic benefits for our region.  The pipeline is expected to create  approximately 20,000 manufacturing and construction jobs in the United States.  It could also generate  more than $5.2 billion in tax revenue to the Keystone XL corridor states.  At a time when state and local  governments across the country are struggling to balance their budgets, these employment and revenue  benefits are critical to our region.    The pipeline is also critical to our country’s efforts to reduce our dependence on Middle East and  Venezuelan oil, by increasing our access to supplies from Canada, our neighbor and loyal ally, as well as  domestic supplies from the Bakken Formation of Montana and North Dakota.  Relying upon regimes that  are in many cases unstable and unfriendly to the United States is simply bad energy and national  security policy.  We have seen the shocks to our economy from oil spikes caused by turmoil in these  regions.    It is much preferable to develop stable, secure domestic and Canadian sources.  By providing  refineries along the Texas Gulf Coast with more than 700,000 barrels of oil each day from domestic and  Canadian resources, this pipeline will dramatically reduce our reliance on oil from unreliable and often  unfriendly sources.     Limon Office Lubbock OfficeP.O. Box 9 5401 N MLK Blvd., Unit 395Limon, CO 80828 Lubbock, TX 79403P: 303.586.1787 P: 806.775.2338F: 719.775.9073 Fax: 806.775.3981 
  2. 2. Support for Keystone XL Pipeline – National Interest DeterminationSeptember 26, 2011Page 2As leaders from the region that the Keystone XL pipeline will traverse, we applaud the Department of State’s thoroughness during this approval process and appreciate the multiple opportunities for public input on the project and its potential impact on the environment.  The State Department has fully analyzed the project’s environmental impact and that the Final EIS rightfully concludes that there are no substantial environmental concerns that should prevent construction of this valuable energy infrastructure project.  We also have confidence that TransCanada will be a good steward of the land and that Keystone XL will be constructed using industry best practices and will meet or exceed all existing pipeline regulatory standards.    The Keystone XL pipeline is clearly in the nation’s interest and will be a valuable tool in strengthening our national security and energy security.  Therefore, we respectfully request that upon completion of this review period, the Department of States move expeditiously to approve the pipeline and grant TransCanada the Presidential Permit it needs to proceed.   Sincerely, Mayor John Anderson Mayor John B. Baker Mayor Emsley BakerCity of Plainview City of Tahoka City of New Deal901 Broadway PO Box 300 PO Box 126Plainview, TX 79072 Tahoka, TX 79373 New Deal, TX 79350(806) 296-1100 (806) 561-4211 (806) 746-6399Mayor Del Beattie Mayor Ramsey English Cantu Mayor Cardon BerryTown of Limon City of Eagle Pass Town of EadsPO Box 8 100 S. Monroe St. PO Box 8Limon, CO 80828 Eagle Pass, TX 78852 Eads, Colorado 81036(719) 775-2346 (830) 773-1111 (719) 438-5785Mayor Eugene Carter Mayor Jack Chosvig Mayor Tommy DuncanCity of Hale Center Town of Clayton City of Big SpringPO Box 532 1 Chestnut 310 Nolan St.Hale Center, TX 79041 Clayton, NM 88415 Big Spring, TX 79720(806) 839-2411 (575) 374-8331 (432) 264-2514Mayor Marca Ewers Mayor Roberto Fernandez Mayor Kay GlickCity of Stratford City of Del Rio City of AlexanderPO Box 188 109 W. Broadway P.O. Box 336Stratford, TX 79084 Del Rio, TX 78840 Alexander, ND 58831(806) 366-5581 (830) 774-8558 (701) 828-3461Mayor Paul Harpole Mayor Lyn James Mayor Ward KoeserCity of Amarillo City of Bowman City of WillistonPO Box 1971 101 1st NE 22 E. BroadwayAmarillo, TX 79101 Bowman, ND 58623 Williston, ND 58802(806) 378-3000 (701) 523-3309 (701) 577-8100Limon Office Lubbock OfficeP.O. Box 9 5401 N MLK Blvd., Unit 395Limon, CO 80828 Lubbock, TX 79403P: 303.586.1787 P: 806.775.2338F: 719.775.9073 Fax: 806.775.3981
  3. 3. Support for Keystone XL Pipeline – National Interest DeterminationSeptember 26, 2011Page 3Mayor Tom Martin Mayor Scott Martinez Mayor Alvin NewCity of Lubbock Town of ODonnell City of San AngeloPO Box 2000 PO Box 236 PO Box 1751Lubbock, TX 79457 O’Donnell, TX 79351 San Angelo, TX 76902(806) 775-2010 (806) 428-3239 (325) 262-1561Mayor David Nix Mayor Gordon Oelkers Mayor Brent SanfordCity of Lamesa City of Culbertson City of Watford City601 S. 1st St. P.O. Box 351 213 2nd St. NELamesa, TX 79331 Culbertson, MT 59218 Watford City, ND 58854(806) 872-2124 (406) 787-5271 (701) 444-2533Mayor Leo Schneider Mayor Pat Sims Mayor Bret SmelserCity of Belfield City of Dumas City of Sidney107 2nd Ave NE PO Box 438 2703 W. Towne StreetBelfield, ND 58622 Dumas, TX 79029 Glendive, MT 59330 (806) 935-4101 (406) 377-4398Mayor Roger J. Stagner Mayor Darrell Stephens Mayor Sara TireyCity of Lamar City of Abernathy Town of Happy102 Parmenter PO Box 310 PO Box 216Lamar, CO 81052 Abernathy, TX 79311 Happy, TX 79042(719) 691-1704 (806) 298-2546 (806) 558-2121Mayor Dusty Turner Mayor Patricia Vice Judge Laura AllenTown of Springfield Town of Genoa Val Verde CountyPO Box 4 PO Box 136 400 Pecan St.Springfield, CO 81073 Genoa, CO 80818 Del Rio, TX 78840(719) 523-4528 719-763-2313 (830) 774-7501Judge Mark J. Barr Judge Mike Brown Judge Terri Beth CarterHoward County Tom Green County Sherman County300 Main St. 122 W. Harris P O Box 165Big Spring, TX San Angelo, TX 76903 Stratford TX 79084(432) 264-2202 (325) 653-3318 (806) 366-2021Judge Bill Coleman Judge Tom Head Judge Harold KeeterHale County Lubbock County Swisher County500 Broadway PO Box 10536 119 S. MaxwellPlainview, TX 79072 Lubbock, TX Tulia, TX 79088(806) 291-5214 (806) 775-1087 (806) 995-3504Judge Rowdy Rhoades Judge Daniel Valdez Judge Allen WellsMoore County Webb County Dawson County715 Dumas Ave. 1000 Houston Street PO Drawer 1268Dumas, TX 79029 Laredo, TX 78040 Lamesa, TX 79331(806) 935-5588 (956) 721-2500 (806) 872-7544Limon Office Lubbock OfficeP.O. Box 9 5401 N MLK Blvd., Unit 395Limon, CO 80828 Lubbock, TX 79403P: 303.586.1787 P: 806.775.2338F: 719.775.9073 Fax: 806.775.3981
  4. 4. Support for Keystone XL Pipeline – National Interest DeterminationSeptember 26, 2011Page 4Chairman Jerry Allen Commissioner Justin Bennett Chairman Lynn BrackelCheyenne County Commission Union County Commission Bowman CountyPO Box 567 105 Travecere Rd. 104 1st Street NWCheyenne Wells, CO 80810 Des Moines, NM 88418 Bowman, ND 58623(719) 767-5872 (575) 374-8896 701-523-3130Chairman Steve Burgess Chairman Roger Chinn Commissioner John H. FreemanLincoln County Commission McKenzie County Commission Cimarron County Commissioner -PO Box 383 201 5th St NW District 2Limon, CO 80828 Watford City, ND P.O. Box 247(719) 775-2262 701-863-6604 Boise City, Oklahoma 73933 580-544-2931Chairman Dan Kalil Commissioner Milton Pax Chairman Ken ZanderWilliams County Commission Moore County Commissioner Stark CountyP.O. 2047 10890 FM 2589 513 Street EWilliston ND 58802 Dumas, TX 79029 Dickinson, ND 58601(701) 577- 4500 (806) 935-6269 (701) 456-7630North Dakota Association of Oil Brad Bekkedahl John Bertschand Gas Producing Counties Ports-to-Plains Board Secretary Ports-to-Plains Chairman of theVicky Steiner City Financial Commissioner Board / Certified FinancialExecutive Director 2204 2nd Ave., West, Suite 102 Planner/Investment Banker40 1st Ave W, Suite 204 Williston, ND 58801 Investment Centers of America, Inc.Dickinson, ND 58601 (701) 572-6269 201 West 6th Street(701) 483-8326 Plainview, TX 79072 (806) 293-6900Sid Cauthorn Gil Cisneros Chris CornellPorts-to-Plains Past Chair Ports-to-Plains Board Member Ports-to-Plains Advisory BoardPresident / CEO President / CEO MemberThe Bank & Trust Chambers of Americas Business DevelopmentP.O. Box 4010 720 Kipling St., Ste. 13 Reese Albert Inc.Del Rio, TX 78841-4010 Lakewood, CO 80215 3001 Foster(830) 768-4011 (303) 462-1275 San Angelo, TX 76903 (325) 653-1241Bill Crooker Richard "Buzz" David John FriessPorts-to-Plains Board Member Ports-to-Plains Board Member Ports-to-Plains Board MemberRetired Howard County President / CEO President of Sonora EDCCommissioner Amarillo Economic Development Rancher2802 Parkway Corp P.O. Box 1242Big Spring, TX 79720 801 S. Fillmore, Ste. 205 Sonora, TX 76950(432) 263-2566 Amarillo, TX 79101 (325) 387-3213 (806) 379-6411Beverly Haggard Travis Hiner Todd McKeePorts-to-Plains Board Member Ports-to-Plains Board Member Ports-to-Plains Board TreasurerLamar City Councilwoman Chairman for Heartland President & Chief Lending OfficerSergeant, Bent CO Correctional Expressway Association Peoples BankFacility Director of Platt Valley Bank 5820 82nd Street708 S. 12th Street PO Box 1439 Lubbock, TX 79424Lamar, CO 81052 Scottsbluff, NE 69361 (806) 794-0044(719) 336-8255 (308) 635-3393Limon Office Lubbock OfficeP.O. Box 9 5401 N MLK Blvd., Unit 395Limon, CO 80828 Lubbock, TX 79403P: 303.586.1787 P: 806.775.2338F: 719.775.9073 Fax: 806.775.3981
  5. 5. Support for Keystone XL Pipeline – National Interest DeterminationSeptember 26, 2011Page 5Len Mitzel Dwain Morrison Penny PeryatelPorts-to-Plains Board Member Ports-to-Plains Board Member Ports-to-Plains Board MemberMember of the Alberta, Canada San Angelo City Councilman PresidentLegislative Assembly Owner/Operator Northern New Mexico GasConstituency of Cypress-Medicine Morrison’s Quality Fence Co. CompanyHat PO Box 5514 P.O. Box 308503 Legislature Building San Angelo, TX 76902 Raton, NM 87740Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6 Canada (325) 656-8154 (575) 445-4180(780) 415-9590Gaynelle RiffePorts-to-Plains Board MemberCo-ownerStratford Grain Company4 N. Main StreetStratford, TX 79084(806) 396-5541Limon Office Lubbock OfficeP.O. Box 9 5401 N MLK Blvd., Unit 395Limon, CO 80828 Lubbock, TX 79403P: 303.586.1787 P: 806.775.2338F: 719.775.9073 Fax: 806.775.3981