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Ngy Ea Presentation- Selling the Alliance

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Ngy Ea Presentation- Selling the Alliance

  1. 1. Selling the Alliance and Your Local Community
  2. 2. Why? 1. Single consolidated voice with a unique brand via Ports-to-Plains Alliance (Kathy Ruffalo Opening Keynote Presentation at Mt. Rushmore) 2. Uniform content and location 3. Law of large numbers: advocacy 4. Higher search engine ranking: Google, Bing,Yahoo, etc. 5. Shared resources and economy of scale 6. Region focus benefits everyone 7. 7 Reach larger market and audience, including Congressional audience Caucus and Washington D.C. 2
  3. 3. So What’s Social Media? “SOCIAL MEDIA describes a new  set of internet tools that enable  set of internet tools that enable shared community experiences,  3 both online and in person.”
  4. 4. Interesting Social Media Statistics I t ti S i l M di St ti ti Social networks and blogs are the 4th most popular online activities; surpassing personal email It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million listeners. Terrestrial TV took 13 years to reach 50 million users The Internet took 4 years to reach 50 million people In less then 9 months Facebook added 100 million users Over 70% of Americans are on the Internet * Source: Econsultancy: 20+ More Mind-Blowing l i d l i Social Media Statistics 4
  5. 5. Why use Social Media? y 5
  6. 6. The Network Effect of Social Media A connection to 1 Fan gets you connected to 1000s of prospects prospects, customers, and fans Do not under estimate the power of an online Social Network N t k 6 Fact: More than 50% of Facebook users logon every day
  7. 7. We're just Getting Started with Social Media 1% 4% Just getting started 23% 28% Been doing this for a few months g Been doing this for a few years 44% No experience, but plan to use Social Media No experience and do not plan to use social media Most organizations are just getting started with Social Media 7
  8. 8. Social Media is important t I t S i l M di i i t t to Internet U t Users p g Social Media users as a percentage of all Internet Users 33% 67% 8
  9. 9. What people are doing online? Use Rss 33% Have uploaded photos 52% Have commented on tools 55% Use Social Networks 57% Visit Photosharing sites 63% Visit Blogs 72% Watch online videos 83% Fact: 1 in 4 of all pages views on the Internet are on a Facebook page 9
  10. 10. What do you want to achieve? Use Social Media to listen Use Social Media to ask questions q Use Social Media to extend your contacts Use Social Media to drive your existing contacts Use Social Media to sell your knowledge Use Social Media to sell your products or services 10
  11. 11. Let s Let’s talk about Facebook Percentage of A f Americans who h i h have a Facebook Account 74% 47% 41% 24% Ages 18-34 Ages 35-44 Ages 45-54 Ages 55+ 11
  12. 12. Some Facts about Facebook Facebook is a social utility that connects YOU with the people around you Over 400 million active users 50% user logon every day l d Average active member spends 7hrs a month on Facebook 2nd 2 d most t ffi k d website t trafficked b it Most trafficked social media site More than 55,000 networks 55 000 Fastest growing demographic is 25 years or older 12
  13. 13. I have a business. Why should I care about Facebook? Wh h ld b t F b k? Social Media is no different that a meet and greet social meeting or a general get together in your community The BIG difference in traditional and social networking and social media is that its online and people trust other peoples comments and recommendations MORE THAN a big billboard or a newspaper ad that requires thousands of dollars to get a call Its real time Its FREE Your community comes to you which increases your chances of success And A d most i importantly you can measure and li l d listen to what your customers are saying about YOU h i b Fact: More than 700k businesses have Pages - creating more than 5.3 billion fans 13
  14. 14. Facebook Account Create a Facebook business page and not just a profile Profile are for people and pages are for businesses Some of the largest businesses have their own pages 14
  15. 15. The Facebook Language Businesses create “Pages” Individuals create a “Personal Profile” A Facebook Group has “Members” 15 Fact: Average Facebook user has 130 friends and "fans" of 2 pages per month
  16. 16. Why use Facebook Pages if you are a Business? B i ? Pages allow multiple administrators Pages allow you to view reports and analytics y Pages are always publically visible Pages allow custom landing tabs Pages allow you to update all your fans at once (like a mass mailing) Facebook Ads can be created for Pages Contests can be run on Pages 16
  17. 17. Promotions can be performed on your B i Business F b k P g Facebook Pages Facebook Pages g let you be very creative with your p o ot o s and promotions a marketing efforts 17
  18. 18. Email Opt in and spread the word Dear Tom, Here is your order confirmation. Please let us know if you have any q y questions and don’t forget that to share your g y comments and look for specials on Facebook and Twitter. Yours Sincerely Sincerely, Jon Davis 18
  19. 19. Advertise with Facebook 19
  20. 20. Step 1: What do you want to advertise (Page, Event, Specials) (P g E t S i l ) 20
  21. 21. Step 2: Target by location, Gender, Age, Keywords, etc K d t 21
  22. 22. Step 3: Set Your Budget 22
  23. 23. Photos, videos Create an Ad Showcase upcoming events and specials Profile, Bio The Facebook Wall People who like YOU and YOUR services 23
  24. 24. Case Study – How Facebook is used by a small business Tillamook is a local farmer owned dairy cooperative formed in 1909 that makes plenty of great products, but a products summer here wouldn’t be complete without a trip to coast to the Tillamook Cheese Factory where the ice cream is fresh, rich fresh rich, and decadently creamy 24
  25. 25. Tillamook – Facebook fan page Created a branded Facebook fan page Tillamook asked people what they thought of when they took their first bite of Tillamook Ice Cream. People posted some great stories, so much so th t the dairy decided t use h that th d i d id d to those testimonials as the basis for their entire TV ad campaign. 25
  26. 26. Tillamook – Takes Facebook One Step further They then took it one step further, using Facebook i this time to t t F b k again, thi ti t put out a casting call for the commercials. As a result, the Tillamook commercials use real customers sharing their real feelings about cheese they really love (after all, y y ( , they signed up to be online fans, right?) As h the t have A such, th spots h an authentic f l t th ti feel to them that gives Tillamook a leg up on the competition 26
  27. 27. So what can I do on Facebook? Have a contest Post a poll Give away free stuff Engage and chat with them – build relationships l ti hi Have a “fan of the week” Create a quiz Create a mobile app 27
  28. 28. Action plan for Facebook Set up a Share what Become a fan, Advertise on Measure and Facebook page matters with tt ith Facebook Listen humor invite friends • Events • Viral RSS • Become a fan • Reach the • How many • Videos feeds exact fans and • Email audience that activity has y • Photos Ph • Use the h signature been on are interested • Specials WALL • Website in your your promotion services Facebook • Invite Friends • Review and respond to y your customers online 28
  29. 29. How to Promote your Facebook page without paying for Ads? ith t i f Ad ? 1. Become a fan 2. Suggest page to friends 3. 3 Share photos, videos, and notes photos videos your page posts 4. Include "@link" to Page in g status updates 5. Link to Page in status updates 6. 6 Remember to promote your R b Facebook page outside of Facebook 29 Fact: 100 million people access Facebook from mobile devices
  30. 30. Q&A Ngy Ea ngy@ptpblog com 678.232.3614